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  1. hondahondacgcg

    Lake Erie June 2014 Monster Lakers..

    also wondernig where you fished!! I fish lake erie for rainbow all summer and have never heard of a laker
  2. hondahondacgcg

    Fish ID

    ahhaahhaha didnt know this site auto changed dirty words for you
  3. hondahondacgcg

    Fish ID

    brown had fun loving with laker?
  4. still for sale? ship to St Catahrines, ON>?
  5. hondahondacgcg

    Grounding problem?

    thanks guys
  6. where are you located? pics?
  7. hondahondacgcg

    Grounding problem?

    I'm having similar issue, my swim aldder and lower outboard are energized and will shock you if you touch, any ideas!?
  8. hondahondacgcg

    For Sale : USA Big Jon reels

    ship to Ontario?
  9. hondahondacgcg

    For Sale : USA planer masts and reels

    pictures? location?
  10. hondahondacgcg

    For Sale : USA Big Jon Planer Reel

    do you just have the one?