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  1. Drebs12

    What pound mono

    30lb main with 20 or 25lb flouro leader
  2. Good Job. Thanks for the report
  3. Hey Brian Ill take it if it falls through with first buyer
  4. Drebs12

    Sandy Creek launch

    23 Westphal Dr, Hamlin, NY 14464
  5. Drebs12

    Downrigger stacking, help

    You got it
  6. Drebs12

    Downrigger stacking, help

    +1 for chamberlains
  7. Drebs12

    Parkway construction

    Great news, hopefully they go all the way to the Oak but ill settle for Bald Eagle
  8. Drebs12

    Okuma Roller Rods

    all of them?
  9. Left a Voice Mail. Interested in 2-3. Don
  10. Roller Guides? assuming they are not because i believe the PNs are different
  11. Drebs12

    Sold / Closed Spoons

    Ill take them, sent you a PM
  12. +1 would also be interesting in getting some of these!
  13. Drebs12

    2018 LOTSA Salmon School

    Would be nice to receive a confirmation email with some additional details on the course