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  1. 2018 Sandy Creek Pen Rearing

    Some Pictures of today's work party. Great turnout made the work go a lot easier.
  2. Use a boga grip on the fish. Tie a rope to the handle and let out the fish overboard. Let the fish swim along with your trolling. After a couple of minutes most are strong enough to swim of once you release from the boga grip.
  3. 2018 Sandy Creek Pen Rearing

    We can get that footage also with the drone. and we can compare tirades year to year. History must be recorded.
  4. 2018 Sandy Creek Pen Rearing

    If someone has a drone to get aerial coverage of this for our viewing entertainment that would be appreciated.
  5. I would think over that twenty year period lake fertility level would be a a factor also. Phosphorus levels have declined pretty good during this time. Maybe bad winters, while still harmful we’re buffered by larger fertility levels buffering the starvation portion of the equation. Either way seeing your numbers should be really interesting. Thanks for the work Brian.
  6. Gambler Rigs and Hammerhead cowbells

    Get some Fabaloso at the dollar store Mike was very happy winterizing my boat after I cleaned the bilge with that stuff.
  7. I don't think the drag on spinning gear would fare very well over a season Lake Ontario abuse, much less the rest of the reel. Fall salmon fishing used to leave me with bad drags and bails/spools that got wobbly and constantly needed repair or tightening of screws and nuts. The 90 degree angle the line goes out on spinning gear puts a terrible pressure on the spinning gear and just wears everything down really quick with each and every big fish. Whereas a level wind the line goes out straight and create less stress on the reel housing and drag system. You don't have to cast when trolling so level wind is really the best reel for you to use out there.
  8. Florida school shooting

    Yeah .... No. Billy can but I think the rest of us are out on that one.
  9. in line depth indicator for dipsy

    Smart Troll is probably the device your looking for.
  10. Alwifes

    So those deeper in the the know with the DEC and a better understanding of the bait fish situation , I am looking at you Jerry Felluca and friends, when should we be starting to get worried with the prolonged nasty cold snap?
  11. Glad to hear you are recovering from you shop problems Nick. Your paint jobs did very well for me last year and can't wait to get some more from you.
  12. 2018 LOTSA Salmon School

    Pap, Yeah this is the big show at the Niagara Falls convention center. Lots of vendor and lots of seminars. The have like 10 rooms they have seminars. Each room has a series of seminars for a certain type of activity. One rooom may have different seminars on stream fishingwith ea h one being an hour or two. The next room may be open lake, the next is walleye. Most of these are free with admission. But the salmon school, the How to better use your electronics and walleye carry an extra charge over admission. Great show, well managed!
  13. 2018 LOTSA Salmon School

    Depends on your definition of novice. They are not going to teach you how to use downriggers, planer board or dipseys or your electronics. They expect you to know the mechanics. What they will teach is where to look for the fish during different seasons and weather conditions. What lure selections based on conditions, light brightness, and bait available. They will teach you tricks to up your catch. Honestly this is a must class for just about everyone including beginners. Just don’t ask the super beginner questions like how do I place my line in a release during the class. Otherwise this will help your learning curve.
  14. Good to know. I would have figured plastic would be preferred from a corrosion standpoint but what you said makes sense, especially in light of the recall. Of course my boats asleep in storage so this might be a springtime check for me.
  15. Time to check your fire extinguishers on your boat for recall DETROIT (AP) - More than 40 million fire extinguishers in the U.S. and Canada because they might not work in an emergency. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says on its website that it's aware of one death because of a problem with extinguishers made by Kidde. In 2014, extinguishers didn't work for emergency responders who were trying to fight a car fire after a crash. The recall covers 134 models of push-button and plastic-handle extinguishers made from 1973 through Aug. 15 of this year. The government says the extinguishers can become clogged. Also, the nozzle can come off and pose an injury hazard. Owners should contact Kidde to ask for a replacement and for instructions on how to return recalled models. Kidde can be reached at (855) 271-0773 or at www.kidde.com.