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  1. Weird day on the water. Set up in 100 at 8 and headed north. Riggers at 50 and 70 with free sliders. Dipsys at 180 and 225. Flat calm and sunny at first with a steady pick of coho and small kings on the sliders. 225 dipsy takes off and by the time we landed a nice King we were in pea soup fog with east wind. An hour later the fog lifted thankfully, I hate fog. Sun came back out and it got flat again. Little while later you could see that on shore it was rippled up good and moving our way out in 225 feet of water. Decided to pull and we headed into gusts to 30 out of the southwest. Fished from 8 to 11 and went 6 for 7. All small except for the King that hit the two face glow on the dipsy.
  2. Jr went out with a buddy this morning. Lines in at 8, out at 11. 200 to 250 went 7 for 7. 3 teenagers and 4 skips. 300 copper and riggers at 50-60.
  3. Got mine yesterday, great product, happy to have them.
  4. Mine is safely stored when not under water. Always have had great service from them and love the product but they should be taking more responsibility for what is an obvious product issue.
  5. Wish my experience this time mirrored yours. I’ve run Fish Hawks for over 25 years, their customer service has always been second to none. This time instead of “how can we help?” it’s more like “nothing we can do, can’t be fixed, buy a new one”.
  6. They are a game changer for sure. Would give up my graph before my Fish Hawk.
  7. Just seems to me that they aren’t as helpful as they used to be. Like others here I am very careful with my probe. When the problem is at the top of their troubleshooting list it makes you wonder. Great product, no doubt but still disappointing.
  8. They have always given me great service in the past. Guess I just expected the probe to last more than two years and apparently my issue is pretty common.
  9. I love my Fish Hawk and have used them for a very long time. When my son and I purchased our current boat we purchased a new X4 and this would have been our third year using it. Saturday I used the probe for the first time this year and the unit showed 3.8 degrees down temp. Other than that it was functional. When I got home I went to their website and that very condition was number 2 on the troubleshooting list. Bad temp sensor, no remedy, buy a new one. I contacted Fish Hawk and they did give me 25% off but I can’t help think that if it’s a common product defect that they should have done more. I ordered the new probe this morning. Am I being unreasonable?
  10. Great will PayPal you $36 for two packs of five. Shoot me a PM when received and I’ll give you my address.
  11. Do you sell “sliders” ? 8 foot, ball bearing snap swivel on each end, 20lb flouro?
  12. Was a fun week Rick. Great weather (other than that dreaded east wind), minimal boat or equipment issues and best yet, not a single laker caught all week! No lamprey marks on any fish so far this year.
  13. Another nice morning off Braddocks. 150 to 200 feet, most hits down 30 to 70. 54 degree surface temp and good color. Ended up 9 for 13 and was off the water at 1130. Greasy chicken wing on the riggers, two face glow on dypsy’s out 225. Nothing huge landed, did drop something interesting on a dypsy. Great morning on the water.
  14. Good temps and water color in 150 to 200 just west of Braddocks. Some fish in there as well.
  15. Only three Browns weighed in for the LOC. All caught on the 8th. Have found good temp and color and have spent some time this week.
  16. Fished Braddocks last 4 days and the Brown bite has been tough. Water temp and color are good but not a lot of fish. out deeper, good numbers of coho and small kings.
  17. Tommy went with his buddy Ethan this morning and took his sister out after. Pretty good day!
  18. Only gets worse when you get older Manny. Congrats on your Turkey !
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