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  1. I’m looking for reports of actual experiences people have had with running the BR Sea Flea mono with Mag divers or divers with the big ring. Heavy flea accumulation ruins the diver rod experience for my customers on the wire rods when fleas are bad so I’m considering spooling up some spare reels with the blood run product I use on my rigger rods starting anytime now. I have been out with a friend who is a recreational angler and who only uses mono on his diver rods so I am well aware of the technique used to ‘release’ divers on mono.
  2. I typically run 2 wire divers per side on Ontario. Deep inside is a Mag on 1.5 or 2 and an outside High on 3.5 or 4. ‘IF’ fish seem negative, I will swap out 1 or both high divers for a braid slide diver on 4 with 40’ of 40lb mono for diver to slide on. For Erie walleye I usually run 3 divers per side. Deep inside mag on wire and then 2 regular dipsys. I hardly ever run slide divers for Wallye because of conflicts with the other divers /just too much more labor with typically fast fish action.
  3. I eat it every morning. We used to fish the Hudson out of Kingston In May. First we’d use Sabiki rigs on ultralights to catch Herring up in the Cree and then use them to target stripers in the main stem. If a herring kicked the bucket we used it for cut bait or, often enough, they went home to get filleted and pickled
  4. I’d appreciate answers from owners of this technology or persons very familiar with this specific technology. Looking to find out : 1.) - Is the transducer sold with this particular unit ( seems like it’s the XM 9 HW MSI T ) the best choice or is it worth considering getting a separate transducer? 2.) Am I likely to get interference if I attempt to use this at the same time as a Lowrance HDS and a Garmin PanOptix system? Thanks!
  5. Glad you read my post carefully LOL. I’ve had the PanOptix for 2 years.
  6. I have had the Garmin PanOptix system in the rear of my boat now for 2 years. I see things on it that I don’t see on my Lowrance HDS/ Airmar sonar system AND vice versa. ( very inconvenient to have customers ask “ if those are fish right now in your riggers, why aren’t we catching them “) ANYWAY: given I have the PanOptix + Lowrance HDS/ Airmar system facing essentially backwards what theoretical benefit is forward facing sonar for a trolling boat. Thanks for any experienced comments
  7. I still don’t understand this whole thread. I have no problem with anyone starting a business. I have a business too. What I do have a problem with is the disingenuous way this thread is being played. If someone is selling a product then answer a question about price. It’s as simple as that. Don’t post a bunch of pictures and get friends to do the same and throw out some smoke and mirrors about quality. This isn’t a Facebook page. It’s supposed to be a fishing forum. If someone wants to start a genuine thread to help others learn how to buy blanks and paint lures - right on, but don’t put up pictures of stuff that you are trying to sell while packaging it in BS and then not answer questions about what you’re product sells for.
  8. Are these baits for sale? It doesn’t say so. Why not just run an Ad?
  9. Apparently these finished baits are not for sale. Frankly IMHO this seems like a strange post due to the fact that very very few people on LOU have the technology or the very specific knowledge to paint baits. The price of blanks is really a moot point. Just saying
  10. I have 3 Cannon rod holders/ side for diver rods and an inexpensive triple tree for board rods. Rigger rods go in the Cannon rod holders on the riggers
  11. Are they priced through the roof like most custom musky baits ?
  12. I have had the PS 30/ PanOptix setup for 2 years . I see things on it I don’t see on my Lowrance HDS/ Airmar and vice versa. Thus far it has not been a ‘game changer’ for me but frankly I probably need to figure out why others claim it is.
  13. I’ll get on it in the AM - thanks!
  14. I’d take the adjustable rigs as priced
  15. https://www.yakimabait.com/product-category/spin-n-glo/
  16. https://www.google.com/search?q=worden's+spin+n+glo&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari
  17. Looks like the Z man to me . Certain days it’s a killer on browns and Cohos both as well as kings from time to time. I like em
  18. I have a smart troll system and a fishhawk setup- It’s all good information but when you think about it the important thing is to find what the fish want not to know depth and temp and down speed
  19. Yes, I’ve looked at that stuff. Too hard to follow
  20. I have a GoPro Hero 7 white and a couple years ago I set myself up with the Quik app and was able to make some short videos using the app on my iPhone. I have recently acquired a GoPro 11 Black and a remote. I added the 11 to my app but besides that I cannot do anything with either camera using the app on my iPhone.
  21. When starting out it’s usually best to run a mix of naturals and colors and let the fish decide
  22. I don’t ever run leaders on Walleye/Browns rigger or flat planer rods but I am not far from the Niagara river. Find warmest water you can even if there isn’t much of it. Be prepared to go slow 1.7-1.9. I would run mostly stix on planer lines. Spoons on shallow rigger and shallow diver lines if depth allows
  23. I use small ones drifting in the lower Niagara as long as there is bait in there. I use them along with stix trolling for Browns. I use them clean and behind small spinnys for Coho on riggers. I use large ones on junk lines for salmon all season. I always remove the front treble
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