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  1. Trolling without a Fish Hawk is called Boating Sorry couldn't help myself
  2. Joe try LEU there was a few post on there around buffalo
  3. No I worked in NYC today there not using anyone's money there ... its going in someones pocket just like PA
  4. I have stayed there may times in the past ... Sad to see !!!
  5. ill take it if not sold
  6. That would be my number 2 but its lost a little something in the last few years new number 2 glow frog
  7. I also fished Barcelona with bay rats and did way better with harness's any idea where I can find Renoskys online ? Thanks Paul
  8. Wille boards and mast with mounting plate For sale Wille boards mast and mounting plate I bought these last spring never used them went with cannon $130 shipped to your door
  9. I have willies mast mounting plate and boards ill ship to you for 130 bucks

  10. I have willie's mast and boards that I want gone $130 shipped
  11. Captain Carl hit the nail on the head !!! a big boat is a big hole you throw money at been there done that