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  1. Fished 140- 220 fow 630 to 10am. Ended up boating 6, all kings. One major which appeared to be eating well. No apparent pattern, 1 FF/spinny, 3 spoons black/purple & dolphin, 1 meat on 350 copper. Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Thanks for the report. Marked decent amount of fish in 80-120 but couldn't get anything to go last night, threw lot of different stuff at them.
  3. If you want to pick up the cost, i would be happy to look into it.
  4. $50 - Meet up locally only. Rochester (or East Side) during the week, Sodus on weekends. Used but nothing wrong with them, can take photos later in the week. Thanks for looking.
  5. amerinah

    Sodus Fishing

    ...and appreciate sharing the video and info - Thanks.
  6. amerinah

    Sodus Fishing

    Question - Looks like you leave the chute copper and just fish around it?
  7. Looking for an extra reel to match my other diver setups. If you have one sitting around and are interested in selling, please shoot me a message. Thanks. Alex
  8. amerinah

    Spring Browns

    Always enjoy your regular fishing videos - add some conservation/research efforts in and whoa....Thanks for sharing!
  9. How was the water clarity? I fished the morning out of Bear Creek and was chocolate milk out to ~70 FOW where it started to clear. Ran the brightest brown program could and still nothing, frustrating.
  10. amerinah

    Coast Guard Boarded My Boat Yesterday

    Sorry if i missed this - What is the link or how do you determine the local contact info for the inspection? Couple quick google searches sent me everywhere but Lake O.... Thanks.
  11. Own a similar setup - '98 17 Lund with Honda 4-stroke. I have a lake O launch and don't have to run far to get the lines wet so slightly undersized main serves purpose fine. Will sell fine around that price point, good luck.