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  1. Walmart just put them up at 119.00 today too (Tactacam)
  2. "Raymarine auto pilot" covers a lot of territory. What model/unit is it & cable or hydraulic steering?
  3. L&M

    Mercruiser io

    Power steering pump bracket to pump I'd guess not knowing what particular engine hp or displacement your asking about.
  4. Unfortunately Harvey is going to be down for awhile. See my post here :
  5. Gary or Evan @ Eagle Welding & Machine 315-594-1845
  6. I have just talked with Harvey and he wanted me to let everyone know that unfortunately he's going to be out of commission probably until spring due to an unfortunate slip in the rain and a broken ankle.
  7. John Mann in Sodus Pt. 315 871 6400
  8. Don't rule out the lower unit.
  9. Raymarine discontinued the SportPilot some time ago and I wouldn't recommend buying a used one. There are other affordable units out there that will serve you well. Hyd or cable steer?
  10. From past overall experiences I would steer clear of Jasper. There are several very good company's that deal strictly with marine rebuilds and/or new long block assembly's, one being the for mentioned Michigan Motorz & another is Marine Engines Inc. out of Mass. If your going that way I would both consider the difference in price between a new vs rebuilt long block & also stepping up to a 5.7 over the 5.0 while your at it.
  11. https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/93238-where-did-the-app-go/?tab=comments#comment-675182
  12. New swivel only. No mounting plates with them. 3 available $50 each or bo prefer not to ship
  13. I was referring to the filter not the tank. If its been a season or more I would change it out and check it for water again after a few trips to see where you stand. **The amount of water is not extreme for that time frame & shows the filter is doing the job it was intended to do.
  14. When did you drain it or check it last?
  15. Which model Sport Pilot & what do you need? Sent from my T790S using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. Kits are available ( 435070 ) but complete pumps are about nonexistent although there is a guy out in Ohio ( pettys marine ) that advertises complete pumps on an exchange basis only. I know nothing about him but it might be worth a shot if your isn't rebuildable.
  17. I believe you'll find that titles started in 1987 for boats 14' and over in NYS.
  18. Quality grade Dextron III ATF
  19. https://www.ijc.org/en/loslrb/dry-conditions-lead-low-water-levels-board-decrease-outflows?fbclid=IwAR08wSHFKEz6aPiPEGoYKPBvreUrrPvXZ_BdaFaZyod65eTfIV-ARJjsABw
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