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  1. I drove to Gloucester Mass last week and saw signs the whole way.
  2. Basically 2-4 I think.
  3. Same for rental cars.
  4. I’m going to buy some popcorn
  5. Definitely not that kids first rodeo.
  6. Does that include fishing?
  7. Curious to see what the whole event looks like. Bar a mile south of me is charging $60 a car just for parking. Heard people are paying big money to get out on boats. May drive by Hamlin Beach State Park noon ish and see if they’re already full.
  8. Actually heard a lot of folks struggled. Great job Gill.
  9. I would be concerned about the angle of the cable going out and how the pulley at the end of the boom works with it going out instead of down.
  10. I use 20lb fluorocarbon leaders for spoons on all rods. I run 40 with my spin dr’s and paddles.
  11. Nice having a little snow finally
  12. If conditions are too rough to fish the Bar you can still do well in the river. Unless the water gets too muddy you should still be able to catch fish upstream. Three way swivel, pencil weight to hold bottom with a six foot leader with jigs, emerald shiners or Flatfish. Good luck!
  13. Zach’s musky baits are legendary. Based on what I’ve read here he has been spending more time targeting trout and salmon, especially when water temps are high in musky water making them even more vulnerable than they are in cooler water. Guy decides to play with painting some sticks, shares them with a few friends who find them productive. I think it’s pretty cool. They look awesome to me, if he decides to sell a few in the future I will probably pick up a few.
  14. 100%. Quality person, very good at what he does.
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