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  1. Awesome I appreciate the advice, I do not have a sub troll or device to verify my speed at the riggers but I try to keep the boat between 2 - 3 mph, not sure how much underwater currents affect the speed of bait but I assume the baits would be close to that speed
  2. My apologies I tried posting from a mobile device and had some technical issues, not realizing that my post was created, I fish the North shore out of whitby and am looking for some advice regarding the distance of leads to run behind your cannonballs and Dipsy's, I currently run two riggers and two Dipsy's, fishing over 80 - 100 ft where I have located a lot of bait and I try to cover anywhere from 30 - 70ft down using a wide variety of baits from f/f , cut bait, spoons , and crankbaits. I have been out almost every weekend since June and have been skunked every time while watching all boats around me contact fish, I've even had fish streak up from bottom to investigate my cannonballs, I know I'm at a proper depth and speed with correct baits, the only thing I can think of is my leads behind the cannonballs and Dipsy's. I try to follow the rule of the deeper you are the shorter the lead and vice versa, and my leads behind the Dipsy's are usually around 6 - 10ft but any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  3. Went out of Whitby on Saturday and Sunday, one coho landed by fluke hit on the surface while letting line out, several knock offs and shakers, tons of bait in 80 ft some bait balls were 20 ft thick, only kings I saw were two that jumped in the harbour
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