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  1. Both deer with rage, both photos show entry holes. Photo without me was a 7yard shot other photo was 50 yard shot
  2. I am looking forward to it and I already read all your reports!
  3. The owner dredges it regularly and I only have a 21’ boat so rough days are out and if not workable will go to another marina if need be
  4. Yup so the owner that ended tent sites resold this year to the corporation. I’ve got many largemouth, pike, and walleye in blind sodus before the high waters washed it out. Still good bass and pike, just no luck on walleye since
  5. Company called osprey I believe but another company calle advance outdoor solutions is managing it
  6. Is your coworker in shady shores or fair point?
  7. I’ve been in Fair Haven my whole life at Shady Shores Campground started going with my grandparents and it’s where I learned to fish. As I got older I got my own camp. This year the owner sold the campground to a corporation and they doubled the cost and basically gave a months notice to decide. They also changed rules and such. So I took that as a sign to move on and found a new campground near the oak.
  8. Leaving Fair Haven and relocating to Oak Orchard area for 2022. Usually just a weekend warrior but looking to network with others from the area to help each other out.
  9. I currently fish out of Fair Haven and this whole season was a struggle. To make it worse my campground was purchased by a corporation mid August, who then doubled my seasonal rate and let us now September 1. Money due September 30. So I decided that the price is to high and just purchased a place in Lyndonville at Green Harbor Campground. So West end will be my new battle grounds next season.
  10. Lost my downriver weight from bikini bottom over the weekend looking to see if anyone has one they would like to part ways with!!
  11. Prob be pretty tough to get that report, I believe the ATOMMIK INVITATIONAL is this weekend.
  12. Seeing if anyone has a display for sale.have to send mine in for repair and in dire need of one this coming weekend
  13. 20” x 8” roughly I can’t call until lunch break
  14. Your Boat name on a cool bottle opener $50 + shipping or pickup Rochester or meet between Rochester and fair Haven along 104
  15. I did 3 coats of primer and 3 coats of paint that claims to protect against rust
  16. So considering that half keels are $80 a piece and I have some scrap steel laying around I decided to make a set myself. My question is I had to make them 1” shorter than the stock keels will this have any negative effect? I plan to try them this weekend and if work will likely begin taking orders
  17. I have that chart but even with that I have found that I am sometimes much deeper than I think and hit bottom
  18. Looking to purchase a fishhawk TD to build a more accurate dipsy diver chart if anyone has one please message me
  19. Any chance you would possibly deliver to a different place in Fair Haven?
  20. Shoreline of Fair Haven has these washing up anyone seeing this on the south shore?
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