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  1. Really? Birds, fish won't/can't eat them? How long do they live? Hop
  2. Well there you have it folks, Dr. Ray4852 has spoken...
  3. Garry, If you rely on Rush Limbaugh on how to live your life, you might wanna reconsider your priorities Bud. Just sayin... Hop
  4. You have zero rights on a privately owned internet message board, only privileges. Your privileges can be suspended or revoked by the site owner or their proxy at any time. If you are worried about liberals and not worried about the coronavirus, maybe the liberals aren't the only ones brain dead. Hop
  5. I'm pretty sure if you are a motor boat under power, you have to give way to a sailboat 100% of the time. Hop
  6. https://buffalonews.com/2019/06/04/boating-safety-coursework-requirement-gets-final-legislative-approval/ "Lawmakers decided against imposing fines against boaters who do not take the safety courses, leaving compliance by consumers to be entirely voluntary." Hop
  7. The solution to pollution is dilution... Hop
  8. The only way this post could be more humorous is if it was longer... lmfao
  9. Pretty sure the ice boom on Lake Erie comes out when the ice field is < 250 square miles. Hop
  10. How about this crowd of patriotic law abiding citizens? Donald J Trump Donald J Trump Jr. Eric Trump Ivanka Trump Jared Kushner Paul Manafort Rick Gates Michael Flynn Michael Cohen George Papadopolos Alex Van der Zwaan Richard Pinedo Asking for a friend... Hop
  11. Bulletsfirst.net Now there is a place I wanna hangout. lmao That article is 18 months old...Has it happened yet? Hop
  12. You sound like an obnoxious heartless p rick that could care less that someone passed in a boating accident. I don't see where anyone is defending the boat owner. They have sympathy for the deceased. I guess you don't captain. Hop
  13. Relax, although unfortunate, an accidental spill of 35,000 gallons of secondary digester sludge isn't going to ruin the finger lakes. That stuff is pretty much inert and probably trickled into the receiving stream over a period of time. It's highly unlikely a supervisor would order an operator to intentionally dump sludge into a receiving stream. Stuff happens at work. Unless the facility is a repeat offender I would be surprised anyone would get fired. Hop
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