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  1. WHEC did a story on it tonight. They Interviewed our own Tom Barbera about all the repair work keeping him busy. http://www.whec.com/news/dozens-of-boats-damaged-from-channel-into-lake-ontario-/4982599/?cat=565
  2. I run copper and lead core down the chute often with just me and one buddy. Key thing is always be aware its out there and were it is in relation to the fish and move it or reel it in when needed. Yeah it sucks to reel it in to just clear it for a fish on another rod but that is the price I pay sometime for running it. Congratulations on a nice fish. Rule number three is a real good one.
  3. pvelyk

    How Much 50Lb Backing

    Braid works fine until the fleas show up and then its not worth the trouble of running it. Best bet is get the wire for dipsy's and not have to deal with fleas. And when the fleas are bad the wire gets them too, but when that happens is manageable.
  4. pvelyk

    Whatever happened to?

    Same guy who made Perry’s no peep site. Old link for the thread is I want to say they were on the website for sale way back but not sure currently if they are.
  5. pvelyk

    Summer Lake Trout Trip

    That is one heck of a nice offer Brian just gave you. You couldn't have a better laker guy offering you advice and guidance!
  6. pvelyk

    Lake Level Special on Rochester TV

    I had something going on last night so I DVR'd it. Probably watch it this weekend, if nobody else reports I will update after I watch it.
  7. Just got this in email from Spectrum. Watch Clip hyperlink: WATCH A CLIP
  8. pvelyk

    2018 Sandy Creek Pen Rearing

    Some Pictures of today's work party. Great turnout made the work go a lot easier.
  9. Use a boga grip on the fish. Tie a rope to the handle and let out the fish overboard. Let the fish swim along with your trolling. After a couple of minutes most are strong enough to swim of once you release from the boga grip.
  10. pvelyk

    2018 Sandy Creek Pen Rearing

    We can get that footage also with the drone. and we can compare tirades year to year. History must be recorded.
  11. pvelyk

    2018 Sandy Creek Pen Rearing

    If someone has a drone to get aerial coverage of this for our viewing entertainment that would be appreciated.
  12. I would think over that twenty year period lake fertility level would be a a factor also. Phosphorus levels have declined pretty good during this time. Maybe bad winters, while still harmful we’re buffered by larger fertility levels buffering the starvation portion of the equation. Either way seeing your numbers should be really interesting. Thanks for the work Brian.
  13. pvelyk

    Gambler Rigs and Hammerhead cowbells

    Get some Fabaloso at the dollar store Mike was very happy winterizing my boat after I cleaned the bilge with that stuff.
  14. I don't think the drag on spinning gear would fare very well over a season Lake Ontario abuse, much less the rest of the reel. Fall salmon fishing used to leave me with bad drags and bails/spools that got wobbly and constantly needed repair or tightening of screws and nuts. The 90 degree angle the line goes out on spinning gear puts a terrible pressure on the spinning gear and just wears everything down really quick with each and every big fish. Whereas a level wind the line goes out straight and create less stress on the reel housing and drag system. You don't have to cast when trolling so level wind is really the best reel for you to use out there.