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  1. Bloodrun tackle used to have the reel fill numbers for most makes on their website
  2. Congrats on popping your king cherry. Other than a rare March spawner some guy caught drifting the Niagara, I think yours may be the first one caught this year. I have not seen any postings on Spoonpullers for Canadian water kings either. I am picturing what a king rip looks like on a diver out 15’ lol.
  3. Water temp and brown chalky water from ice boom removal makes fishing tough due to poor visibility. With the price of gas, more people will cherry pick their fishing times to match more optimum conditions.
  4. The ice does not extend past Wilson. Definitely colored water but fishable
  5. https://www.wkbw.com/news/local-news/preparations-underway-to-remove-niagara-river-ice-boom?_amp=true
  6. https://www.scheels.com/p/uncle-josh-original-pork-frogs/04351700201.html?store=&gclid=CjwKCAjwuYWSBhByEiwAKd_n_vtREMEDbkAtCilkrf-bIcM1UKAKI6BPSHuMJNCQLXR3bGglD-t8rBoCuyUQAvD_BwE
  7. Interesting to find sunfish and it pairs with some telemetry studies that show browns are like walleye making moves in and out rivers and embayments on daily/nightly forays.
  8. Nice. What a difference one week makes. Those fish look a lot fatter than your batch last week.
  9. Weather downgraded unfortunately. Our little four hour window of fishable wind went down the crapper. Going back to bed.
  10. ……and how quickly it changes. My boat is staying on dry land today.
  11. The hourly forecast for Saturday morning is in and the winds look favorable! Maybe a go!
  12. It helps to look at the hourly forecast on weather.com for the port you are fishing. The early in on the Saturday forecast looks like Saturday morning would be possible out of Sodus
  13. The way these weekends keep shaping up, we are going to bypass shoreline brown trout season and head right into king chasing. I have been deer scouting to keep from losing my mind.
  14. I drove by it today. Just that one barge crane. No movement yet.
  15. Okay I stepped in it again. Turns out there is a piece of old broken boom below bridal falls that they are going to remove ahead of the real boom removal upstream. I can’t find any guidance on when the ice boom will be removed. There is very little ice remaining so I have to believe it is getting pulled soon.
  16. The boom is coming out early again this year. Any updates please post here
  17. Bummer! That was a beauty. Any of the neighbors shoot at him?
  18. Yes just spice them with a water proof (adhesive lined) crimp connection. Shrink wrap over that. If you need an extension, use at least a gauge size of wire larger to reduce resistance. In-line fuse at the battery on red wire.
  19. Many of us have switched to the Minn Kota power cord. The male/female connection is more reliable
  20. Ain’t it funny how those GM trannys go at 120,000 miles. When I checked the Toyota dealership for available trucks (non-existent), the Toyota guys were giggling about all little crap stuff GM truck owners have to deal with. There comment was most Toyota trucks that are turned in are often on their original tranny at 200,000-300,000 miles. Just tires and brakes.
  21. This ad has stamina
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