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  1. Bulletsfirst.net Now there is a place I wanna hangout. lmao That article is 18 months old...Has it happened yet? Hop
  2. Hopkinz

    Rescue off oak orchard !?

    You sound like an obnoxious heartless p rick that could care less that someone passed in a boating accident. I don't see where anyone is defending the boat owner. They have sympathy for the deceased. I guess you don't captain. Hop
  3. Hopkinz

    Seneca 35,000 gal spill

    Relax, although unfortunate, an accidental spill of 35,000 gallons of secondary digester sludge isn't going to ruin the finger lakes. That stuff is pretty much inert and probably trickled into the receiving stream over a period of time. It's highly unlikely a supervisor would order an operator to intentionally dump sludge into a receiving stream. Stuff happens at work. Unless the facility is a repeat offender I would be surprised anyone would get fired. Hop
  4. Prisoner? really? what's the charge? by who?
  5. President Hillary Rodham Clinton... Get used to it...
  6. Hopkinz

    Fire at Milliken

    I know I am. It's 2016, time to shutdown those polluting facilities. Hop