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  1. I have been thinking about doing the same thing ... I'm thinking about Moby Dick charters but also want to be up front about fishing my own boat at a later date !! Good Luck
  2. I'm still in for the trade we worked out ... shimano rods reels and 100 bucks
  3. I was on 3 mile Saturday and could hear the air-boat or whatever it was they had going on over there .. glad you made it off ok !!! I fished daylight to dark and got 37 ibs of perch
  4. WOW
  5. I'm a Packer fan so down deep I don't care but I would like to see Brady get his 5th ring !!! No matter what happens I think it will be a great game and its more about good food and great friends for me 38 - 34 Pats
  6. RD9 that sounds like everyday life here in PA !!! LOL
  7. Wouldn't start trolling may to September without dream weaver super slim lemon-ice (dream weaver glow frog always on the deepest rigger) and stinger NBK natural born killer my 3 must have !!
  8. Very well said Missdemeanor
  9. Justin does the trolling motor have I pilot ? if so text me some info and a price I'm headed up to Chaumont in a couple weeks if the temps drop
  10. i'm interested in the bay rats please send me a PM when you post so I don't miss it ... thanks
  11. Way to look on the bright side
  12. Looking at the (pictures) i'm going to say no they are not line counters
  13. If it covers eastern Erie I'll take it Pm me for payment.... Thanks Paul
  14. I put clear silicone inside mine before sliding them on worked great
  15. 8 foot medium power fast action they have braid on them now probably 7 years old