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  1. I think if you made the stretch artificials-only there would not be the mess on the banks.
  2. Anyone wanting a starter kit to start trolling would be well served to buy the lot.
  3. A nice strategic plan! I remember when the fence went up on the Oak. It was a sad day.
  4. I like seeing a weather radar loop that a cell phone can give in real time. Getting off the water when a storm cell pops up over the water in July can save your life. The answer with anything safety on the water is redundancy. More than one bilge pump, boat batteries, fire extinguishers etc etc. With that in mind, everyone needs both their cell and a VHF radio.
  5. Yes and you can see the water isn’t open until you get to the brown of the Catt. The Catt mouth is open
  6. It’s going to be a quick warm up again. Very little ice on Erie.
  7. I didn’t recognize your boys at first because we normally see them holding a very large buck.
  8. Awesome! It is 19 degrees and blowing 30 mph here lol.
  9. Pete, can you come to our deer camp for story time around the fire?
  10. Has anyone tried Menhaden?
  11. Gunnel slap ‘em and send them down whole for other lampreys to see.
  12. You should not have gotten rid of the Kodiak Wobblers!
  13. Perhaps an idea for a new LOC division?
  14. Charleston is awesome. Just got back. Up your limit on your wife’s credit cards as there is much to buy and eat there. I stayed in Beaufort and Charleston. The fishing was dead around Beaufort but I did see a few guys fishing around Charleston. The water is cold so from I was told there are pockets way upstream around springs that hold Seatrout. The rest of the fishery moved into the ocean until water warms into the 60’s. If I was going to get a charter now, I would be looking for a guide targeting bull reds around the rock piers/ break walls at the mouth of the Atlantic.
  15. Beauties! No fishing for me. There is zero bait and zero fish inshore due to recent cold snap here in Beaufort. Weird to see zero boats out. Zero fishermen bank or pier fishing. The weather finally hit 60 degrees here today so hopefully I see some movement of fish up from the ocean. Funny that I am here in SC and I watched two fishing shows yesterday. One was a 411 episode that took place at Olcott this summer, and another was a Facts of Fishing episode that took place off the windmills off Buffalo on Lake Erie. Only proves how blessed we are.
  16. I am hearing about shortages in obtaining green label sized herring by bait collectors this summer on the Pacific side. Is anyone planning on making a batch for sale this year?
  17. Yes, I am a “soft water” fisherman, however, I still carry six-pack abs.
  18. Weather finally broke down here. First expedition on sea kayak for an hour resulted in a skunk 🦨. I tried blind casting a chatterbait around some oyster beds at low tide. I had a little excitement when the water near me erupted with water spraying everywhere with giant fins sticking up in the air. I couldn’t believe my eyes as two dolphin get sideways and squeeze themselves around a island reef from a side cut, around the tip of the island in one foot of water. I thought for sure they were going to be stuck until the tide rose but they power flopped through right past me. They acted like they knew what they were doing. I have been reading how these dolphin terrorize the redfish and trout by corralling them in shallow dead end cuts. I will not complain about cormorants anymore!
  19. The weather following me. 38 degrees and BLOWING!! I keep checking the little cut behind the house for fish movement with the tide changes but no signs of life yet. Hmmm neighbors have a Grady White…..I wonder if the keys are in it??
  20. I know this is a family site so apologies for my French but the title of this thread truly expresses the way I feel 😕. Thank god for trolling content on Youboob from guys such Russ Gahagan on his morning buzz podcast, Reel2reel podcasts and many others. You can even find interviews with local celebrities like Vince, Rick, and Casey from the Thrillseeker, Yankee Troller, and Dirty Goose respectively. I am not tech savvy enough to post anything educational so hats off to those captains that have taken their time to give back to the sport. With the snow piling up outside, I am hopeful to catch my flight out tomorrow to Charleston for a week exploring the inshore fishery around Beaufort SC. I will have a sea kayak at my disposal so looking forward to some paddle and cast time. I will attempt to capture some content without losing my phone overboard. COME ON SPRING!!
  21. Ya, everything is hard to find. The silly thing is there should not be any shortage. This is similar to stores running out of toilet paper last year because everyone thought there would be a shortage so they bought extra. The owner of Hornady was on a podcast the other day and messaged that they are making ammo as fast as they can. There is no government conspiracy or restrictions keeping them from distributing ammo, it is just fear driven gluttony where people are buying in bulk and stockpiling. I am looking at buying a Savage 220 and am lamenting the search for 3” 20 gauge Remington Accutip slugs. The company that owns Federal ammo, purchased Remington ammo and hopefully supply will soon match demand. https://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2021/may/27/ammo-booming-vista-outdoor-says/
  22. The numbers don’t get revealed until early spring. There have been rumors that deer numbers are down but I have not heard anything specific. Hopefully this cold snap knocks tick populations down.
  23. Your funny looking yellow boat doesn’t have any riggers or rod holders??
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