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  1. any pics of motor and transom?
  2. Jbreeze - I fish out of Ashbridges on North Shore. (1) If you can try to pick up a speed and temp probe. I was skunked each of my 6 trips my first year. In my second year with a probe I started to catch fish. There can be huge variations between top speed and cannonball speed. (2) similar story on dipsys. First two years 6 or so foot leads and maybe one fish. Couldn't see the value in running them. Then in third year upped my leads to 12 and 15 feet and have caught a bunch of nice fish. I also stopped running colored dipsys and run black ones or a smaller clear plastic one. Some folks run 30' leads and have to hand balm in the line. I am going to try that next year (or maybe end of this season). (3) I tend towards longer leads behind cannonballs. I start at 20 plus feet in morning and on clear days or no waves or if only fishing 30 or so feet below surface I may run leads as much as 75' behind ball. Other than fishing in arctic waters in May for brown trout (crazy cold) this is year four and I haven't been skunked this year. Lots of tips from folks, went out on their boats, they came out on mine and I observed for the king of kings tourney a few times.