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  1. Wow that’s really scary. Prayers for a speedy and complete recovery.
  2. Had 4 different bucks in range this morning including a young ten point that decided to bed down 25 yards from my stand for half an hour but no big guys.
  3. In till dark, beautiful afternoon to hunt.
  4. I wouldn’t be pulling a standard dipsy. I would pull slide divers so that I could run variable leads. If not I would be pulling quarter divers.
  5. I’ve got one I’ve also had pics of for years but have never seen. Rob’s hunt is proof that you just never know.
  6. Sorry about your loss, sounds like an incredible man.
  7. Slammer! That’s great Rob, can’t wait to hear the story.
  8. Let’s go!!! So much for grinding it out lol can’t wait.
  9. Daughter is out tonight, I’m going in the morning. Great time of year. Taking off from Halloween till the 8th of November, hope I timed it right.
  10. good night to be out Rob, good luck. Tommy and his sister are out as well.
  11. Tommy put a doe down this morning.
  12. Tomorrows weather looks good Rob
  13. That’s awesome! Good for you. New owner got a great property.
  14. Thats awful. Get well brother.
  15. Nice that the boys enjoy hunting together, pretty cool stuff. Im stuck at work but at least got to drive out and see it before.
  16. Billy was hunting a ravine this morning. Buck came flying through on the top of the other side grunting. Buck was out of view so Billy started grunting aggressively. Buck came in on a string right down the creek. 20 yard shot, crushed it. Buck tried to climb up the other side but fell back dead. Didn’t go 40 yards.
  17. BBD for my son Billy. Pics and story to come!
  18. Quiet morning in 8A but nice to be out.
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