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  1. Better buy up all the Kabooms you can find because from what I read he either has or is going to be closing down the business. Total Chaos
  2. Sounds to me like they're smart. If they made a product that the paint never came off sales would be much less. Customers would be happy but business would suffer. I hate it too but bottom line is the stinger blanks are lights out some days when nothing else works. I can't justify not buying them because the paint doesn't last. It's a visous cycle but what can you do? I love Dreamweavers but the paint comes off of them pretty quick too. They're not as bad as the stingers but they aren't perfect either. I want to catch fish so if I have to buy more spoons cause the paint comes off I chalk it up to the cost of doing business. Just my 2 cents. Total Chaos
  3. Anyone think they should be running mag spoons here's the proof you should! I think I'll just put some hooks on my flashers. Cut this out of a 10lb King from Saturday. I could have filleted the alwife. Total Chaos
  4. Fished out in front of the plant with my wife and 5yo daughter and we had another banner day. Double digit numbers on fish, Kings, with a few Browns and Lakers in the mix. We were 13 for 18 with my daughter reeling in most of them. Had 1 triple where my daughter reeled in a King and a Brown and my wife got a King on the dipsy. All the Kings were in the low teens. Spoons on the riggers and copper were best with 1 rip coming on a dipsy. Dipsys have been slow for me the last 2 weeks. I fished from 100-170fow. Riggers down 50-85ft. Lots of boats out made you have to work a bit for the fish as they scattered quick after the first pass. I was out by 7am and done by noon. Good day and lake conditions. Total Chaos
  5. WOW, is all I have to say. Not everyone lives on the lake and is in the know and not everyone is an expert. If this info helps them catch fish then great. We want to promote fishing and new people to the fishery not deter them. I can't believe the mentality of some of you guys. I was out Friday and in the afternoon I didn't see one boat off the plant where I was. The morning wasn't very busy either and neither was Sat. morning. You guys that don't want the info out there need to find a new sport. Total Chaos
  6. I fished Sat. morning and had a 2 man limit in 1hr and 10 min. Unbelievable king fishing right now. Biggest was 19lbs. Total Chaos
  7. Here's a couple of my 4yo daughter and my neice last august out of Mexico. It was my daughters first King and Brown. It was also my neices first king as well. Total Chaos
  8. Tim, just bought a set of the AO boards and was going to pull them off my bow rail. Where do you pull yours from? My rail is about 4ft off the water. Do you think that will be high enough. Total Chaos
  9. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): Time on Water: Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: Surface Temp: Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: Total Boated: Species Breakdown: Hot Lure: Trolling Speed: Down Speed: Boat Depth: Lure Depth: ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Fished from the LSR west to Catfish. Boated a bunch of small Browns with one 13.3lb fish. Not bad fishing but the temp was really moving around. Here's a pic of the 13lber. Total Chaos ====================
  10. someone has a set hanging around. let me know, still looking. Total Chaos
  11. Personally when my daughter is ready to hunt in a few years I'll give her the Encore Muzzleloader with 80 grains of Blackhorn 209 and a 200 grain Shockwave. Very little recoil because of the light bullet and more than enough power to kill out to 100 yards. On a side note, I did see a realtree show years ago where David Blanton took his son out for the first time in Texas with a 223 and it did just fine. Total Chaos
  12. My Dad made a set for his as well. I'm kind of an OEM guy. but if I can't find some I'll have to make them as well. Let me know Billy if you have any. Total Chaos
  13. yup, saw them this morning. $60 a pop is kind of steep. I will continue to look for some used ones. Total Chaos
  14. I know they don't make them anymore. That's why I'm looking here. I just checked ebay and did a search and I don't see any. I check ebay everyday as a matter of fact. Send me the link to it if you can. thanks Total Chaos
  15. Anyone have a pair of locks (old style) for Cannon Mag10 HS riggers that they want to part with? Total Chaos
