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Found 23 results

  1. There must have been over seventy cars parked along side the road at the north launch, with the parking lot completely full. Trying to leave at 10:30 am was a joke. Two trucks couldn't pass by each other without one of them pulling off in some way. And with a ditch opposite the parked cars/trailers, there was nowhere to pull over on that side. One lady headed toward the ramp slammed on her truck's brakes once she realized I wasn't giving way - I had nowhere to go!! I was at a complete stop, with my two right tires hanging over the edge. I don't know how we managed to get out of there without damage to the vehicle. I've never seen anything like it in twenty years of fishing that lake. And there was a steady stream of cars and trucks headed in while I was leaving!! So much for Hemlock being a peaceful getaway and place to avoid the madness at most FL ramps. There's talk about COVID increasing the number of folks outdoors. Blessing and curse, I guess.
  2. Tried a change of scenery for father's day as my dad has been wanting to go there for some time and enjoy being able to fish as we fall into the size and motor restrictions. Launched around 545 at the south end. Had to back in until my front tires were in the water and still had to get in and wade until I could push the boat off the trailer, no big deal. However went to start motor and no dice. I have a 2010 Yamaha 9.9 and for some time now it seems that every season I have an issue with the carb. However last year I learned how to take care of it myself and a half hour later I had it tore out and apart and back together and we fired right up. Motored up the lake to the deep water which had alot of floating weeds and set up. Took around 20 rainbows with only 7 being of legal length. Released all of them. All rainbows came on small spoons such as stinger scorpions. Leadcores were best with a few fish on riggers and a few on dipsys. In the mix the 5 color went and my son got to reel in a decent brown. Around 11 we still didn't have a Laker yet and I've had a goal for some time to catch a Laker out of all the fingers that contain them so we went out to 90ft and I dropped stuff near bottom and put a rigger ball carrying cowbells and a gambler rig in the mud. A bit later the cowbells fired with a 3.5-4lb Laker. Not much and could definitely have caught bigger elsewhere however there's a check mark on my list so I was happy! Thanks Brian Gambell! If you're looking to explore and have a boat smaller than 16ft with a motor under 10hp take the adventure for a beautiful fishery!
  3. Hello anyone been to Hemlock at all? wondering how the fishing has been in general any of those invasive species around still? Time to get kayaking in there this weekend if its not too windy. thanks for any info
  4. Anyone fish from the shore on Hemlock and/or Canadice? Went yesterday at the south boat launch at Hemlock. I walked the trail a bit but really saw no open areas to freely cast from. Can anyone suggest an open and productive area to fish from? As always your responses are appreciated.
  5. https://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/news/2019/04/30/invasive-species-asian-swamp-eels-found-hemlock-lake-rochester/3615148002/
  6. http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/114843.html
  7. Still iced up shore to shore i was a little suprised!! just opening up along a few creeks still a nice evening😉
  8. I'v been out on Hemlock a few times and have done great with Bass and Bluegills. Has anyone had luck with the constantly jumping trout in Hemlock? (At first I assumed they were carp until I got a good look at them) They seem to be randomly surfacing, chasing bait over all depths. We casted the whole tackle box, and also trolled various depths with no luck.
  9. Hello anyone been to Hemlock for bass or Lake trout? Any idea what will work? Thanks Chris
  10. heading to finger lakes mid june for lakers , trying to decide between Cayuga or hemlock. any advice would be appreciated..thanks
  11. For your reading pleasure. Been a diary cooperator for these lakes for 3 years now. Would suggest anyone who regularly fishes these lakes consider participating in the program. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Hemlock is absolutely gorgeous and I've been fortunate to have a pretty good Rainbow program dialed in over there this summer. The scenery, combined with my luck out there made it the perfect spot to bring my buddy who was in visiting from NYC. We were running Big Tuff "Jet Style" Divers in the 40 size behind planer boards, back 85 & 95 - Slide Divers on 50# braid, setting 2, back 100 & 125, and 2 downrigger rods parked at 27' & 37' respectively... We ran a wide array of Finger Lakes Tackle Spoons in both Standard & Magnum sizes. We caught 2 smaller size Rainbows, both on the 95' Diver behind the board - on a standard size FLT spoon in the "Dirty Goose Pounding" pattern. Around 9:30 am - over 80' of water - the board pulling the 85' diver goes under. The rod starts bending like crazy, but the fish wasn't taking any drag and there was no splash of silver behind the board. After I managed to get the board off, we could see the fish was really bull dogging us downward. I immediately thought we had a decent to large sized Laker on the line. As the fish got closer to the boat I looked down in the water and saw a flash of yellow. What the H#!!? Carp? The biggest Bass in history? Walleye was not even on my radar - the next time I saw the fish it dawned on me that there is a mythical population of Walleyes in Hemlock, stocked by some Rod & Club many years ago, and that was what we had on the line! When I netted the fish, I was shaking - I pulled it in and was in disbelief. I was terribly unprepared for measuring and weighing such a fish. I do keep a small measuring tape on board, and we zapped him at approx. 36", give or take a .25" I released the fish promptly, and he swam away pretty strong - I was somewhat conflicted on this, because I know the 'eyes in Hemlock are not part of any DEC program, and I definitely could have put him on my wall, but in the end my gut told me to release him. My buddy doesn't fish often, so I told him that what we had just caught is pretty uncommon. I told him to do a google image search on "Walleye" to see for himself. While surfing the web on his phone, he notifies me that NYS record is 34" and 16.9 pounds... I possibly had it in my hands and released it... Oh well, somebody with a scale will have to catch him another day! The Walleye hit a Magnum size, Finger Lakes Tackle spoon in the NBK Bright Green UV pattern - In the first photo, you can really get a feel for the girth and size of it's head, and in the second photo you get feel for it's length - I also to took a few screen shots of some impressive bait out there! PS - For what's it worth, I caught this fish on Saturday, which was actually 8/1 - guess I was trying to slow down the summer!
