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  1. You aren’t wrong for having an opinion, others aren’t wrong for having their own personal choices. Your boat, your choice. I’m a minimalist when it comes to Lake O. I will say when I fish with others here, on their boats, I enjoy watching what they do.
  2. Creel limit is creel limit. How many rods, how good the electronics, shouldn’t matter.
  3. Started showing up on camera in 2019
  4. Mallory from the DEC aged Tommy’s buck from this year at 7 1/2. Pretty cool of her!
  5. Click reply, bottom left of the box says add files, click that. Click on add photos and it goes to the photos saved in your phone. Click the one you want, click add and then save.
  6. I’d still fish with him though
  7. Remember when what we called open toed sneakers would pull up to make sure you didn’t run more than your limit of rods. Remember once having to pull my buddy’s kid out of the cuddy.
  8. We’ve since replaced the riggers and added tracks where we now run the divers. Have run the riggers out of gimbles for five years now with no issue.
  9. In the photo there are double rod holders on the boom of the riggers. The rigger rods run out of the boom.
  10. It’s complete bs. If he gets back in there is going to be hell to pay.
  11. Happy to help as well. No reason you can’t get into some fish. PM me with any questions and I’ll try to zero you in a little.
  12. The money is being split between illegal aliens. Works out to about $1000 apiece.
  13. How big are they? 10 lbs and 30 something inches long?
  14. Recent pic from Kendal. Love to see more of these around.
  15. Any sheds? Tried to post a pic but for some reason it won’t populate?
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