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  1. Again finding the warm water was key but much tougher after a series of big blows. All stix in 6 fow. Doubled twice on the same pass through water 1.5 degrees warmer than the fishless water we had been in. Rapalas in orange and fire tiger took most fish. Launched out of Fort Niagara
  2. Finding warmer water made a big difference over our efforts a week ago out of Fort Niagara. Fish came on stix off boards, spoons on shallow riggers and spoons on shallow divers. Good times and good eats!
  3. Thanks, found a whole spoon pad with 16 or so on it. The pad got misplaced a while back I would say. They are all brand new n never used. I’m pretty pumped!
  4. Anyone know? No printing on bait- tiny bill compared to Bayrat
  5. Anyone here ever use Clear Cast Marine for electronics repair? I have a HDS 7 that’s on the blink, I bought a used one for $200 on eBay to put in its stead but just curious if anyone has had any experiences with getting electronics repaired by this outfit? Please don’t hijack this thread with anecdotal negative comments about brands etc- Thanks.
  6. Thought I’d add that the critical factor in snagging and breaking off lips when trolling is the length of the lead between release and the stick bait. This length is a critical factor in how deep the bait dives. Sometimes I will deploy a chute flatline rod with a very long line BUT- I keep the actual lead much shorter by attaching the actual lead to a styrofoam ‘pike’ ball that itself is maybe 100’ behind the boat. I like to put that rod up in the arch so fish on other lines that swing into the space behind the boat don’t get tangled
  7. Especially early in the season ( like now to mid April) slower speeds near bottom are more effective for me on Western end of Lake Ontario. Cowbells are my go to BUT there are days when mag spoons are more effective.
  8. Yozuri’s have always been right up there in my book. Almost always start with a blk/ slvr Yozuri as 1 of 3 stix on each side. Hard to beat an orange jointed rapala on at least one side ( since smithwick stopped selling orange ones) A green smithwick is usually out at 1st as well as a chartreuse bayrat. After that I let the fish tell me what to do. I would add that if shallow riggers are taking fish and not flatlines then add split shot and or use short cores off boards.
  9. The lips are easy to replace with a Dremel tool. Rapalas run shallow, Bayrats will snag if you are running shallow. Here’s how I roll: stix on board lines( blk silver and color on each side)/ spoons on shallow riggers ( 1 natural and one color) / crank baits on shallow divers (1 natural and one color)
  10. I do what Hank at L&M tells me to do…
  11. Since this thread is supposed to be for folks who are not super familiar with meat rigs I just thought I would remind the uninitiated and less familiar that every day can be a different day and if you are a typical weekend warrior DO NOT PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET: Always let the fish tell you what they want. Start off with an assortment of what you have for presentations, vary speed, and direction and hopefully hone in from there. If green and white meat rigs running west at 2.8 are catching fish I don’t have to tell you what to do. If white and black mag spoons running east at 3.0 are catching fish then you know what to do. Most recreational anglers don’t fish enough to try and zero in from the get go- Always go with the basics. You don’t want to find out what was working when you get back to the docks with nothing- it’s not magical ‘in the know cell phone calls’ it’s process of elimination
  12. If I expected my wife to go with me especially so she would steer the boat I wouldn’t have done much fishing over the past 20 years
  13. Good herring, been using it for several years!
  14. I spoke with a reputable tackle distributor at the Niagara Outdoor Show last spring who had arranged to purchase the entire inventory. I’m surprised I haven’t seen more evidence that this is turning into something
  15. I got a bunch this summer- I only use it in my CVA Paramount ( my beanfield muzzleloader) I have lightweight Traditions that I just use the pellets of Triple 7 with
  16. I agree with Rich. For the 1st couple of years I ran my outboard boat without a kicker but my bowmount is a 36 volt Terrova 110 lb thrust. I could get 5 hours of walleye or winter trout trolling out of it but musky trolling really took it down. Eventually I added a 9.9 kicker for added security and ease of operation. Now I typically get lines rigged with just the bowmount ( because it is my autopilot too) then once boards are out & lines set I add in the kicker’s input. Depending on sea conditions you’ll need to run the bowmount at 3-4 to maintain its capacity as the autopilot. Sometimes on a relatively calm day running with the waves trolling for walleye I have to shut off kicker and just run the bowmount because otherwise the bowmount is running too slow to be effective at steering. All of this becomes 2nd nature pretty quickly
  17. Someone should look into buying the rights and the blanks that Northport developed. Those spoons are BT lethal weapons
  18. The Northport’s were an iconic spoon. I can only say that Dave is not quite in that category nor is he a dependable resource. The spoons of Dave’s we wanted we ended up getting painted by folks that make the blank and adding our own tape . Sorry to have to say this after working with him since 2007…
  19. I don’t fish for perch on Seneca only Erie and a little on Ontario. I fish for walleye on Erie and trout n salmon on Ontario and Cayuga.What I typically see when I am looking for perch in 30-70fow on my Lowrance HDS screens is the bottom looking like the edge of a small, fine saw blade, this signature is very distinctly different than what I see when looking at Alewife pods in 50-200+ fow on Ontario or Cayuga on the same sonar set ups which are typically suspended and non linear blobs. I’m sure I’ve got perch and emerald shiner signature pics somewhere I’ll keep looking
  20. A guy had one on my boat last year and it reeked- wouldn’t that be a problem?
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