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  1. That didn’t load. I see the link but it won’t open.
  2. Take a photo n send it of what you have
  3. I’m looking for j-plugs. Let me know what you have
  4. I’d take both shimano a if you’ll take 350. N I’ll pay shipping.
  5. Interested I will pm you a phone number
  6. Try sour of the light house to sandy pond 110-145 FOW carbon 14, pickle seed, alewives. Mongoose, doctor , green pro-trol with green Krinkle , or stud fly 280-300 divers 500 copper 300-350 copper has been good as well Tight lines
  7. I’ll pass. Sorry was tied up. Couldn’t get right to the phone.
  8. Post a phone number. I’ll take um n arrange pick up
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