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  1. What size split shot or other weight is used to get flatlined spoons deeper and how far from spoon should it be
  2. Thanks fishmaster I was hoping to find one around Rochester to have by Thursday
  3. Looking for a trolling bag for a 22 ft trophy thanks
  4. Really!!! I missed out on3 other boats to try to see this!!!!
  5. When you say tackle can you be more specific? Like everything comes of or would you leave like fish finder or anything?
  6. Hey what’s the actual length of this? Also do you have the paperwork that shows all the engine work?
  7. Looking for a 22-26ft boat for Browns and Kings in the 10 -16k price range no junk and needs at minimum a fish/depth finder. I have everything else needed but am still open to rigged boats!! Thanks in advance
  8. Does auto pilot stay at 8k or is that considered as part of gear?
  9. Fish Hawk is in the mail and the boat is stored inside my buddies barn!!! Can’t wait!!!
  10. I have 2 older cannon Mag5HS riggers, does anyone know what the Max weight is that they can handle?
  11. Anyone stay in Niagara tonight after expo? Where is everyone out drinking?
  12. Ahh makes sense as bait, thought maybe I was missing out on some sort of delicacy and didn’t know it
  13. What does one do with all the crows? I have only ever shot one when I was a kid?
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