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  1. Ok, I will take them and will need them shipped to my home in Hudson, Maine. Do you take PP? Please let me know what the cost is to ship. Thanks, Dave
  2. I am interested in the two swivel rod holders...where are you located?
  3. Hi Jerry, I sent you a payment today. My shipping and contact info: David Bean 249 Potter rd. Hudson, Maine 04449 207-217-2345 Thanks, Dave
  4. I am interested in these. I can pay via PP. Would you give me a price for shipping to Maine. Thanks, Dave
  5. I'm interested in these...would you ship to Maine for the $50?
  6. I am interested in these...I can pay via PayPal. I live in Hudson, Maine if available, please send text or call 207-217-2345 Dave
  7. I am also interested in the Raymarine Sport Pilot you have for sale. Do you still have that as well? I would take both the sport pilot and swivel base if these items are still available. Let me know your PP information and I can send payment.
  8. I am interested in the bases...do you take PayPal? If these are available please call or text 207-217-2345. Thx, Dave
  9. I am interested in the trailer for sale...do you take PayPal? If it is available, you can call me at 207-217-2345. Thanks Dave
  10. Rusty, I am interested in your Cannon DR base. I have a trailer at Salmon Country and should be there from April 29 through May 2nd. If you could meet me there during that time we can save on shipping...I can do payment via PP if you would take 30 bucks for the base?
  11. I would like the four silver hammered spoons. I can pay with PP. Dave
  12. Hi,

    I'm interested in your DR mounts.

    Would you ship these to my home in Hudson, Maine for $150?

    If so, I can pay through PP

    You can call or text me at 207-217-2345

  13. Hi, I am interested in your sub troll for sale and could send a money order via Western Union. I would like to discuss further...please call or text me at 207-217-2345. Dave
  14. I have a camp at Salmon Country and saw some fish being cleaned, so they were just starting top turn on. I think the 140 ft and deeper was the best for marking fish, didn't matter whether it was west around the plant or north in between the dunes. Hope it turns on soon! good luck...I put my boat up for the season and I'm back home looking forward to a moose hunt at the end of the month!
  15. Fished Monday 8/31 and Tuesday 9/1 early morning and evening and only manged to catch a few kings! We marked a lot in 135-150 FOW, but not much action. We mostly fished from south dunes to north dunes, but ventured west for an afternoon and caught one in front of Catfish in 150 FOW. Flasher fly combo with green spinning and green fly and OKI flasher uv with green and black dots with a green fly produced fish down 115 on riggers. Trolled over 12 hours most trips with little to show for it!
  16. Cinnamon fish I would be interested in your motor for sale if nygooseduster26 isn't. I will be in Mexico from August 27 through September 2. I would be driving through Ithaca on the 27th around 3-5 pm if that would work? I will send you a Pm...let's talk!
  17. I am interested in these and could meet in Pulaski next week if available. I would pay now via PP and pick up in person...
  18. I'm interested in your 2 Cannon digitroll 4 downriggers for sale.

    Do they come with a transducer?

    I will be in Mexico August 27 and have a trailer at Salmon Country.

    Would you take 750?

    I can do PP if that works...

    1. Rusty


      no transducerr      not mine..if u know capt kenny krott they are his..hes at salmon country..i dont think he'll go that low..probably 800 for both...u can call me at 484-239-4723..Rusty

    2. Fishnatzee


      Ok, without the transducer I will have to stay with $750....cash or PP

      Like I said, I'm up to salmon country for a week starting August 27...if he hasn't sold them by then, let me know and we can meet up.

      text is best...my number is 207-217-2345

  19. Hi, I'm interested in buying your releases.

    Please provide your PP information for payment.

    David Bean

    249 Potter Rd.

    Hudson, Maine 04449


  20. I will take them...I will Pm you with info
  21. I will take the two meat rigs...looks like one with green glow and the other is white with blue and blue twinkies...if still available I will send money via PP when I hear back from you.

    I have bought stuff from you before, so you should recognize me.

  22. Yes, Palomar knots for me as well...I make sure to tie the bead chain to the leader first, then the main line next so I can use a palomar knot on both ends of the bead chain. Tie snap on end to attach spoon.
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