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  1. I installed the updates and calibrated the unit. Won't use it again until next year so I hope it solved my issues.
  2. Got a reply today from Fish Hawk. Most likely it cannot be repaired so when it fails completely next year I'll buy a new display.
  3. Glad to hear you guys got service from Fish Hawk. They didn't even have the courtesy to tell me my display is over the warranty limit and I'm SOL. Since some of the LCD's are failing I have to guess at some readings of probe depth. I guess there only made to last 3 or 4 years.
  4. On my Lowrance elite12 T1 the cursor keeps appearing and I have to select Clear cursor every 5 minutes to show the position of my boat. I tried to connect to the Lowrance website to see if there is an upgrade for this problem but I couldn't connect. Has anyone else had this issue? Also the touch screen doesn't react sometimes and I have to try numerous times to clear the cursor. I installed a Lowrance unit because it is compatible with my Simrad autopilot and I use it only for GPS.
  5. It took me a lot of planning and courage to drill that 2 3/8" hole in my hull for the B60. I had to machine special wrenches to install it, but it was well worth it. No more fading at higher speeds.
  6. I had a leak a few years back that was hard to find. It only leaked when I was under power and sitting at the dock overnight didn't leak at all. It turned out to be a cracked fitting at the livewell pump. after pushing on all the hoses I finally moved the pump and there it was. luckily I had installed shut off valves so I could continue fishing and repaired it later by installing a new pump fastening the it better.
  7. Fished Henderson for 12 days. 1st week only hooked and boated 3 salmon. 2nd week had one good evening. Hooked 4 and boated 3. Last day got one more. Its not what it used to be. I don't need a boat load of salmon but it used to be nice to get 2 or 3 a day. I don't believe the natural reproduction is going as good as they said it would and the stocking reductions has decreased the salmon significantly. The university was checking fish one afternoon and didn't have one fish to check. I'll have to do more bass fishing I guess.
  8. We did ok on lakers but couldn't find the salmon. I suspect we should have gone towards Mexico bay but the waves were at the point where if they would have gotten bigger I would have had a difficult time getting back. By the time it was apparent that they were getting smaller it was too late to make the trip. We found lakers over the mountain in 140-145'. Spoon bite was best but we also caught some on FF. Too rough today so I headed home. I'll try again in August.
  9. I'm coming up tomorrow for 4 days. I'll let you know how we do.
  10. Thanks, Now I just hope some salmon are there.
  11. I'm coming to Henderson in two weeks. Is the town launch deep enough for a 22' fiberglass boat to launch?
  12. I just removed an EV 100 and sent the whole system back for repair. . In the Ev 100 case the display failed. These things are electronics and no matter what brand some are going to need repairs. Each component must be tested and reprogramed. Perhaps your compass failed. Or a wire failed. In my boat I've had a Simrad for 6 years with no problems. So Simrad isn't the only brand to have issues sometimes.
  13. I used foil covered 1.5" duct insulation. It has worked great for years.
  14. Nice cooler if you don't mind the hinges falling off all the time. I bought an Igloo with the stainless steel reinforced latches which are great but the hinge screws keep pulling out of the cooler. Should have saved more money and bought a Yeti.
  15. I have a new problem this year with my land which I bought 45 years ago. For the past 20 years my four neighbors and i had an agreement. We all only shot big mature bucks and we stayed on our own land. Now my one neighbor died and a land investment company bought his property. It was subdivided into 10 lots. The problems have started already. While archery hunting I had two guys come by, not near the line but 300 yds onto my land. I guess I'll have to hunt my property line this year just to educate my new neighbors. It was nice not having to act like a crazy SOB for years but it seems that is all these jerks listen to. What a year. First my boat was set adrift by some punks now I have to deal with these a-holes.
  16. I should have mentioned. I ended up getting the special stripper to remove bottom paint. More elbow grease required but was less costly and did a excellent job. The hull I did was not sanded before painting however so all I had to do was use rubbing compound and Finesse finish coat to return to original finish.
  17. I tried this once. A sand blaster from Harbor Freight will probably not work very fast as mine didn't. It is also an extremely dusty operation. Right now the proper respirators are not available because all the companies are making Covid masks. I searched everywhere for new ones. The full coverage Tyvek coveralls are a must. Tape your gloves to the sleeves. You will also find it will take quite a lot of medium to sand blast the whole hull. I would research the cost you'll get into the project and the frustration of doing it. It might be more cost efficient to hire a company
  18. I was wondering the same thing. Your plugs are relatively easy to change but I have a 302 Ford engine. I have to remove the exhaust manifolds to change plugs so I have not been enclined to change them often. Also plug wires are not available for Ford engines so I am hesitant to pull the wires and risk breaking one. I haven't changed the plugs for the last 5 years when I installed new manifolds but I only use my boat for about 200 hrs each year.
  19. I really don't want to give a boat description because there are probably more boats the same make and color and I wouldn't want someone to accuse the wrong person. I'll just have to see how it plays out with the Sheriff's Dept. They know who it is and they are on notice.
  20. The security cameras didn't have a good enough picture to prove who released my boat. The description of the perfs boat got around to all the marinas. They will probably have a difficult time getting gas for their boat. Even though I thought about it I didn't make any threats. Since I've been coming here for 18 years I have met a lot nice people. Many charter captains especially. This is the first time I ever had a problem.
  21. This happened at Henderson harbor.
  22. Last Monday evening when I returned to the dock I had permission to use i found another boat tied to my dock ropes. I went to the nearby restaurant and asked them to move their boat. The punks got belligerent but did move their boat. However they came back later that night and untied my boat and let it drift away. It bounced down the docks and luckily wedged in a boatyard. Not too much damage. They had an easily identifiable boat and it didn't take the Sheriff too long to find them. Probably nothing will happen to them.
  23. Last time I changed a cylinder it was so corroded I broke the hydraulic line. This isn't going to be easy. Maybe I'll wait until winter since I'll probably have to disassemble most of the transom mount.
  24. My OMC outdrive drifts slowly down. Takes about 6 hrs to go all the way. Should I replace the O rings on the check valves or is it more likely to be the cylinders leaking past the internal seals? No visible oil on either the pump. lines or cylinders.
  25. I also will be at Henchens from the 16th to Sunday. I have a Striper boat. I'll see you there.
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