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  1. Thanks I will. We did see a decent brown chasing a damselfly, and get it on the third try. Hemlock is a beautiful lake.
  2. I'v been out on Hemlock a few times and have done great with Bass and Bluegills. Has anyone had luck with the constantly jumping trout in Hemlock? (At first I assumed they were carp until I got a good look at them) They seem to be randomly surfacing, chasing bait over all depths. We casted the whole tackle box, and also trolled various depths with no luck.
  3. I have a 14ft aluminum for sell it has a 6hp johnson runs great trailer with new tires and wheel bearings. I'm located in erie pa. 

  4. Looking to buy a boat for use on Canadice/Hemlock. I live near Rochester, but Ill travel for the right boat. Good shape 16 foot aluminum with under 9.9 hp and a trailer. Ready with cash, no BS, message me if you are looking to sell.
  5. If you can get a decent price on a transfer... this is a great deal: http://www.southernohiogun.com/handguns/beretta/beretta-model-92s-9mm.html
  6. MWolf is right. That area is mostly farm land that is controlled by the same few large farms. Most have no interest in letting others hunt. Rt 390 is always covered in dead deer.
  7. This poor guy got hit in Brighton over the weekend. He spent his whole life on unhuntable suburban land... but its still a shame to see him go out that way.
  8. Any tips on getting into fish on Keuka? Ill be spending a week with the In-laws on northwest branch. Not alot of experience with this lake, and I will have a boat. From what I can find: Jigging over deep water for lakers, and decent smallmouth action. Is there any structure to be found in Keuka? Or is mostly steep drop-offs to deep water? Thanks!
  9. Potsie, your limits sound correct. Good luck! http://www.eregulations.com/massachusetts/fishing/saltwater/recreational-saltwater-fishing-regulatons/
  10. Fished on the Lisa & Jake out of Gloucester Mass. Great guys, top notch boat and gear. If you're going to make the trip, I highly recommend them. The 6 of us combined to bring home 200+ keeper haddock, and a few cod. Threw back just as many sub-legal fish, also caught some small pollock and ocean perch. What a day. www.kaymancharters.com
  11. Well said Gambler. "Passing up" small/young a deer is strictly a personal preference. Sad thing is, many deer that get passed on will end up dead on the side of the road anyway.
  12. Lots of monster bowfin in Champlain.
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