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  1. Would you take 250.00
  2. Wanted

    You have a pm
  3. Eastern end of Lake Ontario ( Mexico Bay Area) will forever be the bay of the gas pump. Want kings?? Burn gas!!! It can be the norm to run 18-25 miles to find a decent king bite!! Next day wind changes and you don't need to hardly get on plain for a decent few fish. It's all in the wind!
  4. I've got one ill sell. Not sure how easy it may be to get to Canada. Pm me.
  5. You have a pm
  6. Location? Latest survey? Electronics? What is the trailer rated for?
  7. For Sale : USA

    Ill take the 840 fish hawk stuff. Payment options ??
  8. For Sale : USA

    You have pm
  9. If the 500 lc doesn't sell. Ill take it
  10. I've got several. How many you want ?
  11. Message me your phone number. I'm interested.