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  1. Billy Pate bonefish Up for sale. Billy Pate bonefish fly reel. Anti reverse. Brand new in the box. It is spooled with mono currently. Never used. 475.00 includes shipping. Great salmon reels or steelhead .
  2. Jack I just picked up a pair of mounting base plates. Which all I needed off your bases I won't need them
  3. Jack. I sent you a pm. Ill take them
  4. Sportsman ? Not so much

    His offense will have no impact on his ability to charter as its regulated by the Uscg while lake ward of the demarcation line stated in the Code of Federal regulation 46 CFR. His offense will affect his ability to guide sports in New York State.. As of now he's only been to state court. Federal court will be next I believe I too hold 100 ton USCG master captain license giving me the ability to take up to 6 passengers for hire on inland waters and Great Lake as well as being licensed by New York State as a hunting and fishing guide.
  5. Sportsman ? Not so much

    If your shoreward of the demarcation line you need one.
  6. Sportsman ? Not so much

    You need a guide license to guide clients shoreward of the demarcation line in the code of federal reg's he needs a guide license in ny to guide hunter But he can hire people to guide the sports. He sits back and collects the cash. They eat in his returaunts, lodge in his motel. And hunt withmhis guides. BSO= bill saiff outdoors. Now the smoke and mirrors get exposed. Restitution needs to be paid.
  7. Sent you a pm with phone number
  8. Interested. Do you have photos