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  1. Zeke, I'm waiting on another buyer, but if he doesn't take them by tonight they're your's.
  2. Any offers for the rods or the reels? If not putting them on ebay. Make an offer. Total Chaos
  3. Anyone want to make an offer? If not I'm putting them on ebay. Total Chaos
  4. Yes the spin dr's have swivels on both ends. However they're already sold pending payment. Thanks
  5. 2 Daiwa Saltist 40LCHA. Like new, used 1 season. They have at least 1500ft of 20lb wire on them. Great reels, great drags and high speed retrieve. $125 each without the wire, $150 with the wire. $10 to ship. Buy both and I'll pay the shipping. This is a steal! 8 flashers, 4 Spin Dr's and 2 ProChips and 2 Ok'i blades. $40 free shipping. 2 -7'6" Eagle Claw Starfire rods in excellent condition. 8-15lb line. I used them for my short coppers and lead cores and also for browns in the spring. Good do it all rods. $30 shipped.
  6. I've got 4 Catalinas for sale. They're CT-305Da and hold 420 yards of 20lb line. They're in real good condition. I'd say excellent but that means like new to me and they aren't quite that, but close. 1 has a ripped counter reset boot but other than that they're really nice. Best drag of all the Okumas, very smooth. $100 each. If you take 2 or all 4 I'll pay the shipping. If you only want 1 it will be $8 shipping each. Thanks Total Chaos I'm going to have a lot more stuff coming soon!!
  7. Well, it's been a week now and we're all adjusting to life without Tugger. Dozer seems to be getting used to having the place to himself. I know he misses him though. For the first few days he paced around endlessly. My daughter puts bones out by Tuggers grave and Dozer sneaks over and takes them. I guess it's payback for all the times Tugger would take Dozers rawhides when he was sleeping. I miss Tugger sitting at the window barking when I would get home from work. Dozer is never like that. I come home and walk right in and he is fast asleep and doesn't even here me. For brothers they were very different. They both were great pets but just like kids very different in personalities. I've been cleaning the boat all weekend and Dozer just lays out there and watches me. He does appear to much closer to us now that Tugger is gone. He sticks by our sides that much more now. Thanks for all the replies it helped more than you know. Brian Total Chaos Here's one more quick story about Tugger. When he was a year or two old, at around this time of the year, a flock of Snow Geese were flying over my house. The ceiling was low so they were just above the trees. Well we were outside and Tugger heard the comotion of at least 500 Snows coming and he got a bead on them. Next thing I know he takes off after them. Now it's all woods there and those geese ain't gonna be landing anytime soon. So I freak thinking he's going to chase them all the way to the next town. I take chase to no avail so I get back to the house and grab the atv. Down the road I go full tilt and I catch Tugger crossing the next road down about 3/4 of a mile. I looked at him and said where did you think you're were going? I know he was thinking you're an idiot. Anyone could see I was going to catch a goose for dinner! We got on the atv and went home but I think he was mad at me all day.
  8. Hey Woody, Jake sounds just like Tugger. He loved everyone. I'm afraid we're going to be like you and have an empty place in our home for a long time. I can't even think about getting another on yet. I don't think I can go thru this again. That said, 12 1/2 years ago when my 9 month old Chocolate got hit by a car I said the same thing and then ended up getting 2 new puppies to take his place. I think I need a break to recover from this one though. Sorry about Jake. I know how you feel. Total Chaos
  9. Greg, sorry to here about your loss. It's tough beyond words. As I write this I think about all the great times we had and I miss him bad. I know you're going thru the same thing and it makes it tough getting thru the day. I know life goes on but for now it's just a struggle. Both of my Labs have gone thru mystery illnesses in the past 2 years. Dozer nearly died in 2010 around Thanksgiving from something that was deamed to be from ticks. Even the specialists could nail it down and for 2 months it was touch and go for him. The best they could tell me was something tick born. Then last year it happened to Tugger. It wasn't as bad as with Dozer but he lost like 14lbs during it. He never gained it all back even though he ate everything in site. He was still moving good for his age though and even chased a fox around the woods last week. I thought I'd be looking for him for a while and after waiting 15 minutes at the last place I saw him I took Dozer back to the house so I could get the atv and who's sitting in the living room looking at me when I walk in, Tugger. I guess he chased the fox around till he was tired and then went home to nap. Our friends are something else. I know there's better days coming, I just hope they get here soon cause I don't like this feeling. Total Chaos
  10. You're never fully prepared for this day even when you know it's coming. To all who have lost a friend like my Tugger You know how I feel as you went thru it to. I'm sorry for that. For those who are going to have to go thru it. We're all here for you. I had mixed feeling about posting but I'm glad I did as the replies have helped more than you know. Today is the first full Day without Tugger and to say I hurt is an understatement. I spent the better part of the morning making up his final resting spot that would be fit for a king. I know he's saying, what are you doing dad? I spent a lot of quality time with Dozer today as well. He's hurting to. He's not use to being without Tugger. Plus he misses getting his ears and eyes cleaned by him. For some reason Tugger loved to clean Dozers ears and eyes on a daily basis. I told you before he really took care of his brother. Thanks again, you guys are a big help in a bad situation. Brian Total Chaos I went back a read my original post. I must have been a mess cause there was a lot of typos.
