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Found 11 results

  1. Weedcutting efforts are at an all time high here on Otisco. We haven't had a single week without some cutting, and it's more like ripping this year as there are roots and zebra mussels in the weed mats. I can't help but wonder how long before every body of water down stream from here has both invasive weeds and zebra mussels. With the lake being over the dam all season every bit of the cutting goes over the dam every time flow is up or wind is out of the south. Hard to believe there is no DEC oversight...why inspect every boat launching when we send everything down 9 mile Creek anyway. The tigers do well in the trout stream so I'm sure the weeds and zebras will help as well!!! How is it legal for OCWA to rip out all the weeds?
  2. Ive had a great season so far here on Otisco on all the species so I thought I'd post some pictures. First of all, I've caught more big browns this season than the other 10 seasons combined! Probably is the only positive thing about the recent years weed cutting efforts is we are seeing hardly any deoxygenation anymore and none this year The walleye fishing has been inconsistent and difficult at times this season for nearly all the boats out there, but hasn't been too bad for me and have had plenty 9-10+ pound fish. Check out the bite width on the monster tiger that nearly stole a 24" walleye. Big Tiger Muskies were on fire in may and June and the deep summer trolling is start to pick up them up as well. Currently I've had 12 over 41" this season I've taken my biggest tiger 46" 9n the pond side along with a bunch walleye 8+ pounders there also. We literally have fished rhe entire lake from pond to dam for both. We casted in 60fow and all the way down to 3 fow for both walleye and tigers as well as trolling them over the same range. The summer troll has changed several times so far making it tough for anyone not fishing every day here, but I've fished every day both morning and night in most cases except 2 days I believe. Overall a wildy successful first half.
  3. Not sure how many people have interest in the public launch project on Otisco, but I was up fishing on the last day of walleye season, March 15th and it looked to me like it might be ready this season. Obviously, with the pandemic, this may take a bit longer. I took a picture from the causeway, but it isn't great, and by the time I went back it was too dark to get any better pics. I'll probably sneak up early am soon for some smallie action and I'll get better pics. Personally, I wouldn't use the public launch when there is a much better launch at the campground. I'll take bathrooms, a store, garbage cans, more parking, a full time mechanic on site, bait shop, and oh btw support the local economy.
  4. DEC to Host Public Meeting for Proposed Otisco Lake Boat Launch The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) will host a public meeting to provide information and answer questions about its proposal to develop a DEC Boat Launch Site on Otisco Lake, located in the town of Spafford, Onondaga County. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 19, at 6:30 p.m. at the Amber Fire Department, 2223 Amber Road, Marietta. Otisco is the only Finger Lake currently without a public boat launch. The Otisco Lake Boat Launch Site will be located on former Onondaga County Water Authority (OCWA) land, just south of the causeway on the west side of Otisco Lake. DEC Fisheries management activities at Otisco Lake include: Annual stocking of 11,000 tiger muskellunge fingerlings (9-10” long); Biennial stocking of 44,000 walleye pond fingerlings (1.5” long); and Routine fish community assessments to evaluate stocking success and effectiveness of fisheries regulations. Onondaga County Hatchery annually stocks approximately 2,500 2-year old brown trout (13” long). The meeting will include a presentation about the anticipated Otisco Lake Boat Launch Site project schedule, in addition to facility design and operation. DEC staff will be available to answer questions following the presentation
  5. This is probably the wrong place to post this so mods feel free to move it... But my son (young adult) is an avid fly fisherman. We are from pa but will be spending a lot of time around otisco lake this year. Are there any good trout streams close by? Stocked or wild. He is pretty much 100% catch and release. Sent from my LG-H820 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. I havent posted much on here this spring/summer due to the fact everyone seem's to be doing well on Otisco and the site has become too much of a brag board for my taste. We have had good discussions in the past on the lakes sustainability and past/future stocking program. A major discussion was the reason the DEC stopped stocking for a 3year period, I had been informed it was becasue they wanted to see if natural reproduction was occuring while others felt it was due to the lack of angler diary feedback. I contacted the DEC and have attached their response below. I was pretty confident in the reason for the three year hiatus but shocked to learn that Otisco is now on an every other year stocking program. Brent, We stopped stocking for three years in order to determine whether any significant natural reproduction was occurring. We were fairly certain that none was occuring but still had to confirm, as per our statewide walleye management guidelines. As expected we caught no wild produced walleye during the three years when stocking did not occur (because of alewife predation on walleye fry). Fortunately we were able to make the case that the walleye fishery is too good to walk away from and stocking was resumed. As of fall 2013 we completed a five year stocking "experiment" to determine whether our intensively reared walleye fingerlings from the Oneida Hatchery would work in Otisco Lake (and a number of other waters). Happily I can say that the survival of these walleye fingerlings in Otisco was similar to what we observed in the past from pond reared walleye fingerlings raised at our South Otselic Hatchery. Using the Oneida Hatchery in this way will essentially double the number of walleye fingerlings available for stocking around the state. However, even with these fish demand still is greater than supply. We are now managing the Otisco walleye fishery under a "Put-Grow-Take" scenario and 44,000 fingerlings will be stocked every other year. Region 7 Fisheries Office NYSDEC 1285 Fisher Avenue Cortland NY, 13045 (607) 753-3095 xt. 213
  7. Due to a long honey due list, Turkey hunting, and my boat not in running order I had only 4hr's of walleye fishing to date and nothing to show for it, until last night. I found myself a spot off the usual beaten path of shore fisherman and settled in too the mooneyes doing their dance thing and walleyes slurping all around me. After an hour of casting I finally had one on I reached up to turn my hat light on and damn... the batteries are dead. After a few minutes I was luckily able to net the fish.. I walked up the bank and set the net down to take the lure out of her mouth she then decided to flop out of the net down the bank and back into the lake!!! It was almost 4am by then and I was too tired to filet her anyways. Atleast that's what I am going to tell people. LOL
  8. Has anyone had trouble trolling w lite line on Otisco Lake the past few years. It has been a while since I have fished it and didn't know if the fleas have invaded there or not. Thanks in advance to anyone that can give a little insight.
  9. I was wondering if anybody had any info on the walleye in Otisco
  10. http://blog.syracuse.com/outdoors/2009/ ... ld_re.html
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