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  1. Afternoon trip out of fair haven today. Wind reports looked like it would be a pretty easy going ride but it decided to lie today. We left the dock around 2pm to be greeted by a nice chop. Set up lines around 100 fow going north and had a quick release that didn't stay connected. A NE wind turned the chop into some decent waves and trolling into them became more difficult to maintain heading and speed to decided to make a turn. On the turn took a nice 18lb king on some meat in about 140fow down 135ish. Water temp at the top was 65 and down near the bottom was still around 55 but was marking lots of bait and fish between 120-150fow. Around 6:30 the waves were still growing do we decided to call it after getting a small coho on a dipsey while it was still going out, but probably hit around 180 out on a 2 setting. All in all a good father's day.
  2. That's what we ended up guessing too. Told my buddy to bring his ice fishing camera next time to see what's going on down there
  3. Went out with a buddy today and left the dock around 9am. Got out to around 100f fow and went north with a decent south wind at our backs. Not much to write home about on the screen so went out to 175 and turned back in. Waves were probably 2-3' going into them and it made it much more challenging keeping speed going back towards shore. There was a group of boats all hanging around 120 fow (+-20') and that's where we found our best looking screens too. We washed lures for about 5 hours trying to catch a silver fish on the marks we could see, but to no avail. Wanting to get the skunk out of the boat, we put down some cowbells and we were grateful for a laker to oblige with getting rid of our stench. Ended up calling it quits around 3:30 with 2 lakers helping us out as the wind was calming down too. What was baffling us is that the screen had tons of small marks on it. Lakers and larger fish on the bottom had good solid arches but there were bunches of these smaller ones anywhere from 20-100 down over 120. We threw just about every spoon we had at them along with some meat and even a jointed rapala. Anyone have any idea what these might be?
  4. Thanks all! Trolling motor is on it's own 24v system and Garmin is on it's own 12v system so didn't think they would really interfere with each other. Only got the one transducer on the back that goes to the Garmin and the transducer on the trolling motor isn't plugged into anything right now. Actually went out on Oneida last night and while running the trolling motor I didn't have any interference that I could notice. However, I was only in 15 FOW so think that's the bigger reason i didn't notice anything. We'll see what happens when I go out again in a deeper body of water.
  5. The fish finders. The TM has a universal one built into it but it's not connected to any display or anything.
  6. Nicely done! I too thought you meant something different when you mentioned walking around for heads. Thought maybe walking around looking for a spot to go after bullheads more
  7. Update: after googling and checking my set up, it looks like i forgot to install a ferrite bead so I'll toss that on the transducer cable near the head unit and hopefully that helps clear up the picture.
  8. My bow mounted trolling motor causes a crazy amount of interference with my Garmin Echomap. I have to turn the gain way down to get some clarity but was wondering if any one has any tips to help limit the inference. The pic is when I was using my trolling motor to move and then when I stopped.
  9. Was finally able to get the boat out today. Wind and weather didn't look great but was looking to try out my new kicker and see how the rigger wiring would work out. Meet a buddy at Emerson and launched around 11 to a decent west wind. Seeing it was a shakedown, I just wanted to make sure everything was running right. This was the first time trolling on the new to me boat so set up with a small laker spread on the west side of the lake trying to stay out of the wind. Didnt see much on the screen but everything was running and working good so I wasn't going to complain. When we finally did see some stuff on the screen it was some bait balls out in about 160 fow right on the bottom. Didnt feel like dropped the riggers that deep so trolled over it still searching for a bite. As we got more comfortable with the set up, we trolled for another half mile and nothing. Satisfied with how the trolling (other than no bites), we went back to the bait we saw with the intent on jigging. The issue is that I didn't have rods set up for that so used my trolling rods to jig. Turns out, they aren't that great for jigging (shocker), but it did worked well enough as we went 2/8 with 1oz jigs and some paddle tail swim baits. We got some bites on unconventional gear and even landed a few so we were happy. Called it a day at 230 and headed back satisfied and cold. Only thing I couldn't figure out was my fish finder showing a lot of interference from my trolling motor when in anchor mode and jigging.
  10. For sure. Oswego county issued a local state of emergency for it. Schools and daycares now closed. If you want to see what the totality is like, go outside for about 4 minutes around midnight then go back inside.
  11. Hope the fishing is good for folks who plan to be out during the eclipse. Think it'd be pretty interesting to be on the water during the event. Also, I'll be curious to hear any fishing reports that come out of it and if any unusual fish activity happens. I'd be neat if the fish start feeding like it's dusk/dawn when the totality is going on. Best of luck to anyone who can get out fishing during it!
  12. Got the switch in and I feel like I've read that most folks seem to just leave it on 1+2. That about right? If that's the case, would the house try to start the motors? Or is it better to start motor with cranking battery and then put it to 1+2?
