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  1. Any sheds? Tried to post a pic but for some reason it won’t populate?
  2. Only problem I have is I bend the hooks on release. Many times snapping off hook points trying to straighten them out.
  3. Think the difference is I’m talking about trolling. My guess is the trib fish are bumping into rocks etc.
  4. I’ve never had a lip on a Rapala break off on a fish.
  5. I think you will be very happy with that motor!
  6. Are white perch and silver bass the same thing?
  7. Yep that’s what I figured You can actually see it from the parking lot.
  8. Is it coming in through the the gap to the east?
  9. Was surprised but had no visitors last night. While I was out running errands this morning I had a visitor lol. Wtf
  10. I use a led flashlight lol. Buddy of mine has a Benelli M1 with a pulsar thermal but I can’t drop $7500 on a gun. Most guys that do drop another grand or two on a thermal monocular.
  11. Turned the alarm off last night, a fox I’ve been giving a pass to kept setting it off. From midnight to three am a pair of yotes showed up and feasted. Guessing they will be back tonight.
  12. I give you credit for going, I’ve never been a big fan of mud.
  13. Add a rabbit to the list of animals that have visited other than coyotes lol. SMH
  14. Will you hunt tonight in this rain?
  15. I have a buddy that might be interested or at least knowledgeable. PM with contact sent.
  16. So far a couple fox is all. I have used the same set up for over ten years and there are typically a lot of yotes in the area. Sometimes they show up quickly other times it takes days or even weeks. Hopefully soon!
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