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  1. Sodus is a shorter drive to backup plans....but Like others said, sandy creek/oak orchard in late June is great fishing. Sodus has great bass fishing right in the bay also during that time of year. both are great options. and you were able to launch at both locations during the high water last year. Sandy would likely be closed, but we got in at bald eagle marina just down the road without an issue.
  2. Nice Yotes! are they all females or is my taxidermist F.O.S
  3. Shot this nice blonde male a few weekends ago. I did about 20 mins worth of distress calls with no activity, then started howling. First a locator then different female howls (deep/long/submissive) with a few minutes between each call. No responses at all. shut the caller off and about 3-5 mins later this guy came in silent. He weighed in at 39lbs. According to the taxidermist the blonde color phase in males is very rare. Most with blonde or red coats are female
  4. Also getting better gas mileage with my 5.7lL Hemi in my 2019 Ram than I did in my 2012 4.0L Frontier
  5. I owned this exact truck in the 2012 year class. I towed my 19' Aluminum. Total towing weight (boat/motor/trailer/full tank of gas) was 3300lbs. I would say the truck pulled the boat without issue but breaking distance was poor, even with top of the line aftermarket rotors and pads the truck did not do a great job stopping. I will add that my trailer WAS NOT equipped with surge breaks or breaking of any kind. (when you exceed 3000lbs surge breaks are required). This caused me to upgrade to a full size truck this winter. I would say if your trailer has breaks you might be ok. but without them I would not recommend it Power was not an issue at all
  6. beautiful rig.....how many hrs on the motor?
  7. lol wasnt sure if you were on here. Good luck this weekend, i will be down there to scout some other areas and help everybody else out
  8. EVERYBODY was telling me I had to do full body. I'm single and have a finished basement where all of my taxidermy resides, so I have the room (FOR NOW). Still very expensive for half body at $1600. But I will never get another one, most likely will never even see another one
  9. Half body mount. Similar to this, but with a fall forest floor base. Full body was $3500 Sent from my SM-N960U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Places where he was spotted (that I'm aware of) Sent from my SM-N960U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. 3 years worth of photos Sent from my SM-N960U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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