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  1. Fun sit tonight in a stand I haven’t hunted before. Saw 5 deer, three doe including a giant, a year and a half buck and a pretty two and a half. Didn’t see any chasing, kind of just walking around.
  2. Too bad, was hoping for a different outcome. It’s all part of hunting but it still and always sucks.
  3. Good luck Gill. If it’s dead my money is on you. Hope it is.
  4. Good luck Rob. Had a jet black coyote at 33 yards this morning but he was gone before I could settle my pin. Spy Point got a pic of him though, wish it was clearer.
  5. You’re doing it right Manny, truly fantastic.
  6. Was out both this morning and this evening. Half a dozen deer both hunts. Not seeing many big deer but that could change quickly. Cold in the am, can’t wait.
  7. I’m heading back to the stand where last time I saw the trespasser. It’s a solid Northwest wind spot.
  8. Thursday and Friday look good.
  9. Problem isn’t the channel. Shallow part is actually in the lake. Dredge it all you want, north wind storms will still blow the sand in. Braddocks Bay is not considered to be a navigable waterway.
  10. Kids are in South Dakota bow hunting deer. No deer yet but Tommy found some cool sheds.
  11. Smaller than a fisher. Not a fox.
  12. Was in this morning and saw what at first I thought was a black cat. As it came through it looked like a jet black mink on steroids. Was it a weasel? It was really cool to see. Probably 24 to 30 inches nose to end of tail.
  13. Passed on the pretty nine tonight at 22 yards. Very pretty deer. Got a quick cell pic as he walked by.
  14. That’s awesome! Great deer too!
  15. Sheriff went there this morning. Guess time will tell from here.
  16. Drove by this morning and the posted signs have been removed.
  17. Just put two posted signs ten yards into our field just north of their driveway. If they’re gone when the sheriff gets there just more proof of trespassing and theft.
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