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  1. Excellent shape, 2 with dual rod holders, 2 with singles. Pickup in Olcott. Please Pm if interested
  2. $45 for pair. Pickup Olcott/Lockport or pay shipping. Pm me
  3. $20- pickup in Olcott or pay shipping (PM please)
  4. $40 - pickup in Olcott or pay shipping ( PM please)
  5. $40 -pickup in Olcott or pay shipping ( PM me)
  6. Both 200’- What’s it worth to ya? (PM me)
  7. 1) Short cable with antenna rthat goes on rigger 2)Long cable from short cable with antenna that goes to unit 3) wiring harness and fuse to go from unit to power- What’s it worth to ya? (PM me)
  8. Brand new in box $50 , they are $79 online ( pickup in Olcott or you pay shipping) We got it and then found out we had to get the much more expensive bracket cuz we had a 110 lb thrust bowmount. Guys I ordered it from would not take it back...
  9. Went west to start. Running same basic speeds and program as last trip. After a quick fish had trouble so went shallower then headed out. Hit fish in 150 on all 3 riggers, turned due to building waves and headed east in 150 continued to take sporadic fish on riggers, could not get divers with small flasher and spin n glo or flies to go so switched to spoons behind divers. Divers began to take fish and deep meat rigger started working. Short cores on boards took only 1 fish. 5 man box of Coho and a few Kings by 11:30.
  10. Ditto on that spoon on 5 color yesterday. Tomorrow will be a different story...
  11. Fantastic! What a way to show a kid how people can work together to surmount difficulties and how persistence and flexibility eventually put you on fish. That day should be on a brass wall plaque for all fisherman to remember. Way to go!!
  12. Solid condition , not pristine. Make an offer. Pickup in Olcott
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