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  1. Good Stuff its amazing the stuff that can happen
  2. Who does that kinda $hit ? Not even my stuff and I'm pissed hope they catch um
  3. I would start by checking the clutch if that's not the problem try retrieving 8 pound ball the 12 maybe to heavy for the older rigger
  4. They should but they know the 25% they left will pi$$ you off 100%.... they did that to my red maple in PA a couple years ago
  5. I took one just over 21 ibs and I must say it don't look that good... Great job !!!!
  6. wont be long and no more solo trips for you
  7. where are you located
  8. Do you have the dash mount I didn't see it in the pictures
  9. As I'm sure you seen that post was from 2013... I drove past there a couple weeks ago and believe its new owners and the back of the bait shop was open nothing inside not sure if it was because of the high water hope not that would suck for a new owner !!
  10. I thought that was the way everyone got fuel at henchens come in as fast as you can in a no wake zone !!! They pounded the $hit out of my boat on the dock hope that $hit hole falls in the lake .... wow forgot how I felt about that place till you rubbed a raw nerve LOL
  11. x2 on the carbs my buddy had to clean his carbs every year because of the ethanol in the fuel now he uses stabilizer every time he gets fuel no problems
  12. Trolling without a Fish Hawk is called Boating Sorry couldn't help myself
  13. Joe try LEU there was a few post on there around buffalo