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  1. Looking to buy double or triple big job rod holders on a pedestal mount. Must be willing to ship.
  2. I have a 27' sportcraft fisherman forsale currently, fully setup. 4 big jon down riggers aluminum back rail and much more, if interested pm me for pictures and more info.
  3. Im looking to buy someones used centerpin. I would like the reel to be in decent shape although it doesn't need to be perfect as this will be my backup setup. Let me know what you guys are tying to part ways with. If it's easier you and PM me. Must be willing to ship as I live in Wi.
  4. Does anyone have big jon downrigger motor covers that they're looking to part ways with, im looking to get 4 if possible.
  5. Has anyone ever ran 30-50lb roller rods? I was looking into buying roller rods and found some 30-50 lb roller rods, I have previously ran 15-30lb and those work great but what I'm wondering is if the rods will be to stiff for salmon. I do run a 18 rod spread and 8 of them are pump handles so they are under a lot of pressure when running 8-16oz lead balls with a paddle behind them. What is your opinion please let me know. Thanks, Tight lines
  6. WTB Big Jon downrigger covers looking to buy 4 big jon downrigger covers. Shipping would be to 54220
  7. Thank you guys for all the advice, it'll help a lot when it comes time to doing it now. Tight Lines
  8. How to restore oxidized/chalky fiberglass I have a 27' sport craft, If anyone has any knowledge on restoring chalky/oxidized fiberglass on an boat please let me know it would be greatly appreciated as I would like to try and restore the ol boat near to her original shine. Information on technique and products to use would be awesome.
  9. WTB BECKMANN NET Looking to buy a beckmann net preferably the musky/salmon model please let me know if you're willing to part your ways with one.
  10. I'm interested. Fishislife, you have first priority tho.
  11. I have a convector 45 with a. 200 copper set up on a okuma glt rod. All brand new never ran. How do you feel about that?
  12. Manitowoc wi. I'm willing to ship it tho
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