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  1. EChip Kits 5 Configurations - The Pro-Troll Factory Outlet (protrollsales.com)
  2. Which ones do you use and which band to attach? Thanks
  3. I have been unable to find a source for echips and rattles. I ordered some 2 1/2 inch squids from Netcraft and some 8 packs of peanut flys from Howie.
  4. Already went that route.Lot's o' schematics related to cannon and other downriggers and for that inexpensive cannon plastic low profile swivel but not for the aluminum swivel pedestal. I'll just tear it apart 'farmer style' and see what I can see. They aren't terrible at $110 apiece but it all adds up..
  5. Ha!! - but you were with me in 'Dr. Jeykll's' boat , 29' Predator (forgot his actual LOU moniker at the time and haven't heard from him in years...) when I brought in a nice coho back on Labor Day in 2008 or 2009.
  6. Looking for a source for the rattles, echips, little twinkie flies and beads to rebuild some some rigs. I don't need bait heads, hooks.
  7. A pair of well worn Cannon pedestal pivot mounts were on the Crestliner SST Sabre hull I bought some years ago. I'm a lucky bastard that what happened yesterday didn't happen going down the highway and that is that the starboard side center pin/bolt that enables the upper assembly with the rigger mount and rigger to pivot around the base fastned to the hull broke clean off. I did order a new one because I might need to fish soon but I am wondering if the thing can be dissassembled and that bolt/pin replaced? If anybody has done this let me know and I'll rebuild the broken one and swap it out for the remaining original on the port side. Note: the starboard side pivot was way sketchier than the port from the get go but 'seemed' to be holding up ok...)
  8. I think this is very complex stuff. If the overall alewive population (I'm not talking about a single year class) decrease continues on Ontario, as it has been on Huron and Michigan then it seems worthwhile considering increasing steelhead and coho as opposed to chinook stocking since it seems likely that more smaller predator fish would provide a more finely tuned and flexible tool to manage the fishery. As a charter captain I am keenly aware of the demand and desire of catching a big chinook on the other hand a good supply of catchable steelhead and coho would supply a lot of demand too. Utimately, I just hope we are: #1. - aware as anglers and captains that the overall lake fishery is goddamm complicated and involves a lot of constantly changing dynamics. And # 2.- that we are stocking the right species for the right reasons and not bending a complicated balance to meet some individualized preference.
  9. Sobering as hell! This work has been done by individuals who are a specialized breed of trained scientists (hey guys- this is a real thing not some kind of BS. You wouldn't expect the run of the mill automechanic to be a carb expert but that's the equivalent of what these environmental toxin experts are). I'm not sure exactly how I will respond to this research but it won't be by spitting out a knee jerk reaction essentially relagating the information to the ' Everything is fine, don't worry' department. The sooner anglers and hunters become outspoken advocates for our ecosystem the greater the odds it will be here for our children's children and their children.
  10. An interesting read. Thanks
  11. We shared a lot of smoking details with each other. Fortunately He will be with me in the ‘pit’ and the seat of the trucks I drive forever
  12. Service will be 1/30/23. 6-8 pm in Lyndonville
  13. Long time LOU member and friend Skipper 19 aka Mark Schuman passed away on Monday after a long chronic illness. Mark lived as proud and gracious an existence as any man I know. He was always ready to help with timely fishing info and was a cheerful host to last minute gatherings. He will be sorely missed
  14. I don’t know what Savage you bought but if it’s not a black powder muzzleloader it’s not legal to hunt with in muzzleloader WMUs like Niagara county.
  15. You can research my posts from a year ago if you want. I moved ( or cloned) all my wheelhouse screens to a rear station and at the same time added Garmin PanOptix. So I can interact with charter customers in the back of the boat and still have acesss to autopilot, throttle, downspeed/ depth, graphs etc
  16. As I have detailed elsewhere, the Blackhorn 209 powder needed to make the long range loads for the Paramount is a pricey item as well as difficult to get shippers to deliver to non NY city NYS zip codes to which it can be delivered legally. However this is only one hurdle to being able to begin long range shooting with the Paramount. To effectively utilize the magnum charge of Blackhorn 209 you need to use the rifle with the variflame adapter style breech plug (not the 209 shotgun primer breech plug) that accept large rifle primers. If you do not hand load or reload you probably don't have any Large Rifle primers. If you don't have any YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET ANY and nobody knows how long this situation will persist. Fortunately I hand/reload so I'm ok but I thought that since I have discovered these things the hard way I'd pass this stuff on. A gun isn't much good if you cant use it for what it was designed for...
