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    I enjoy bow hunting salmon and walleye fishing really don't have time for much else
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  1. Hello Mike just wondering is the brewerton show this weekend I cant find it on here .. Thanks Paul

  2. Sea sick

  3. Do you still have the 10as and do they have auto stop ? Thanks Paul

  4. Florida school shooting

    We have always had guns schools and kids so I ask you what has changed ??
  5. I'm looking at picking up a spare prop

    Your going to need some help !!!
  6. Spring Browns

    Jr Thunder Sticks and Alpina Diamonds
  7. ISO vacation / rental

    I stay at 4C's 585-682-4224 in Oak Orchard AKA Kent Ny for 10 days every may nice clean place nothing fancy but right on the river and they do have dockage
  8. Bushy Tails

    They make a fine pie
  9. Help Needed Lou

    Done !! Merry Christmas and Good Luck
  10. Legacy- 2017 Deer Season

    11/4/17 hunted all of last week seen some great bucks lots of movement around 10/31 congrats to those that got deer and good luck to those that have not
  11. Big Black Bear

    I also live in northeast Pa and have spent a lot of time in the woods and have seen tons of bear and 600 is a trophy anywhere most people not knowing how to judge a bear would call it 800+... don't matter as long as the guy is happy with it and he looks pretty happy to me
  12. Thanks buddy didn't want to snatch it out from under you .. Don't need it that bad but would be nice up on Chaumont
  13. Sorry pap I'm going to take it !!! if you really want it let me know.. Butch PM me your info or text me at 1-570-241-8384 Thanks Paul
  14. Blooper video

    Good Stuff its amazing the stuff that can happen