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  1. I have also caught chubs while ice fishing in lakes in Maine, typically when using worms for brook trout in close. I haven't caught emeralds before, but have used them for bait a lot. Actually, I prefer them to smelts because they are more lively and my catch rate is better. Although, some days they only want smelt!
  2. I would be more inclined toward an emerald shiner
  3. It is not a smelt, smelt have an adipose fin. This looks like it could be a chub. Check to see if the mouth is on the ventral portion of the fish (facing downwards below the mid line).
  4. I prefer to have a bead chain swivel between the main line and leader, then a strong snap at the end of the leader to spoon or tie directly with a loop knot for plugs
  5. send me the info and I will send payment.
  6. Fishnatzee

    Sold / Closed Legacy -The 2021 Season-

    Congrats...nice buck! I always enjoy reading the stories that come along with any hunt!
  7. I would like to purchase this and can send payment via PP ASAP if you have all the necessary components to install?
  8. I'm interested, can you send some pics. Do you have all the necessary wiring and parts needed to install? 207-249-2802 Would it interface with an older Raymarine c120 head unit?
  9. I'll take lot number 5 if available...send me your PP info and I'll send out a payment
  10. Ok, I will take them and will need them shipped to my home in Hudson, Maine. Do you take PP? Please let me know what the cost is to ship. Thanks, Dave
  11. I am interested in the two swivel rod holders...where are you located?
  12. Hi Jerry, I sent you a payment today. My shipping and contact info: David Bean 249 Potter rd. Hudson, Maine 04449 207-217-2345 Thanks, Dave
  13. I am interested in these. I can pay via PP. Would you give me a price for shipping to Maine. Thanks, Dave
  14. I'm interested in these...would you ship to Maine for the $50?
  15. I am interested in these...I can pay via PayPal. I live in Hudson, Maine if available, please send text or call 207-217-2345 Dave
  16. I am also interested in the Raymarine Sport Pilot you have for sale. Do you still have that as well? I would take both the sport pilot and swivel base if these items are still available. Let me know your PP information and I can send payment.
  17. I am interested in the bases...do you take PayPal? If these are available please call or text 207-217-2345. Thx, Dave
  18. I am interested in the trailer for sale...do you take PayPal? If it is available, you can call me at 207-217-2345. Thanks Dave
  19. Rusty, I am interested in your Cannon DR base. I have a trailer at Salmon Country and should be there from April 29 through May 2nd. If you could meet me there during that time we can save on shipping...I can do payment via PP if you would take 30 bucks for the base?
  20. I would like the four silver hammered spoons. I can pay with PP. Dave
  21. Hi,

    I'm interested in your DR mounts.

    Would you ship these to my home in Hudson, Maine for $150?

    If so, I can pay through PP

    You can call or text me at 207-217-2345

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