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  1. thanks for sending link! appreciate it wow thats twice what my buddy paid for his
  2. if youre considering selling please contact me 519-401-7681
  3. also wondernig where you fished!! I fish lake erie for rainbow all summer and have never heard of a laker
  4. ahhaahhaha didnt know this site auto changed dirty words for you
  5. I'm having similar issue, my swim aldder and lower outboard are energized and will shock you if you touch, any ideas!?
  6. thanks I have all 2 piece rods and keep them in boat, locked in cuddy, in marina slip but when i sleep there i have to put them outside
  7. I have the same problem, but want to keep my rods in the cuddy, I'm thinking of making something like this, anyone done so? http://www.westmarine.com/taco--rod-hanger-rack--P019_570_002_515 http://www.galttech.com/research/sports/best-fishing-rod-storage-rack.php just have to figure how to avoid drilling in cuddy ceiling
  8. waita go! nice to see some softwater fish on here finally all the necessary tools resting on the seat
  9. BUMP, same question, I see crappy tire sells panels for 29.99, 2.5 W 12V will this keep deep cycle full while running fishfinder, stereo, riggers, etc. ?
  10. so are they weed free because there is no cross member on the bottom? just wondering value vs making my own, they look great!!!
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