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  1. Does anyone have big jon downrigger motor covers that they're looking to part ways with, im looking to get 4 if possible.
  2. Has anyone ever ran 30-50lb roller rods? I was looking into buying roller rods and found some 30-50 lb roller rods, I have previously ran 15-30lb and those work great but what I'm wondering is if the rods will be to stiff for salmon. I do run a 18 rod spread and 8 of them are pump handles so they are under a lot of pressure when running 8-16oz lead balls with a paddle behind them. What is your opinion please let me know. Thanks, Tight lines
  3. WTB Big Jon downrigger covers looking to buy 4 big jon downrigger covers. Shipping would be to 54220
  4. Cameron Jaeger

    How to restore oxidized/chalky fiberglass

    Thank you guys for all the advice, it'll help a lot when it comes time to doing it now. Tight Lines
  5. How to restore oxidized/chalky fiberglass I have a 27' sport craft, If anyone has any knowledge on restoring chalky/oxidized fiberglass on an boat please let me know it would be greatly appreciated as I would like to try and restore the ol boat near to her original shine. Information on technique and products to use would be awesome.
  6. Cameron Jaeger

    for sale : usa 3 big Jon down rigger covers

    Ill buy them for 45
  7. WTB BECKMANN NET Looking to buy a beckmann net preferably the musky/salmon model please let me know if you're willing to part your ways with one.
  8. Cameron Jaeger

    Sold / Closed 41 flies.

    I'm interested. Fishislife, you have first priority tho.
  9. Cameron Jaeger

    wtb 2 wire 4 copper

    I have a convector 45 with a. 200 copper set up on a okuma glt rod. All brand new never ran. How do you feel about that?
  10. Cameron Jaeger

    Sold / Closed Copper combo

    Manitowoc wi. I'm willing to ship it tho
  11. Cameron Jaeger

    Sold / Closed Copper combo

    Here's pictures.
  12. Looking to buy some e-chip flashers for taping. Tape doesn't have to be in great shape just looking to get the bodies so I can do my own taping.
  13. Selling a brand new never ran copper combo. 200' of blood run copper ran on a okuma convector 45 reel on a okuma glt rod. Looking to get $125. If interested I can send pictures