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  1. I have 2 brand new still in package rods that I got as a Christmas gift and have decided to go another route. Pictures attached I live in Rochester and will have them with me tomorrow evening until Sunday morning at the Niagara fishing expo.
  2. Been seeing great daytime movement yesterday and today as well
  3. I will be there!! Looking forward to learning from you Rob
  4. I was out Wednesday morning in front lakeside state park roughly. Had a lot of fun with steelhead out in 400-500ft down 65-70. They were very active and made some impressive jumps. All sizes all released biggest was probably in the 11/12# range
  5. Thinking about making a trip out with the step son this evening, any one know how the lake looks?
  6. Idk how close you want but send me a pm if interested my buddy has indoor storage in RIGA NY. I can see if he has an opening
  7. Not sure if same boat but I also had a red tracker this morning west of oak orchard cut right behind we while I was fighting a fish luckily he didn’t get into anything
  8. 2- 10ft classic pro mooching rods never used $40 each obo 9’6” Diawa accudepth rod $10 8’6” Okuma classic pro glt $20 7’6” Okuma classic pro glt with Magda pro MA30dx reel $50 obo 7’ Okuma classic pro leadcore rod with Magda pro reel and 2 color leadcore $40obo Pickup Rochester/gates area or buyer pays shipping
  9. Awww that sucks! I just started going last year. Had some great conversations with her as well
  10. Been by there 3x over past couple weeks and it’s never open? Is it closed for good?
  11. What ports are teams able to leave from for this tournament? Or is there a specific one for all teams? Thanks in advance
  12. I saw that same flock it was sickening to see
  13. About 20’ per 100’ of copper
  14. Sorry for your loss Nick
  15. Any tips on how to get the browning/fading removed from the clear plastic on my canvas that makes the windows?
  16. These are solid and can make to any diameter and length. Also not as soft as pool noodles
  17. I work at a company and we have a Hotwire that cuts foam. So I use 4”OD Tube and wrap my lines and stick swivels or hooks into foam. Picture is my first one I currently have one in my boat now that’s about the length of a pool noodle and have it sectioned off with the different lengths and # Test
  18. Thanks for the catch!! I edited the post
  19. I have to Okuma convector CV 30 D reels with 1000’ 7 strand wire (one with backing spoiled 2 seasons and 1 without backing spooled mid summer 2022 after a bad tangle) mounted on 10’ Eagle Claw Starfire medium dipsy rods with twili tips. Work as they should some boat wear and fading asking 100 each
  20. Is there a specific area looking for?
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