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  1. Just in case anybody is interested in this topic (hint: you probably should be- wait n see): 1.) YES, it's very simple to link a HDS gen 3 to a iPad, Lowrance purposesfully made it that way. 2.) YES, you can use the iPad to see AND DO evrything you would do as if you were at the helm or wherever the head unit is mounted. 3.) VERY SIGNIFICANTLY, at least for me as charter capt without a mate, you can use the Lowrance autopilot commands from the back of the boat which is awesome!!!) 4.) numerous people have reported that by turning brightness all the way and leaving the iPad plugged in and using a polarized screen cover and waterproof cover (an investment of about $30) there are no significant issues with visibility or potential damage to the ipad screen. So, I think I'm gonna give this a try before I put the salmon boat away. probably gonna learn the hardway that a cheap $60 used iPad isnt the best econo option but what the heck, nothing ventured, nothing gained...
  2. Not looking to add another $creen to the boat. iPads are wireless ,can be fitted with simple glare hoods and waterproof covers, they are used in many industrial automation settings because of low cost (good,used ones around $50-60)
  3. Maybe, I think the play sand bags are maybe 50lbers? I think I had 5 up there, 3 on one side 2 on the other
  4. I’ve never been a big one for running as fast as I can I guess. Not sure I ever experienced a pounding issue with my Islander in all the 13 years I fished with her. That being said, I have 2 Crestliners now , a 21.5 Sabre / 200hp Optimax and a 25’ hardtop/ 440 io and both of those boats will really ‘**** and git’ but I just won’t run them hard in rougher water. My customers and my 63 year old spinal column don’t like it and neither one has any weight forward . Also I just noticed you said you put the weight where the live wells were and I’m thinking that’s like amidst ship, right? Not sure your gonna cure nose up issues with weight there but I could be all wet
  5. I’m not savvy with this Bluetooth technology or iPads but I was finally watching my Lance Valentine Vimeo tutorial on the HDS gen 3 and he mentions controlling the HDS unit with an iPad so I am figuring you must be able to see the screen to do that. I’d like to have an iPad in the back of the boat to see my screen when I have customers on board and I am busy helping them in the back of the boat. Any help on this much appreciated . ( I have an HDS 12 for sonar and a HDS 9 for gps/radar mounted in the wheelhouse)
  6. I had an Islander for years. I put sandbags as far up in the nose of the cuddy as possible to help weight distribution and getting on plane with all the tackle + kicker I had on the boat. Using a bit of trial and error I established how much extra weight to add to starboard side of the nose to compensate for the kicker on the transom port side.
  7. Okuma GLT 7’6” ML can’t beat the price- great for browns, landlocks, Lakers, I can handle a Spring king on these rods . Very tough to bridge the gap between a rod that allows you to really feel inland lake fish and yet handle a big hot king that doesn’t want to yield
  8. Thanks, yes I figured out how to move around in what options I was presented with. As I replied to the other poster I think the issue is that my unit is an XTS not the TS . It was a ‘value’ model and has no preloaded gps map , does not support a card and I cannot for the life of me access any serious sonar settings which in my mind probably is the case on a unit with no preloaded background map or ability to support a SD type. Oh well
  9. Yeah, I tried using this manual but mine is an XTS - the X units were apparently a ‘value’ unit and I can’t get to any of the options listed for the sonar shown in the manual. I discovered after getting a used Navionics chip for it that the X units don’t support a chip and they have no preloaded background map. I’m thinking my options with this thing might be limited….
  10. Had this in a fishing kayak, seemed to do the job, used it for vertical jigging in up to 80 fow but not getting much detail at all using it to troll. When I go to Lowrance user manual online it shows a unit with a ‘menu’ button. Mine has no ‘menu’ button ( see picture ) and I can’t seem to figure out how to get into actual sonar settings like ping, clutter, etc. Anybody who’s got one and solved this issue let me know thanks
  11. Available right now- first $35 + shipping PayPal. Thanks
  12. Pm me with an offer including shipping or pickup in Olcott
  13. Moved out here away from my familiar early season goose habitat and feel like a fish out of water. I would be happy to trade a trip on either my walleye or salmon charter boats for some connections to goose hunting out here.
  14. Pick up in Olcott or could box for delivery. Please PM responses. I don’t check my posts very often. Thanks!!
  15. Decent condition super high speed daiwas wanted. PM me please, thanks!
  16. I have spoken with some other captains concerning these riggers so now I'm throwing this open to a wider audience. I am attempting to make sure I'm not writing these things off before getting another pair of new mag 5s. I'd like to hear what anyone who has these thinks about the bottom tracking with the cannon transducer combo specifically with respect to blowback and accurate distance from the weight to the bottom. Please don't comment because you think they are expensive or because you have any other spiritual/anecdotal feelings about them. I charter and so anything that can potentially allow me to focus on my customers instead of keeping track of some detail is potentially worth considering in terms of rate on return of investment. In particular I am looking at how these riggers could positively affect Laker fishing from the Bar to Olcott in April through May and browns fishing after the fish have moved out of the skinny water. I look forward to any and all informed responses.
  17. chowder

    Chautauqua 6/28

    Nice looking fish!
  18. At the risk of implying that I know what I'm talking about (which I certainly don't think i do) what I'm talking about is what I call 'the best odds approach to hunting'- be it fish or game. It's not that I don't ever run 2 divers/side because I do if the fish tell me that that 'investment' is one I need to make. In the same way, it's not that I don't ever run 2 junk lines per big board because I will if the fish tell me that that approach is worth the inherint risk. In general it seems to me like the best spread is something you have: a.) confidence in b.) you can control and be flexible with c.) is going to minimize issues getting fish in the boat and c.) lends itself to being changed to maximize any and all information the fish unintentionally give you about their preferences.
  19. Every day is a new day. Unless you are Kreskin I would suggest am startup the following way: 3 riggers- meat and flasher on 1 rigger, FF combo on 1 am ,spoon + bright spoon cheater on other. Wire diver with FF combo or flasher/meat on one side, braid slide diver with am spoon on other side. 300 or 400 copper on one board am spoon, 8 color on other board bright spoon. weave across depth contours varying speed. If nothing is happening as day brightens change spoons to a mix of bright and muted and maybe drop a spoon rigger. If day is overcast get a gold spoon and maybe a gold ff combo out and or purple spoon and or purple ff combo. If lockjaw is present IMHO less is more. obviously if a certain presentation or direction or speed results in a hit respond accordingly. DONT LEAVE FISH TO FIND FISH. One hot rod can make the day....
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