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  1. That’s hysterical, I told Tommy on our way home that I’d bet you went back out.
  2. Alewives are plentiful in Otisco. We did bleed them out before putting them in the well.
  3. Tommy and I took a trip to Otisco last night to fish for walleye with Justin Okrepki (justtravytrolling here on LOU). We have gone with him multiple times and just like previous trips it was incredible. Justin takes precision trolling to a whole new level and the results speak for themself. We set nine rods, mostly cores of Otter Boats and one on a rigger. He pays very close attention to his set and each rod is in a specific spot. His tackle and electronics are state of the art. It’s amazing to watch him work as well as to learn about what he does and why. We had rods set by 6 and had our limit of big, fat, pretty walleye by 9. We pulled and drove to a shallow area and casted for an hour which resulted in fur or five bass as well as another walleye. If you’re looking for a cool experience I recommend Justin 100%. Otisco is incredible and Justin lives and breathes it.
  4. Multiple pics but never saw him
  5. This is a different property. Guy who owns it has a camp he prefers to hunt. about 30 acres. Room for a small foodplot on not the best of soil. But we got one in and the deer love it. Had a pick of a three year old double drop last year but I think he’s dead. Very suburban piece but really pretty cool.
  6. Yeah that sucks but unfortunately is common. Always a little funky when you meet up with them in person. Hopefully a one and done on your property. usually it’s a “so and so told me I could hunt here”.
  7. Hoping to get out in the morning. None of the forecasts look promising but it doesn’t look terrible right now.
  8. Aim at one of the spots Manny!
  9. Tommy is out this morning, I am at work Lots of deer on their feet including a young ten. Big doe came through at ten yards but had to fawns with her.
  10. Little different with the season starting in our area this early and going an extra week. Good luck and be safe to all going out in the morning.
  11. Wish they would just settle in the middle Braddocks would be nice! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. Meat hasn’t worked for us in weeks. For us it’s been Spin Dr’s and mag spoons. Mostly mag spoons. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. Great boat at a great price. I’m surprised as well it hasn’t sold. Seasonality may pay a factor. If it was March it would have sold in a heartbeat. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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