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  1. does anyone know where to purchase these flys????
  2. Planning on docking at Youngstown for the Spring LOC... still being somewhat new to the Bar, I have heard mixed info about the ice boom and the conditions down river after its removal...... Any information would be greatly appreciated.. thanks!!
  3. Looking for around $200 for the fish hawk and probes (I really do not want to have to remove all the wiring).... and around $200 for each of the riggers.....
  4. Switching out some gear on the boat... Selling 2 Cannon Mag 20s with the long stainless booms, 1 mag 15 With the telescoping boom, Fishhawk 840 with 2 probes. Open to offers.... Email or text (585)356-7642. I can send pics from my phone..... Thanks
  5. Just in case anyone was wondering, with the north west wind today, the temp in 140 fow from top to bottom was over 70 degrees. It was too rough to stay out and search..... Solid 3 to 5 footers with the occasional 6 thrown in..........
  6. Hans..... Are you getting out or trading up?
  7. It has not been updated in 2 days..... Not sure why.....
  8. Went out for a quick trip with my oldest son and father last night. Set up in 60 FOW, looking for browns. The down temp was 48 degrees... so we started search mode. Found great bait in 70, began marking fish in 90 fow. After 30 minutes, Tyler caught a great king on the diver- out 165. 27 lbs- his biggest so far. Set back up in 102 FOW and immediately hit a small king, a brown that was 12.7 lbs and a 22 lb king. Great night on the water.... the kings are really staging early this year
  9. After only being able to fish a few times this summer, we finally were able to hit the water and put some time in this week. Both AM and PM trips had marks and bait in shallow.... 70-125 FOW but the temp was all over the place......49 to 73 degrees on the bottom. We went East and West.... but had the same varied conditions everywhere we went.... We took fish on divers, riggers, and copper- but no real pattern.... some fish in temp, some out of temp..... flasher/fly and spoons were all taking fish...... Our biggest fish- 34.13 came down 77 feet over 82 FOW on a Finger Lakes Tackle Company mag spoon called the Black Meat Pounding Deep- super glow cup....... It was in 72 degree water and literally took less than 1 minute to reel it in, we actually thought it was about 5 lb brown based upon the way it was fighting (or lack of fighting)... when it surfaced behind the boat we were shocked to see it was a king. We were even more surprised when we saw how big she was--- a total slob.. I think she realized she was hooked after she hit the net, it took 2 of us to get it on board as it was fighting so much we thought the net was going to break......
  10. 1986 25 horse Johnson Tiller, long shaft, electric start. Runs great... gas tank, fuel line, and battery in housing box all included. Contact Keith 585-370-3318
  11. 2 of the older modle fish hawk probes for sale. both in working order... sold together or seperate... make an offer email or call 585-356-7642
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