  13. Hemlock Laker kayak troll After the wind died down last Friday morning around 11am I was experimenting with a dipsey diver rig trolled off my kayak rod holder..anyway the stinger spoon scored this laker 25inches what a battle but i got him netted . be back to try again soon awsome time
  14. Anyone trout fishing hemlock or Canadice successfully ? Just curious. Not looking for tips. Just looking to go fish.
  15. Caught this beautiful bow today at hemlock on a 10 color core . Put up a great fight for my son!
  16. Launched the kayak from South end and pulled a Sutton West River and a Silverleaf clown along the east shore in anywhere from 5 to 35 FOW with the spoons out from 60 to 120 feet behind me. Went for a few miles, then crossed over to west shore for the return trip, and got a great view of an eagle watching me peddle past. Only picked up a smallmouth, being the first catch of the season, I snapped a quick pic then sent him on his way. Surface Temps were a consistent 48 / 49 degrees. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. Took out my dad and the little boat on Saturday and dragged some leadcore around Hemlock this past Saturday. Beautiful place, beautiful weather, and one beautiful fish! Dragged a 7 color and a 9 color with small colorful spoons, and planer boards on either side with assorted sticks. Laker was caught on the 9 color mid-lake on the east shore. He bit a small Michigan Stinger in Mixed Veggies coloring. Fish was 28 inches and about 7.5lbs. Talked to two other boats that were skunked, not fast and furious action, but enough to keep us happy!
  18. North wind.clearing skies....I knew the fish would be locked down,...but...sometimes a man has to do what he has to do.Go Fish!..I put in seth green mini-3 leader rigs and went south...Surface temp 74.clear water..some weeds on the surface. Started off the launch and went south towards the pump house,,,tough to see the pump house while clad in green leaves...but its south on the west side about a mile,...1st big cove..then south before the 1st rock cliff. Marked some bait 20'...few fish...went east and marked more bait with some small marks 20-35'...still no takers.I started at 645...and was #8 to launch based on trailers in the lot. By 10 I was ready to pull it in,..stuff to do,..no hits,...I saw 2 guys pulled up on shore...One guy was in the back of the boat reeffing the crap on an old blue/white Johnson.... Long story short,..2 young buck took the tow and a half hour later we were all at the N end launch...Beats rowing.!! I was surprised to see my 9,9 pulled their 13' fiberglass along,..I had one guy..Kevin sit with me and tow the other to even things out,.. Th cold air kept the crowd away today,,,all in all..a good day on the water.! Tight Lines.!
  19. Took a few hours from 8 am - 12 noon on Sunday from the South end. Beautiful day, fishing was a little slow at first. Then, I hooked into a couple nice Bullhead, a 13 1/2" crappie (couldn't find his friends), and a half dozen nice-sized bluegills. Also caught a gigantic sucker that looked like a Rainbow trout at first, as the water was pretty cloudy. Always nice to enjoy the beauty on the lake, catching fish is a bonus!
  20. Took a drive down to the north launch this evening with the kiddos. On one hand, I think your boat should float off the trailer. On the other hand, you may need a tow to get your car and trailer back on the roadway....
  21. Went to Hemlock for a little trolling shake down cruise with the new boat. Ended up with 3 steelies, 2 lakers, a smallmouth and a big pickerel. Pickerel out 35 ft down over 55? Orange Chrockodiles was the lure uf the day. 25 to 35 ft. down over many depths. Lots of bait balls down there. Lost something pretty big. Rod went off and dipped down hard. Then he was gone.
  22. Just got into trolling this year and have done well with the lakers and have them dialed in prett well. Generally 2mph and suttons/ white and green colored lightweight spoons fished with a 20' or so lead near bottom have produced. Only landed 1 rainbow on hemlock in close to 30 trips out, what should I be doing when I wanna target the other trout? Pm me if you don't feel like posting I know most that fish these lakes are pretty tight lipped [ Post made via Android ]
  23. Hello all, Went for an afternoon troll on Hemlock with the Beagle yesterday! Went two for two-One Rainbow and one smallmouth in one tough lake to fish! One of the nicest fish I ever caught! 23" long by 8" tall weighed 7 Lb's-14oz on the no lie scale...2 lb's -2oz s light of the wall mark.. Have to keep at it!! Chuck
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