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  1. Yes it gets fished very hard and it's not private. The biggest fish i ever caught in there other than this one was 15in and thin as a rake!
  2. That's exactly the type of pond it's from. A peat bog pond called Lake Nuangola"
  3. She was caught on a tiny 4 inch senko! It came completely out of the blue!
  4. It was caught in a 200 acre lake at noon on July 4th! The worst possible conditions for a lunker!
  5. RJH

    Otisco lake

    Fished from 12:00 - 6:00 Caught 1 nice smallmouth and 1 nice largemouth First time on the lake
  6. RJH

    Oneida 6/8

    Caught 2 smallmouth all day on Oneida. Pickeral were plentiful One big largemouth
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