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  1. I have Costas(glass lens), Oakleys, Onos and the Costas are by far the finest of the bunch. I also agree with Vince that Blue Mirror is the way to go
  2. with pretty much any 4 stroke OB you will need to go to an 8hp to get a 2 cylinder engine - if you opt for a 5 or 6 hp you will get a single cyl - it will run much 'rougher' - the difference is very noticable. I started with a6hp tohatsu on my 16' lund and after a year upgraded to an 8hp - major difference - also it is much easier to get Elec start when you move up to 8hp
  3. I dont believe it hurt the paint - I think that the amount of damage you can do is directly related to how much pressure you apply with the drill
  4. They make an eraser wheel you can use in a drill that removes them very cleanly, When I camo painted my old mirrocraft the heat gun didnt work worth a crap but the eraser wheel took them right off. I got mine at the auto finish store just off ridge road over by the gorge (cant remember the name of it)
  5. Back in the late 80s Gold Star made triangular shaped 'flashers' that went between your cable and weight - we then ran pinch pad releases off the back of the flashers - they definately worked
  6. Frogger I ran an 8hp tohatsu 4stk with elec start as a kicker on my lund and it always ran great - had a controllKing on it . I would definately recomend Online OBs - I bought 3 different motors from them and they were great to deal with
  7. you may want to look at - they usually are as cheap or cheaper than any sale, ship for free(have motor in 3 - 5 days) and you pay no tax
  8. Guys Anybody know the correct gear lube for a 2013 60hp merc 4stk - the manual doeasnt say and I cant find much out there - I found 1 spot of merc site that says use premium gear lube (80-90w) for OBs below 75hp Thoughts?? Thanks ted
  9. sent you a pm - am very interested
  10. it has happened to every Eaqgle claw rod I have owned - they are junk
  11. anything less than an 8hp in a 4 stroke will be single cyl and will run a little 'rough'. I had a 8 on my 16' lund rebel - handled the weight fine (the new 4 stks are lighter) and trolled all day and a couple gallons of gas
  12. The 8 was smother and also had Elec Start
  13. Frogger I had a 6hp Tohatsu 4stk on my 16' lund - there were no issue - however I believe most 6hp 4stks are single cyl engine so they are not as smooth running - I eventually went up to a 8hp and it was definately smoother
  14. Shakespear Ugly Stiks 7', one piece, light action ( I believe model is BWD 1131) - match them with some 27 series Diawa LC reels - great for D/Rs and flat lines on the fingerlakes PS - They will take down a king real nice as well as long as you change to a larger series reel
  15. Moores Outboard in Ithaca