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  1. Saw three small bucks. Fun sit.
  2. First sit of the year for me. Nice to be back in the woods.
  3. X2 more fish, why can’t we have Striped Bass?
  4. All three kids out today. Older boy this evening has seen a mink and a pheasant lol.
  5. I beg to differ. Yamaha 250 four stroke.
  6. whaler1


    Yeah that would suck. What also sucks is not being able to find .204 ammo. I don’t get it.
  7. whaler1


    Interesting! Wonder if there will be more.
  8. The deer up front is big, the one in the back if you zoom in looks much bigger.
  9. Some nice deer around, getting excited!
  10. https://vancouverfishingtrips.com/spring-fishing-report-vancouver/ looks like some great options
  11. I will as well. Prayers to Ken and his family.
  12. That’s awesome! Great job, something you won’t forget.
  13. Haven’t had a decent trip in weeks. Was out for a few hours and caught a shaker king and a shaker brown. Wind is going northeast to make things worse.
  14. Water is very low. Lots of trailers going over the pad and getting stuck.
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