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  1. I will be mounting a 4 Stroke kicker motor on my boat (most likely 8hp so less than 100#) . It will require a bracket and while I know this has been discussed before , after a number of searches I am sick of trying to separate the wheat from the chaff. I am looking for recommendations/opinions on the best bracket based on your actual experiences - I do expect to trailer with the engine on the bracket Thanks
  2. Yep - should have been more specific - I was referring to the streamers being used right now. Flashers/Flies I still have plenty of
  3. I am coming back to the finger lakes after a number of years away - Can some one point me to a good source for the trolling flies I see folks using to catch spring fish Thanks
  4. Yes it slides in fine - my base had small tab at the bottom in one spot and I notched the post for that I actually built mine with a shock cord that ran from the front side (at the top) down to the front of the boat it gave it some extra support under load - dont know if it was really needed but.......
  5. I spent a lot of hours trolling spring trout/salmon from a rebel 1625 with the mast mounted in the front seat base and triple rod holders mounted towards the back. As long as your boards are tuned well and run out to the sides of your boat you will have no issues. (If you want to build your own mast a chain link fence corner post (from Home Depot) works nicely)
  6. I am certainly not interested in turning this into a p***ing contest. Your experiences lead you to a certain opinion and you are welcome to that - the same holds true for me and everyone else on this board. Thats great you have never had an issue - I hope your run continues. As I recall his boat used the 6 gal tanks, he filled a tank on way to launch - apparently got some junk fuel (??) - filter ended up getting plugged & main OB stalled on way in and would not restart/run- we ran in on the kicker using another tank. Could his overall boat maint been a contributing cause - maybe. Would we have gotten in running kicker on same tank - maybe but .... Did we get home safe running the kicker off the other tank - definately Funny things happen when you spend time running boats and any time you have a single point of failure stuff can happen - safety should always be our first concern and my suggestion allows for redundancy in the fuel supply Those are my thoughts & experiences - take them for what they are - I am done
  7. to each his own I have run kickers since the 70s and have had them both ways. I have only ever run in on a kicker once (not my boat), but if it had been a shared tank we would have needed a tow If you are careful with managing/treating your fuel a shared tank should be fine but I see it as another safety feature
  8. I currently have a 6hp tohatsu (sail king) as a kicker on my 16'. I have it rigged with a quick disconnect steering rod and a controlking electronic throttle control. It is hooked to my main tank thru a canister fuel filter . I does a decent job but does have some vibration. My old 17' lund had a 8hp tohatsu with the same steering connection and controlking (different servo) run off a separate 3gal tank. it was definately smoother and had electric start Between the two I would go 8hp and if you have the space I agree with SK8Man that the separate tank is a safer option. I have never had any issues with either Living in NY online outboards was the way to go for purchasing , free shipping, no tax, quick delivery
  9. I had the same issue when I installed a hook 7 on my little boat earlier this year - you need to push the transducer connection in harder, truthfully this is the worst connection I have ever seen on a lowrance unit It will recognize the transducer whether in or out of the water
  10. had 2 of them and never saw any issues - you net at the corners and use a real net with an extendable handle
  11. you can buy the wrap on amazon . Assuming you don't want to get fancy you can do it yourself, there are videos out there. I camo wrapped a duck boat a couple of years ago - it doesn't take a rocket scientist to do it but a second set of hands helps a lot especially on a bigger boat The wrap on the duck boat has stood up well
  12. Glue a piece of a rubber dish mat to both sides of clamp - will protect the boat and keep and vibrations from loosening the clamp
  13. DownEast Rod Holders- either the S10 or S30 - used them for a lot of years on my 14' aluminum boat - great clamps, lots of adjustments, very strong
  14. I have the same boat (a couple years newer w/ a 60 hp 4st merc) and have a 6hp tohatsu 4 stroke (sail-pro model from onlineoutboards.com) mounted directly on the transom . They are connected with a simple quick connect rod on the front - It works great and does not drag in the water when running with it raised on the bracket. The eye on the back of the boat is not an issue. I previously had a 16' lund that was very similar and had an 8hp tohatsu on it - the 8hp was a little smoother at trolling speed since it was 2 cylinder and it had elec start Either will work with out any fancy stuff needed on the transom and neither seemed to create any issue due to their weight I used a control-king speed controller on both
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