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  1. It's something I haven't done yet. See it a bunch of times. Now, is it of any concern when the cheater snap slides down and reaches the knot on the bottom end of your rig? Are you guys throwing a bead stop on there?also what brand swivels are being run? Thanks Sent from my XT1032 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Looking at purchasing a new unit. wife is allowing a $500 limit. what would you guys be doing? Boat does lake Ontario/erie/simcoe thanks
  3. Just looking for opinions on what flashers you guys run on what rigs. Some guys do 8'' spinnys for flies, some do 11 hotspots with meat, others run agitators with,,,,,,? any science to it or just personal success? any upside to running a bare flasher off the ball? I have done this with a stacker release 10 ft above the ball. is it worth it or a waste of time? thanks
  4. If readings are low, try the mercury power tune, its a decarb product. The piston rings get jammed up with carbon and don't seat inside the cylinder. Happens alot Sent from my XT1032 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Compression check first..... Readings should be over 115psi. Anything lower could mean carbon issue or just internals worn out. Sent from my XT1032 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. My note pad is getting full!!!! cant wait till spring. Another thing.. what are you guys running for wire rods/reels for dipsy's? I dont like the roller guides, is it ok to use the okumas classic pro dipsy rods with wire? how about adding the spring tip? are the 20series too small for the wire-i have a few kicking around... Thanks again
  7. Thanks Tim. Looking forward to the class. Sent from my SGH-I337M using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. The lotsa sounds like a wise choice. Where do I sign up?
  9. Sounds like I should come down to your neck of the woods, buy beer and gas and learn something..lots of good info. I really appreciate it.
  10. Thanks. Never thought of booking a few charters for the hands on experience. Since im on the canadian side of the pond anyone know any good charters that run out of the niagara area? To answer the question from 'has been' I have the ability to fish out of my 81 campion 220 april to late october. I usually fish out of bronte or niagara area.
  11. First off, thanks to all the members who have helped out in the past and to all who may help out this round. This will be my 3rd year on Lake O. I have done ok but i am hoping to boat a few more this year. I have all the electronics(or will have by spring) so depth/speed/temp is under control. Where i think i am lacking is in the setup/rigging. Here is a brief list of what i run. I would appreciate any suggestions or critiquing on what i should change or try. 2 rigger rods with 20lb suffix elite - spin dr's with 36'' lead to flies. hotspots with 48'' 20lb seaguar florocarbon to spoons half core rig with 30lb power pro backer and 20lb floro leader(15ft) connected with spro swivels( use spin dr and flies) inline planer used. half core rig with 30lb power pro and 20lb floro leader(15ft) connected with spro swivels( use spin dr and spoon)inline planer used Dipsy rig with 30lb flea flicker mono. 5ft 20lb mono from diver to spin dr. 36'' floro lead to fly or spoon. 300ft copper rig with 30lb power pro backer and 20lb floro leader(15ft) use spin dr's and flies All connections are made using spro swivels. snap swivels for flashers are torpedo snaps for leaders are dreamweaver also, are spin drs better for flies and hotspots better for spoons? are copper or lead core better for flies or spoons? Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Gerry.
  12. Thanks for the reply. So you said just a swivel from leader to spoon. Does this mean no flasher is used?
  13. Ok, so I loaded my clarion with power pro backer and 300' of atomic 45 copper and 30ft seaguar floro. The plan in running this rig down the chute. My question is, what are you guys running for flashers/swivels/terminal tackle. I dont want any twists and disasters with the copper. Im thinking a duolock from the floro to the flasher and a duolock off the flasher to the leader and a spro from the lead to the bait..am I wrong? thanks in advance
  14. Hey. I have this magda 30dx I picked up for 20 bucks and I wanna try a copper rod on by boat this year. If im going with say..32lb copper and power pro 30 backer what length of backer and copper can i squeeze on? Im not looking for a rig that runs 80-100ft but the 50-60ft range. Any other line suggestions.? Thank you very much.
  15. Looking to buy a kicker for my 23ft Campion. The 470 merc is too fast... and thirsty. I don't have the balls to ask my wife for nice 4 stroke set up with auto, so I am limited to a used 2 stroke. Question is, If I purchase an older one what horsepower would you guys go with?, will non electric start work or be a pain? and what can I do for throttle control?
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