  11. Thanks everyone. It's been a tough day. I know we will weather the storm but it will take a while. Dozer seems lost without his brother. Hope he weathers the storm as well and hangs on for a few more memory filled years. Total Chaos
  12. What was supposed to be the last trip of the year and then pulling the boat, I was delt a devasting blow at 2:30 this morning. I woke up to my alarm and found my Beloved Chocolate Lab, Tugger under severe deress. I tried to get him to the hospital but he died on the way. I'm devestated. I know as a pet owner you know it's going to happen at some point but I lived thinking he would be with me forever. Or at least hoping he would. We all say our pet was the best but Tugger was truely an awsome Lab. He was always a family dog and loved everone he met. My daughter was sometimes rough with him pulling his ears and such and he never gave a care. He was always by my side on walks and always layed in bed with me until age (he was 12 1/2) kept him from getting up on it. Then he would lay next to it. He loved Christmas and his birthday because he would get topen hi presents. I'm not joking when I say he opened them. He was like a kid at the holidays waiting for his gifts. Everytime I got a deer he was as excited as me when I brought it home. I never duck hunted with him but he was awesome at Grouse, Pheasants and Woodcock. He had a great nose and was one of only a few dogs that I saw pick up a Woodcock. My other Lab wouldn't touch them. Dozer my other Lab is Tuggers brother. Tugger would take care of him like you wouldn't believe. Anyway once I took my nephew on a youth Pheasnt hunt and after only getting 1 bird in the rain soaked morning we headed for the truck. My nephew really wanted a rooster as the bird he got was a hen. On the way back there was 1 hedgerow left and I got Andrew in place for a possible flush. Tugger went over to check it out and got birdy real quick. I told Andrew to get ready and sure enough the bird flushed. Of course on the other side of it where there was no shot. So down the hedgerow goes Tugger with Andrew in tow. I see Tugger cut in and I tell Andrew to get ready. About 10 seconds later out pops Tugger with the rooster in his mouth. Andrew was mad but I was proud as a peacock. Now I no what Tugger was thinking, Dad< Andrews missed way to many today and I wasn't taking any chances this time. So home we went with 2 birds and 2 happy Labs. I could go on for a while about Tuggers hunting ability but I'm sure you'd get bored. Tugger didn't much like trolling the big pond though. Not sure why but boating wasn't his thing, or Dozers for that matter. Tugger was a great Pet and a Great Friend to us and we miss him dearly already. Writing this helps me deal but I can tell you my ears aren't dry. We still have Dozer but by the look on his face when he saw Tugger this morning, he may not be here long either. He misses him and it shows. I'm done for the season as I don't feel much like fishing right now. Good luck to all who get a few more trips in this year and I'll see you next season. Total Chaos Here's another pic, Tugger is on the right Dozer on the left. A happy day for all of us in 09'
  13. Thanks guys! Just doing what I hope someone would do for me in that situation. No one left behind!! I'm just glad it wasn't Sat. as the job would have been a lot harder in those waves. Choo-Choo, I'll be getting something new for the boat as you requested. It wasn't nessecary but thank you. Total Chaos
  14. The girl at the weigh station pointed out the size of the scales as the indicator. Compared to the Kings I had they were much bigger. That was the only thing I saw different. Total Chaos
