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  1. Do these fit into Berts tracks?
  2. I will take them...send me your PP info and I will send $$ Please ship to 04449
  3. I will take it...let me know your PP and I can send you the money I would like it shipped to 04449 Thanks, Dave
  4. I will take them...let me know what your PP is and I will send $$
  5. I am interested in the jacket. Do you have PP? I can send out $$ to your account.
  6. I will take them...let me know PP account info. Please ship to: David Bean 249 Potter Rd Hudson, Me 04449
  7. I will take a pack of 10 if you have some available. Thanks, Dave
  8. I have a 60 hp yamaha on my G3 17 guide and it gets up on plane, but it doesn't have a great hole shot due to being a four stroke. I think you are way under power for a boat that size and weight. What does the manufacturer recommend for maximum HP?
  9. I will take 1c and 5c. Please provide PP info Dave
  10. I will take them...I can send $$ to your PP account
  11. Check with Salmon Country campground, they may know someone local who gets trailers.
  12. Fished Mexico bay nearshore 10-25 ft of water most of the trip. We did well the first day on Saturday following the west blow. We found dirty water in front of high rocks and fished there most of the morning. We caught 7 browns, all between 2-3 lbs. The change in wind direction over the weekend changed the water clarity and it cleared up quite a bit. We found some good temp (50) in front of the Salmon river and it held fish. We caught browns, steelhead and salmon. Most of the fish came on spoons down 5 ft back 50. Best spoon was small evil eye with an orange flash/stripe. Tuesday the temperature was still there, but the fish were more scattered. We fished the shoreline from Sandy to Selkirk and managed to pick up another 3 browns in the morning.
  13. x2 Heading up to Mexico this weekend to open camp and get the boat out of storage. Based on some of the recent reports...we are looking forward to trying to catch some spring kings! Tight lines!
  14. payment sent...thanks Have a great season...tight lines!
  15. I will take them. Let me know what your PP is and I will send $$. Please send to: David Bean 249 Potter Rd. Hudson, Maine 04449 Thanks, Dave
  16. I will take all of these if they are still available. Let me know your PP info and I will send payment.
  17. could be either...hard to tell from the picture. Although, if you caught it while ice fishing chances are it is a chub
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