  13. Had the day off yesterday so tried tackling some of the wiring addressed above. After getting a hand on stuff, it seemed like everything on my console, except my fish finder, was running off my cranking battery. What I thought was my house battery only had the fish finder and trolling motor on it. The on board charger also throws a lot more wires into the mix. Based on my findings and some of the suggestions, my plan was to separate my trolling motor completely, add a battery switch and add a real house battery. Thinking I had traced the wires correctly I started making some cuts only to find out they weren't the right ones. Feel like that's electric 101 and I wasn't off to a good start. After splicing my errors back together it was back to square one. Ended up putting my house battery under the main console and running wire to the back of the boat and tie it to a battery switch. From there I ran wire back to the console to a fuse box and have all my switches, lights, and pumps running off of this. Still got to tackle putting the cranking motor on the switch, adding my kicker and wiring up the riggers and depth raider. I'll probably put another fuse box or bus bar in the back to run this stuff off the switch. Thinking the depth raider and big Jon's have fuses or breakers on them so should be protected. My big Jon's also have the 110 plugs on them so will an outlet to connect those up. It's all a learning experience for sure but appreciate all the input and suggestions
  14. Dang, I forgot about my depth raider. Got to figure out a spot and wiring for that too! Most the above is just what's going on in the back of my boat and I haven't even started addressing the front with the trolling motor and house battery either. Might just end up rewiring a whole bunch of it, adding a battery switch, adding a fuse box (if there isn't one already), and moving batteries around to get it to what I'm thinking it should be. Poor boat...
  15. Understood and appreciate the feedback. Recently, I picked up a tiller 9.9 kicker with electric start and a 6amp alternator. Can I just wire this right to my starting battery along with down riggers? Seems like a lot of connections for the terminals on the battery (main motor, kicker, 2 big jons, i think my bilge and a noco charger). Guessing a bus bar or something would be better for the big jons this way i'll only have 4 or 5 connections on my battery post? Or maybe something like these terminal clamp connectors might be a better fit (Battery Terminal connectors)? Solid chance I'm over thinking, but i try not to mess around when it comes to electrical and want to make sure it's right.
  16. Well after getting my motors running, this cold weather stretch got me worrying so figured I'd bring my kicker indoors and then trim my main all the way down. Turns out, all the way down is below grade, even with the trailer jack down too. Ended up putting the boat in the yard and digging a hole under it to get it down. How's everyone else get their motor all the way down? Didn't think I had a long shaft main motor but maybe. Never actually measured it
  17. Well got it on tonight. Not the cleanest install but it's on there. Have 1 "in" port and 2 "outs" on the separator, with the other "in" blocked off. Tossed a couple check vales on the "outs" as well and clamped the heck out of everything. Put some gas in the separator and started up the main. Ran it for about 5 and did good. Next, fired up the kicker for the first and let her run for a bit too. All seems to be working. Couple of questions for you all though. Do you all trailer your kicker around with it tilted up or down? Think down is the way to go. Also, how you get more wires through the gasket things?
  18. Thanks all! Just got my kicker on the back of the boat and looking to put the F/W separator on sometime this week or weekend. Think there in the splash well will work based off of the input above so that'll be its home. Think I'll also put a couple check valves in the "out" gas lines to help prevent the motors stealing gas from each other too. Again, greatly appreciate the inputs and the responses, thanks all!
  19. I was reading through some old posts, specifically the one below, and I liked the idea of adding a fuel water separator to my boat and then tie the kicker to the separator. My boat doesn't currently have a separator on it, so I'm wondering where the best location to install one is on my 196 starcraft superfisherman. I was thinking of putting it around here in the back where the fuel line comes out, but can it be exposed like this and are there other considerations I should be taking into account that I'm missing?
  20. Thanks all! I hadn't thought of wiring the riggers to the cranking battery because I did that in my old boat and the riggers drained it. This was cause my kicker didn't have electric start or an alternator so while I was trolling and using the riggers, it was just draining my crank battery the whole 6 hours. I do need to buy a kicker for my new rig so i'll be looking to see if i can get a deal on one with an alternator. I'm not an electrical guy by any means, so i've never really wanted to dive into the battery switch and isolator world. Then again, in my old boat i only had 2 batteries and everything was just wired directly to where it needed to be. I got to read up more on both the switches and isolators to get a better understanding of them. thanks again all for the suggestions and input!
  21. Thanks Hop, is the floor storage flat up there? how did you strap the battery down?
  22. For the batteries you have in the bow storage, are they strapped down? Thinking they almost have to be Yeah, was thinking i'll have to do something like that. Thought the cranking battery should only be used specifically for the motor though?
  23. This mild weather has got me thinking on how I can wire up my boat for trolling come spring time. I have a 2001 Starcraft 196 superfisherman that I'm looking to put some electric big jons on, but am not sure how I should go about with wiring and battery set up. Currently, there's 2 batteries in series under my consoles that run up to the bow to control the 24v trolling motor. Off of the battery under the driver side console, I have my Garmin fish finder wired directly to it. I was reading online that this will likely drain/kill my batteries quicker so thinking i'll have to address this too. Main motor is on a battery by itself so in total i have (3) 12v's currently on my boat. Ideally, I'd be looking at a single 24v lithium for my trolling motor and then break the other 12v electronics (big jons and garmin) out by themselves, but that's not in the budget. Was thinking of sticking another 12v up in the bow to run the garmin and big jons off of that, but no real good spot to put it up there and be running the wire a decent ways? Pic is the way it's kind of set up now and wondering if there's a better way i should be going about this. Input/suggestions appreciated. Thanks all!
  24. What does everyone do with their batteries during winter? I usually charge them, pull them off the boat, and then store them in my basement. However, was talking to my buddy and he mentioned that he charges them and then just leaves them on the boat all winter. No trickle charger or anything, and his thought is that as long as it's charged it shouldn't freeze. I have 3 (2 for trolling motor and 1 starter) batteries on my boat so not looking forward to pulling them off, but that's cheaper than buying new ones.
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