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  1. I could be wrong but from what I heard last night I get the idea the cuts will more or less stay until they get rid of the wholes in the year classes. They didn't say that in anyway but it just the feeling I get from the answer as to what would it take to start reducing the 20 percent cut.
  2. Nice fish Dan, Congrats on breaking that 30 pound barrier.
  3. I keep two knifes on the boat and a sharpener. Dexter Russell S138PCP Sani-Safe Wide 8" Fillet Knife Update International KP-10 High Carbon Stainless Steel Cimeter Knife, 10-Inch At the time both together cost under $35 on Amazon and have held up really well and between them handle all the different size fish we decide to keep.
  4. My boat is docked right under a tree that is having a very prolific year. First ten minutes at the dock is getting them the hell off the boat. Last thing I need is to go running for a rod and find myself in a three stooges comedy.
  5. Next generation showing how it's done. Great job!
  6. I would have to disagree about the matures dying from catch and release. The Canadians have presented at the State of the Lake their tagging program where they go out with fisherman who catch the fish, they do a number of measurements and place a tag on the fish. Most of these fishes tags are recovered and usually a pretty good distance away from the catch area. And while not all fish were mature some were. So that would lead me to believe they recovered and do recover when handled and released correctly.
  7. Nice going Eric! know what was coming that was a brave call. glad it worked out.
  8. South Bay on Empire had some new old stock FLT spoons. If not check Nick at hybrid lures, he could custom paint a spoon for you.
  9. I never actually tried the belt with my daughter but before I got the Cush-it the biggest reason she would move the rod but around was the discomfort she had from it. The Cush-It removed that discomfort and she seemed to do a good job holding the rod correctly during the fights.
  10. I was looking for one a about two years ago for my daughter to use and was steered towards a Luna Sea Cush-it by Matt French. I think I made the right decision getting one as both my wife and daughter both use it and saves some bruising and make the fight more fun and comfortable for them. It easy to move from rod to rod as needed, takes little storage area, and is pretty reasonable costing. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Dsporting&field-keywords=Luna+Sea
  11. Hmm I think you are on the right path here for our port and others. There needs to be a plan and people need to know what to do. Not sure what possibilities are in a worse case scenario. Maybe gurney could be rolled around jersey barriers or gate. Necessity may require improv but planning is best. Bring this up like you did before a issue arrives could be the difference.
  12. In a pinch I think the Brockport Yatch Club could be used to get an medical injury to shore and ambulance or fire rescue. I agree the launch would be best option and getting that usable for emergencies at least would be a goal. But until then if a life and death situation occurs that would be were I would ask to meet help.
  13. I want to say $10 but don't hold me on that. I would call Call East Forks at 585-964-2694, leave a message if they don't answer and I am sure they will give you a full rundown.