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  1. I agree. Have a lot around and some pretty, older Tom’s.
  2. whaler1

    for sale : usa Starcraft Islander 191 $5000

    Someone’s going to grab that boat quickly. No offense I think it’s under priced. With the work you did and the fresh motor it’s a no brainer for someone.
  3. Season ends tonight at midnight.
  4. One we were never able to kill. Big big big.
  5. Great looking Yote!! This one from a couple years ago looked like a German Shepherd as well.
  6. https://wellsvillesun.com/blog/2023/03/19/the-return-of-the-grey-wolf-nys-needs-to-put-additional-protections-in-place/
  7. whaler1

    for sale : usa Starcraft Islander 191 $5000

    Good luck with the sale Cornelis. Someone is getting a great boat.
  8. These two were out later last night. Didn’t hear my phone go ding. Wonder if it had to do with the blonde laying in the foodplot? Hopefully they come by tonight.
  9. Someone bought themself a beautiful boat.
  10. I went to school in Littleton for two years in high school. New Hampshire is incredibly beautiful. It also has no state taxes. Too bad New York can’t follow their lead.
  11. Great buy for someone
  12. Welcome aboard
  13. I pay no attention to color and do not use snubbers.
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