  17. Spare me the simplistic micro economics lesson ( I have a degree in Economics from UMass) and the political conspiracy theories. As far as the powder goes; Cabela's was out of stock when I checked. Only place I could get it was Muzzleloaders.com in Oregon - $79 for the powder , $35 for Hazemat ground from there. Hoping to do better but several companies that do have it say they can't ship it to me even though legally they can. Some of these middlemen are up to some strange BS.
  18. https://thebiggamehuntingblog.com/cva-paramount/
  19. Both of us are wrong! First of all it's 437.5 grains/oz x 8 oz ( I got mixed up because I wanted the 5lb can but it is unavailable so I mistakenly used 5 oz instead of 8). Now divide that by 150 grains/ shot (NOT 110) = 23 shots and now divide $114/ 8 oz can ( with mandatory hazmat shipping) by 23 shots = $4.95/ shot ( powder only). SO damm near $5./shot. NOTE: The CVA paramount is more like a custom precision rifle than anything else on the market. It is designed for long range shooting which is good for me because I am a skilled long range shooter living in Niagara County which is a shotgun WMU. I'll keep looking. it's very frustrating that each middleman seems to divine their own understanding of the very uniform regulations regarding shipping powder to non NY City NYS zip codes. One will and another will not,
  20. I just got a .45 cal CVA paramount but cannot find Blackhorn 209 powder. I don't believe there is any in NY. So far all I can find is the 8 oz bottles at Muzzleloaders.Com for $79.!!!! I Ordered 1 so I can get sighted in but at $5.64/ shot in powder alone that's pretty damm steep. Anybody find some somewhere reasonable? PM is fine. Thanks
  21. Feel compelled to point out that if anybody is a ‘radical nut ‘ it’s people who promote the completely unsubstantiated claim of a ‘stolen election’ , who are running around beating people with hammers and hatching plots to kidnap a Governor at gun point. Frankly I’m sick and tired of seeing “Don’t Tread on Me” flag stickers on $75,000 pickups - if you can afford that lifestyle then ain’t nobody really treadin on you real hard jack! Hochul is completely out of touch, Zeldin is an opportunistic facist. I don’t even know if I feel like there is a point in voting but I will be drinking…
  22. I park there all the time and have never had an issue.
  23. Intrepid anglers Chowder and Gill-T sparred with a frustrating screen on Chautauqua yesterday. After a mighty swing and a miss on the chute rigger pulling an large aggressive musky plug our adventurers turned their keen minds to target Wallye. Despite a determined approach on several promising pieces of bottom topography it was decided that the most promising angle would be to go after White perch in the deeper holes. Deep and shallow riggers proved unable to tempt these educated fish and leadcore drew no strikes but harnesses off small divers on 3 proved to be the meal ticket! PM me for more info and Bon appetit! 😜
  24. When I’m trolling for early spring Lakers from the bar to Olcott and I’m covering ground I don’t mind not seeing lakers on the screen because I know they are there AND I’m covering ground. When I’m drifting with a 3 way rig off the bar I don’t mind not seeing fish because I know they are AND I’m covering ground. When I’m targeting perch in 60 fow on Erie or lakers in 60 fow on Cayuga I will definitely spend far more time looking for concentrated fish than sitting with the spotlock on making drops. The key difference between the first scenarios and the 2nd is the change in the environment that’s going on and that drives the increased % of a hookup. Some days it’s frustrating and in the end you do end up just fishing bait or likely spots but frankly it’s low % fishing- a lot like giving up on blood trail and starting to look for a dead deer. It’s not that ‘It’ can’t happen it’s just that it isn’t a proven, high %, strategy.
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