  16. As I said before, I don't run anything to the batteries except the bilge pump. Everything should go to the fuse block that's tied to the perko. That way if you have a short or something you're not killing your batteries when not in use. I hooked the charging wires from the kicker directly to battery 1. Battery 2 becomes a backup and or a starting battery for the main motor. As far as interference goes if you ground everything correctly you shouldn't have any. I've had 5 boats over my life, 3 glass and to Crestliners and I never had an interference problem with the fishhawk and anything else. Thru trial and error I feel this is the best way to wire it for reliability and longevity. Just my opinion. Total Chaos
  17. I've had 2 boats where I used the kicker to charge the batteries and I never had a dead battery. The first boat had a 9.9 4 stroke evinrude and the second had an 8hp 4 stroke yamaha. I had an I/O in the first boat and a 140hp outboard in the other. It sounds like you have your stuff hooked right to the battery. I didn't do it that way. I ran a wire from the perko switch to a fuse block and tied in any electrical stuff there. At that point I tied the charging system from the kicker to battery 1. When I was running to and from the fishing spot I would run both batteries. As soon as I stopped I would switch to battery 1 and start trolling with the kicker. When I was done trolling I would switch back to both batteries and away I go. Never had a problem doing that. The nice thing about the fuse block is when the perko switch is off everything in the boat is dead (except the bilge which should be tied direct to the battery) that way there's nothing to kill a battery. Incidently I would troll sometimes 8-10hrs with 3 riggers, 2 graphs, gps, vhf, fm, lights ect. without a problem of low voltage. The kicker kept that battery charged all the time. The battery was a deep cycle battery as well. Total Chaos
  18. I 2nd the Garmin. I have 2 units on my boat and they both work great. I bought a 441 last year as a backup and its flawless. As Jeff said the maps are already in it. The contour maps were a big help. First unit didn't have them. Total Chaos
  19. 6- Lil Ripper Reef Runners- $15 12- Thin Fins- $20 4- J-11 Rapalas- $10 6- J-7 and 1- F-7 Rapalas- $15 7- F-9 Rapalas $20 6- Saltwater Rapalas and 2- J-9 Rapalas- $20 I'll pay the shipping if you buy them all. If not add on another $5 to the price. All are in good condition Total Chaos
  20. Ray, I wanted to show you this picture of what a Rage broadhead will do. I shot this buck yesterday. It was 6 yards from the tree at a severe angle down and quartering to me bad. Not the best of shots but having not seen a single deer all season I wasn't passing on it. I trust the Rage, so I let it fly. It caught the shoulder plate, entering the chest and put a slice in 1 lung, going straight thru the liver and exited out the bottom of the chest. Game over. I know you have a bad feeling about them but I'm telling you they are the deadliest head out there. Even on borderline hits they do so much damage recovery is usually a given. Total Chaos
  21. It's all about shot placement. If you don't put it where it needs to be you don't kill them. Doesn't matter what head your using. Even if you shot a fixed and it got thru to 1 lung you probably still wouldn't have killed that 4 1/2 yo buck. 1 lung ain't going to do it. I hunt IL and my outfitter has killed enough bucks missing 1 lung to prove it. I switched to Rage as soon as they came out and they are by far the most lethal head I've ever shot. Just my opinion. I'd say he'll be back at some point. I wouldn't switch heads, I'd up the arrow weight. There's no substitute for a heavy arrow. 400 grains plus is the minimum I shoot. I've killed 3 IL deer over 4yo so I know. Total Chaos
  22. I would agree with Keith. Try before you buy. Had I done that I would never had bought the Lone Wolf. The Summit also set up quicker than the LW. I spend 10 hrs a day in mine in IL and its very comfy. To comfy, I find myself sleeping in it sometimes. Who knows what walked by me when I was sleeping. Last year I woke up once to find about a 120" 9 point standing infront of me at 30 yards. Good luck with whatever you choose. Make sure you practice with it before you hit the woods. Total Chaos
  23. I love my Lone Wolf hang on stand but the climber i sold after the first season. Didnt like the way the belt would twist akwardly when climbing. Didnt look safe. Also the outfitter I go with in Il. had a guy forget to lock the belt in the stand and got halfway up the tree and the belt pulled out. Operator error I know but could happen to anyone in a hurry. I now have a Summit and I love it. It gets plenty of use without any problems. Climbs quick and safe. The new models fold down flat and have the dead stop material which makes them quieter than mine. With those 2 new upgrades I would really look hard at the Summit stands. Plus you'll save some money as the Lone Wolfs are pricey. Total Chaos
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