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  1. My AFM disabler arrived today. Easy to plug in under the dash and more importantly the device does what it is intended for. I wish I had found this device sooner. My Yukon drives perfect smooth with no clunky cylinder shut offs.
  2. Imagine the scenario where your boat breaks down. Navigate that AP while bouncing around in waves to see if you can drop anchor, get gas, get a tow….
  3. The hard part navigating all of this is depending on which border agent you come in contact with, you may get varying responses. I know this after dealing with the border during COVID while my daughter was at the University of Guelph. Some guys would let you go through without hassles and some were threatening.
  4. Here is the latest. https://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/travel-voyage/pb-pp-eng.html
  5. Great. I was hoping there was an update. The link I posted was for June but I had not heard different.
  6. I believe these regs are still in place. https://www.canada.ca/en/border-services-agency/news/2021/06/border-restrictions-for-fishing-and-boating-in-canadian-waters-remain-in-place.html
  7. Caught in Maine. Fresh or saltwater or estuary?
  8. If you haven’t already, introduce yourself to Tim Nelson of ECK Intimidator Sports. He has the Baha named Intimidator. He owns a gun store and can hook you up if needed.
  9. Good luck 👍. God save any grumpy charter captains that try to claim “their” turf by crossing over your lines. Just wear your muscle shirt around deck and people will leave you alone lol.
  10. Cool 😎. Looks like the weather next week will set up the start of my season. I noticed overnight the robins have come back. Great to hear birds again.
  11. I ordered mine and will report the results
  12. Hell I even change the oil myself!
  13. Cohos show up in the spring when the emerald shiners move in. Two things to look for : one, look for a school of bait that looks like a bunch of little dots on your fishfinder. These usually present in the upper 1/3 of the water column towards the end of March in 30-70’ fow in Niagara County. Those are emeralds and there will be cohos around them. Second, look for diving Terns. Terns can only feed on small bait. Where there are terns, there is small bait and potentially cohos. This scenario can take place anywhere but usually near the shoreline. Cohos don’t really need anything special. Your spring brown spread will have plenty of coho catching capability. If I sense cohos are around, I will add a orange z-dodger and fly to my shoreline spread off a rigger or add a mini spin doc and fly for the deeper bite.
  14. The upper engine goes early. Something about the valve lifters and increase in oil consumption. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2021/12/general-motors-v8-engine-valve-lifter-lawsuit-claims-recall-is-needed/amp/
  15. Made in the USA now, my next truck will be a Toyota! I was told we will soon see suburbans reaching $$ six figures in cost. So many stupid sensors that end up failing on theses vehicles. Belts and bulbs that lasted forever and were cheap to replace, now have integrated circuits and motherboards. Truck design engineers should all get fired at GM for crimes against the wallet. I actually have a sensor on my Yukon that alerts me that it id raining. Rant over.
  16. For any of you fellow GM truck owners that can’t stand your engine cutting from V8 to V4, and the late engine damage that will rear its head, there is a slick little aftermarket plug in device that will keep your engine in constant V8 mode. https://www.rangetechnology.com
  17. Query modislakeontario and you should get it
  18. https://www.olcottrentals.com/en/2586536/marina-webcam1
  19. After taking a close look at all my guides on my wire rods in good light and magnifying glasses, I was shocked at the deep grooves present. I have not lost any gear due to wire failure but it looked like it could easily could happen at any time. For most of the grooves in the guides I was able use a dremmel tool and a pointed stone attachment to smooth out most of the grooves but some of the inserts did not survive the deep cuts present and the vibration from the grinding. Looks like I am getting into rod repair.
  20. Sheeple have many forms. When those on this site post verbatim the lies promoted by Fox News, I would say there is cool-aid being consumed by both sides. People believe what they want to believe. Keep this site about fishing please.
  21. With north wind came pack ice into Olcott Harbor. With last weeks thaw, the black invaders came back. It won’t be long now boys!
  22. One of the Fuji inserts punched out of the first rod guide on my ugly stick wire dipsy rod. Does anyone have a recommendation on a replacement guide that will handle wire well?
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