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  1. Hi Duke, welcome aboard, lots of info to be had here. Best bet is to ask more specific questions and plenty of the guys here will give you answers. Also most question have been asked before so the search function can be your best friend. Lots of the clubs offer round tables during the offseason which can help your learning curve. Last but not least most guys will recommend taking a charter and tell the captain you want it to be a learning trip. This will be the fastest way to get up to speed. No matter what you choose if you put effort in you will catch fish it's just a matter of how quick you want to speed up the learning curve. Good luck this year.
  2. I have seen pictures and videos on the Conesus Lake Facebook page of pike starting a run about a week or so ago but haven't heard much lately. The high water made the jump over the dam become more of a swim over the dam.
  3. Hey I applaud your troubleshooting!
  4. Scott you are quite the troubleshooter. We should get you on the local news. "Here is Scott on your side with a story of uninstalled docks, and how he got the man to install them!"
  5. This would suck for The Sandy Creek Shootout. Not a lot of transitory dockage with that closed.
  6. So glad I moved last year to. The guys dockeddown there are great but the atmosphere at East Fork is so much better with the way Tommy runs it. Amazing how one guy can have such a negative impact on the atmosphere down there. Hoping all the guys hurt by this find a solution quick. Sandy fisherman are great guys and didn't deserve this rug being pulled on them.
  7. Check out this Thread for a few pictures of his work. Hybrid Lures is the name of the company and Nick has been very responsive to my questions and great turn around on the work I sent him. bridlures.simdif.com
  8. Sold / Closed

    Nice job On those Nick. As predicted I got a bunch of NK'sat the flea market and should be sending them out to you for some of your great work. Are you still looking at getting tape for bigger spoons?
  9. Kishels is the scent http://www.kishelscents.com/
  10. Second reminder.
  11. Thanks for the info. Only bad thing I have heard about weighted steel is they are extremely tough on rod guides and eyes.
  12. Lucas I know the one artificial cut bait was MC Rockets what was the one with the tail?
  13. for sale : usa

    I believe his username is hybridlures. He has a website hybridlures.simdif.com
  14. Yeah, after hearing the state of the ECO plight I definitely think they need our support. They are not the problem they do the best they can with limited man hours, equipment and lack of upper governmental support. We want them effective then we need to help them.