  15. Fished Sat. afternoon and Sun. morning. Sat. started out with a nice 31.3lb Hybrid Chinho. Made the board even though I waited 5hrs to weigh it in. Didn't want to leave fish for something that probably would hold up anyway. Finished the day 8 for 9. Sun. morning was slower for me as I made a bad decision on where to go and missed out on the main bite. Ended 3 for 5. Had some nice mid to upper 20"s both days and got 1 Coho as well. Good fishing in the bay right now. Chrome Chips and Spin Dr's with Atommik flys was the ticket. Dipsys were best taking all but 4 of my fish. The fish are scattered from 60fow water out to 200ft. Find them, work them and you'll get enough to keep you happy. Here's a pic of the 31lber. Total Chaos
  16. I'd be looking for a newer (2000 or newer) Baha or Penn Yan in the 28ft range. Total Chaos
  17. How about this?? 2007 Trophy 2302, 225 Mercury Verado that sips gas, has the power to pull tubes and skiers. Nice cuddy with sink, frig, head with a pump out, and sleeps 2 easily. Could sleep 3 if you have a child. It handles 5-6ft waves no problem. It's a walk around so you can cast all the way around the boat. Has a nice trailer easily towable with what you have and it's a fish catcher. Did I say it's good on gas?? Run out 10 miles, troll for 8-10hrs and run back on 10 gals or less. Another good thing is I mounted everything in recessed rodholders so if you want to good for a ride or tube, just pull the pedestals off quick by pulling a pin and all the fishing stuff is off. Nothing is permantly mounted. May be selling mine at the end of the season to upgrade to a bigger boat. Here's a pic. Total Chaos
  18. Go to Pricechopper and buy a salmon fillet, it'll be a lot cheaper on the wallet. Total Chaos
  19. With the upwelling fish are in tight. Try 50-80 fow. I was out last night and although I didn't crush them in 2 1/2hrs I did do 6 Browns (1 of which was 15.6lbs) a Laker and a skippy King. 70 fow was best with riggers down 50-58ft. All spoons, no FF. Dipsys were dead. Green was best. In the morning same thing but with the overcast early blue was best. Total Chaos
  20. You were out to deep. With the upwelling fish are in tight. Try 50-80 fow. I was out last night and although I didn't crush them in 2 1/2hrs I did do 6 Browns (1 of which was 15.6lbs) a Laker and a skippy King. 70 fow was best with riggers down 50-58ft. All spoons, no FF. Dipsys were dead. Green was best. In the morning same thing but with the overcast early blue was best. Total Chaos
  21. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: Total Chaos ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):7/3/12 Time on Water:6:30am-12 Weather/Temp:Sunny and HOT Wind Speed/Direction: none Waves: none Surface Temp: 70 Location:Top Secret Lol, Mexico Bay LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 12 Total Boated:8 Species Breakdown:11 Kings and 1 Laker Hot Lure: FF Trolling Speed: Down Speed: 2.2-2.5mph Boat Depth: 190-210 Lure Depth: riggs130-150 divers #2 setting anywhere from 325-400 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Setup off the plant in 190fow and started marking fish instantly. Down 120ft + with some bait mixed in. Within a minute the first rod fires but a swing and a miss. Wasn't long after we hook up again. Flasher flies took all the shots. White f/f in the morning then chrome f/green f in the high sun. Riggers down 130-150ft. Divers and the 500 copper got good when the sun got high. Ended with 1 Laker @12lbs, 2 Kings @8lbs, 1 @ 18lbs, 1 @23lbs, 1 @ 24 lbs, 1 @ 25 lbs and a 28.4lber. Not bad for half a day. Here's a few pics ====================
  22. I've got some 4mm beads for sale. They're walleye beads. 10 different colors plus 3 different glow colored egg shape beads. The glows are in a box the others are in ziplock bags. Heres the link for the beads. http://www.cabelas.com/product/Cabelas- ... l+Products I kept the 5mm beads and the box. $10 for all of them free shipping.
  23. Kings from skippys to 20lbers, steelhead all over the place, browns and lakers as well. We did 2. 10lb steelies, 10+ kings to 20lbs and a laker this morning. Total Chaos
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