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  1. Wow! This explains a lot. We have fished over some crazy graphs on Erie without catching and we thought they might be whitefish or Gizzards
  2. Good to see Mr Weaver is still chasing gold.
  3. The only whitefish commercial outfits I have seen was along the UP of Michigan. Nets go out in the fall to match the fish movement inshore to spawn on reefs. The boats bicatch was often dark kings. Not a fan of gill nets but smoked whitefish is yummy.
  4. Ink dye packs inside dummy cameras
  5. Yes, I hunt state land around Almond most years. This year I didn’t get down that way. Nice country.
  6. Thank god. I haven’t seen a deer on top of a car all year.
  7. Is it me or are there a lot less deer around this year? We have had some really mild winters lately so there should be plenty. Is it CWD? COVID? Too many doe permits given out? I see these hunting shows filmed out in the Midwest on the same looking farmland found around NY and they are hunting over 40 deer in a field late season. The deer out there don’t look famished so I doubt the carrying capacity is being encroached upon. Most states out west you get a buck tag and a doe tag. Easy. No complicating DMP zones. If it wasn’t for a breeding pair of foxes under my stand this evening tonight would have been a complete bust. I have skunked a TON this year and I am concerned.
  8. For those that run both a fishhawk and a moor subtroll, what is the difference in speed between the two units?
  9. Nice Ken! What county are you hunting in?
  10. I can’t wait to hear the story and see you smiling next to your buck!
  11. I had to replace the tires after three years. Tread on three tires was fine. One tire had unusual wear but could have been from the broken bunk causing a weight shift. Can’t replace one tire…….$800 later.
  12. Gill-T


    I hope in my lifetime I see elk in the wild in NYS …….but never wolves https://buffalonews.com/news/after-a-150-year-absence-elk-are-being-brought-back-to-new-york-state/article_c0be2675-e80a-56d0-93f2-0e3fcd8212d9.html
  13. My venture trailer needed new bunks after two years. Cheap pine.
  14. There should be a couple of pvc drains that pass through the stringers into the bilge. They get clogged sometimes. Use something to pass through the drain to clear. Also, make sure your boat is angled up on trailer to keep it draining
  15. Looks like it says Remington on the receiver
  16. Sportsman on Sportsman crime is the worst. I don’t understand it.
  17. Perhaps, you should research shape-shifting camouflage capable of hiding a large twig-snapping man in the woods making him invisible to deer!
  18. Brian, all you need to say is DEC and a ruckus starts. I am interested in the DCL where the alewives like to play. How is the plankton community holding up?
  19. I know there would be toothy predators waiting for Atlantic smolts trying to navigate downstream to the lake but has there been any discussion on removing the Black River dam so fish can move into Adirondack Park waters?
  20. Lucky, I am surprised that you are surprised about the slight change in tactics for supporting the Atlantic restoration program. It would seem to me the DSR has their hands all over this change by stocking lower in the river (supports returns to DSR water) plus the fact pen rearing Atlantic’s would probably get zero volunteer support with the exception of the DSR on the Salmon River. Theses changes, it would seem, have your groups hands all over it. Not that it is a bad plan as something different needs to be attempted in order to bolster the dismissal returns thus far.
  21. https://iaglr.org/solassets/docs/SOLO21_abstractbook.pdf You should be able to use the title and authors of the studies to find topics of interest on the web
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