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  1. Temps dropping fast. Deer should get on there feet.
  2. Good luck Rob, my son Billy is in as well.
  3. Have a short video of the hunt but no clue how to load it and I’m too effin old to learn new things. I’ll send it to you Mike
  4. Shot was a little low and forward. They let it sit a few hours and bumped it around midnight. Went back this morning after a heavy rain and I got lucky and found it in the middle of a standing cornfield while they were looking for blood and tracks. Better to be lucky than good.
  5. BBD for Toms friend. Hit it last night and found it this morning. Coyotes beat us to it but still a great recovery.
  6. Great job Mike! That’s fantastic.
  7. whaler1


    Limo bus is the way to go
  8. Fantastic story and a great buck!
  9. Anyone else seeing a lot more ticks this year?
  10. Foggy where you’re hunting tonight Rob?
  11. That sucks. Been there too.
  12. Possible however pretty sure the two I slept with were all woman.
  13. And I will vote against those that think drag queens hanging out with our kids is a good thing.
  14. So fun to watch. Kids are out, looking forward to reports.
  15. Good luck. Great time to be in the woods.
  16. You’ve been through a lot Joe. Fantastic buck.
  17. Get your popcorn ready. I might even spread some shredded cheddar on mine. Let’s go.
  18. Was on stand at 7 and for the first couple hours I saw nothing. Around 930 I had a couple young bucks chasing does on my right. They all came towards the stand and turned and went back west. Wind was perfect, the didn’t see or smell me, it was just the direction the doe took. Right shots out of that tree suck, lots of brush and tree branches. At 1030 I was about to get down, rain was close. Next thing I knew the buck came from the same direction as the others. I could tell right away he was a shooter for me, at least 3 and 1/2. Hoped he would come across but like the others he turned. I took a very quick 25 yard shot through some brush and was horrified to see the arrow hit very high and very back, the Luminock sticking up out of his back as he ran off. I was disgusted with myself. I got down and decided to see if there was blood. No reason to look for the arrow, it was painfully visible as he ran off. I walked to where I hit him and found blood, tons of it. I followed the blood with my eyes and saw him on the ground! I backed out and called Tommy who met me and helped with the recovery. Better to be lucky than good sometimes!
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