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  1. you going to be around today ? coming from Rochester to visit parents on Waterman St
  2. I would also make sure that you are deploying your dipsy out on the correct side. The Left should go out on the port side and the right should go out on the starboard side, otherwise they will run back towards the middle of your boat and tangle with the downrigger lines. Just another thought as to why they are tangling.
  3. 15-20 feet between the two releases and usually a shorter lead on the stacker.
  4. They sold the same day. Sorry.
  5. 2 Single Planer Masts Plus I am selling two 4' Great Lakes Planers - Single Planer Masts Plus in excellent condition. $300 each. These masts are already equipped with reel and pulley along with 4 adjustable rod holders on each. The rod holders swivel 360' and can move up or down the main pole. Caps are in excellent condition too. Reel is also adjustable and swivels 360' They have 5" x 5" base for mounting and are very sturdy and well made. These list on their website for $389 for the 3 rod holders plus $45 for the added holder, totaling $434.00 each plus shipping Local pick up in Hilton NY or willing to meet near Rochester NY.
  6. Thanks PAP. I figured as much but when they threw out that suggestion it kind of got me thinking of what I should do so I thought I would toss it on this forum just for some feedback Thanks, again !!
  7. Transom Reinforcement Just had a Mercury 15hp kicker (115 lbs) and Ez-Steer Kit put on my 2000 Trophy 2052 boat at a local Rochester marina. The new bracket is a Panther with the 16" vertical rise rated for 269 lbs. They installed the bracket using a heavy duty backer plate on the inside of the transom and said that the transom was is great shape but there "may" be the possibility of the transom flexing some, especially at high RPMs in rough waters (they said 5 mph or faster) and suggested I take the boat to Watercraft Clinic out in Red Jacket or Wolcott to have them fiberglass the backer plate right onto the transom for added support. First, has anyone gone this extra step to secure your backer plate to your transom, and second, does anyone know of an alternate place to have this done that is closer to Rochester. The Watercraft Clinic would be over an hour drive for me each way not to mention they are backed up for about a month. Thanks, - Tom
  8. Looks great pap !! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. Someone is selling 2 on Craig's List for $70 out of Sodus Point. Not sure if they are what you are looking for. I attached the link below. https://rochester.craigslist.org/bpo/6076777221.html
  10. pap - You can definitely make it work for your walleye spoons. I have several 3" Stingers in the box and they are fine. A few things to consider when making it: You want to make sure you use enough layers of grid material to allow the spoon to sit far enough in the slot to stay upright. Also, the smaller, thinner spoons may slide right through the hole if too many grids are used and put into a deep case. You can either off-set a row of tray by 1/2 a hole so there is something to stop them or attach a single layer of grid to your slotted foam. This way they are in the foam but still separated and won't tip sideways. As for a case, make sure to use one that when closed, it is pretty close to the top of your spoons, this will keep them from coming out if and when mean old Mr. Gravity does his thing !! My spoon box when closed can be turned upside down and none of them will come out of the grid holes. Good Luck
  11. bobby416n - Nice ! The stuff is pretty easy to work with and inexpensive. I also made one up to hold my 8" Spin Doctors and Flashers and the size case I used allowed me cutout room for an area to hold all my flies which I have in separate tubes. It doesn't hold as many as the store bought holders but does the trick. Keeps them organized, dry, and away from getting tangled with everything else.
  12. That's exactly what it is. Very light weight but very sturdy when you stack and glue them together. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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