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  1. He was fishing 50 ft down in a 130 ft of water you will also see fow that's Feet Of Water
  2. Yeah good brakes just don't stomp on the peddle with BOTH feet
  3. Scotchgard spray you can find it on amazon
  4. pap if I'm not mistaken you can upgrade the motor for better speed but like you said a bit of a wait never killed anyone
  5. Wow !!! i'll be rigging a new to me boat soon and these look bullet proof thanks for posting.. I would have gone with cannon NOT NOW
  6. Please do ... My buddy and I normally stay at the duck away but as you probably know they only have a few rooms and fill up fast when the conditions and fishing are good we eat out so cooking is not a issue !! Thanks Paul
  7. I would be interested in winter months for ice fishing !!
  8. Headed back out in the morning pap foggy as hell right now hope it lifts not going out without radar been down that road in the shipping lanes fog horn blowing cant tell where its coming from
  9. If karmakaze don't take them text me 57zero-240ne-838four ..Thanks Paul
  10. Went strait out of port at 7:15 set up in 300 fow passed nice green water in 280' but all reports said 300+ trolled north to 475' with one release turned back picked up a small king and a laker in 370' water temp down 50 was 38.5 to 39 found 40* in the 280' range. Went 8 for 12 on kings 30 to 50 down on super slim glow frog .. lemon ice.. and NBK speed was 2.2 to 2.4
  11. 2 stroke oil injected if taken care of its bullet proof
  12. It says sold at the top of page
  13. gunnysargent also painted baits for me very good job
  14. Ted .. Henchen's in Henderson Harbor ( 1-315-938-5313 ) had those rods with the tags still on them may want to give them a call I don't know if there open for the season yet
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