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  1. Got my son out on the track with me this morning. He has been all about anything hunting or fishing ever since he could talk lol. He was in his glory this morning. It was the perfect track to take him on, as the deer only ran 30 yards into the thick stuff and I watched her fall over. He followed the blood all the way to her. As I was getting ready to dress the deer, I looked over at him and he was behind the deer petting its back saying, “This is awesome……This is awesome”. We got to take a moment to thank God for the opportunity, and for the meat that we have been blessed with. In my time in the outdoors, this morning was right up there with the best of them! I’m just very blessed. Just a very cool few moments this morning with my little guy. He was also very persistent on helping drag the deer back to the truck…..so the drag took twice as long. I was dying lol. Can I really ask for anything else though? Just awesome
  2. Great write up and congrats on the buck. I’ll be praying for your dad in these next upcoming days
  3. My recommendation is don’t wear the face paint. You don’t need it to kill deer
  4. Great buck movement all week. I have seen 3 to 5 bucks every morning this week. Nothing worth shooting. I’ve only missed 2 mornings this month. Still waiting on that big boy to come by
  5. If anyone shoots a 1 1/2 or 2 1/2 yo buck this year and doesn’t want the cape, I would be very appreciative to pick it up from you. I’m looking to use it for a shoulder mount taxidermy project I’m working on
  6. Anyone have a pic of the buck that got hit on the parkway today? Heard it was a giant
  7. You can set a route with the Terrova
  8. That’s crazy. I went to old forge in august and saw this buck in velvet
  9. I packed them with ice right away and brought them to a friend house, hung them in his garage and him and his son cut them up
  10. They came in about 10 minutes apart
  11. Had a nice first bow sit this morning. 2 nice mature does down by 7:30, then off to work.
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