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  1. Fishmedic, they are 4" on the corners, and 6" on the center.
  2. I like them. I've had others on previous boats and the Traxtech are my preference. I like the anodized look. Any track system is a plus. Have you ever wished you could move something a few inches, or regretted drilling those holes? Those days are over with tracks. Here is mine.
  3. A word of advise is to not waste your time. I owned 4 in the early 90's. They are nothing but trouble. I do know that Lake Systems was converting them to a toggle switch and a mechanical line counter, after they ran out of circuit boards. They also leaked the oil, that the motor case, was filled with. I regretfully used them for 1 1/2 seasons.
  4. I also installed an octopus drive unit on my 1991 Weekender. It is a great alternative, for auto pilot installation, on cable steered boats. I used a Simrad AP 24 auto pilot, AC12 course computer, and RC42 rate compass to connect to the drive unit.. The unit I installed, is the below deck model. I purchased the longer cable so I could mount the drive unit in the center compartment, away from the twins. The overall install was fairly simple. The hardest part for me was connecting the cable to the existing power steering ram. Not a lot of room, and I am not a contortionist. So far it has performed great. It handles 3'-4's no problem.
  5. New pilot is on the way! I went with a Octapuss remote drive unit, a 9 ft. cable, and a Simrad AP 24 Pilot. Looks to be a simple install. Also, I think the remote drive is a great alternative, to a behind the dash, or on the dash, install for cable steering. I do have AP 12R parts. 2 controlers, newer compass, tilt wheel set-up, junction box and a defective drive unit. Let me know if I can help, since parts are no longer available. Good Fishing To All! Brian
  6. No luck at Octupus as far as gettin it repaired. They did make the drive unit for Simrad. But, Simrad added all the other stuff in the inside, that a seperate autopilot controler doese, for the drive unit now. Holly Mackerel, did your buddy get the SP110 control head? Hows the pilot work, any complaints? Thanks Brian
  7. Thanks everyone. Yes Glen, It is a good unit, that I hate to part with. I'm gonna keep trying. Madman1, do you have a schematic of the inside of the drive unit? If so, could you please send it to me at [email protected] Thanks in advance. Holy Makerel thanks for the info on Octupus marine. I called them today. Still waiting on a response. I' ll let evryone know what happens. Yes Frisco, the guy I spoke with, didn't want to give me any help at all. Thanks again to all. Brian
  8. I had problems with it last year. It was n't holding a course. I recalibrated the compass several times with no results. I installed a new compass and controler about 4 years ago. The problem is in the drive unit. I called Simrad and they told me they no longer service this pilot, and parts are not available.I had it packed and ready to send. They were no help whatsoever. My understanding is that the AP12R was still sold by them untill 2009. Ya think they'd still service it. I did alot of searching, and sent emails with a few results, that came to a dead end. Just might have to can it. Anyone know of a place that might service this pilot? Thanks Brian
  9. Hi Paul, I am sure that I have 1 or 2 extra monitors . I also have a complete unit for sale. Send me a pm. I will be leaving for lake ontario thursday evening and fishing all weekend, with no computer to answer you. I will check when I get home on sunday. Bushwacker
  10. Called Lake Bluff CG, no permanent sites are available, and they do have a waiting list.
  11. Thanks for the interest, and yes it could if sites are available. The lot rent is $1400. I need to move on this cause my new camper is waiting. I sent you a pm.
  12. 1983 coachman 40 RK Fithwheel camper located at Lake Bluff Campground, 1 mile from Sodus Bay. Everything works. Sleeps 4 adults and 2 kids. The camper is on a permanent site and has been, for about 15 years. It is in good condition for its age. It will have to be moved. $2,000 obo.
  13. Great Lakes Planers for me. I have a 270 Amberjack with a rocket launcher plus with lights and a couple extra rod holders (14 total) that came in at less then $1,200 a few years ago.. The system is totaly ajustable. Could not be more pleased. I was amazed at the quality, and simplicity to install. Great people to deal with and they aim to pleeze.
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