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  1. Two matching sets and a few raghorn 3 points a few days ago before the snow!
  2. Thanks for the replies everybody, talking with the rest of the group now to get our act together and decide what we want to do!
  3. Charter/Guide Suggestions for Summer Salmon Trip Hi everyone, So my aunt would like to treat some of our family to a salmon fishing charter this summer. Hoping for a little advice from you experts about best time of year to shoot for and maybe some possible suggestions for a professional guide that could handle a party of 5-6 people. We are centered around Syracuse NY but are willing to travel a bit if need be to get to the best guides/fishing opportunities. Thanks ahead of time for any help!
  4. Will fleas stick to 14 lb leadcore?
  5. Thanks guys for the help, will definitely do some more searching around too. Pretty new to the lake fishing game, a lot of this information is kind of cloudy and either difficult to find or just confusing for whatever other reason. Hopefully I can get onto some more species as I learn some of the different techniques!
  6. As of recently we seem to have lakers dialed in fairly well, I'm wondering if there's something we are missing as far as getting into something silver. We fish mostly Cayuga and Skaneateles lakes and have a couple riggers, assorted leadcore, and planers as well... most of the time we fish the evenings but on weekends can manage early morning stuff. Any hints as far as rigging, prime locations, depths, temps etc would be very helpful! Heres a picture of the only Finger lakes Bow we have ever managed to pull, it was an accident but it was a beautiful accident!
  7. Skaneateles

    Awesome thanks bigfoot and sk8man! Gonna hafta get some hooks and a sharpener and do some upgrades! It seems theres never an end to the gear... 🎣
  8. Skaneateles

    Thanks for the advice! I think my hooks are pretty sharp, those spoons were brand new that day! But anyways I am probably going to replace as many hooks as i can with singles soon. Anyone have suggestions on brands or sizing? Also any suggestions on hook sharpening methods or how-tos? We had a bit of redemption on Thursday 7/8/15, went back to Skaneateles lake and trolled the same locations with the same spoons and went 5 for 5! I think maybe we were just not bringin em in fast enough, keeping pressure on them. Its tough with the weight of the leadcore line dragging. We got 5 lakers, 3 keepers and two shorts went back to the depths! Good day on the water when none of the hookups get off!
  9. Sorry this was last week but still figured its better late than never! Last week my dad and I got out on Skinny and went 2 for 10! Lots of hookups that seemed to be very heavy fish, but all but two shook the hook a few seconds into the fight! Got some things to try next time we go out, but any advice on keeping fish on the hook while using a full leadcore would be appreciated. Anywho... we had fun trolling around just south of the state launch in about 50-70 ft of water on 7 and 9 color rigs and caught two smallish lakers, one 17 and one 19 inches. Then the lake calmed down a bit and we pulled the leadcore up and got into some awesome smallmouth action in the north end, all on surface poppers. What a riot!! The lakers seemed to like green and copper spoons, michigan scorpions.
  10. Impressive haul for Hemlock!
  11. Got our two man limit of lakers all on leadcore, all fish were taken in less than 50 ft of water on east side of lake, opposite Deans Cove. Ran boards and sticks, both flat and with 2 colors of lead, no takers up shallow. Fish split evenly between 7 color and 9 color cores. Two different spoons won the day. (See picture) Only went 6 for 10 (plus a pickerel) but I am blaming the lost fish at the boat on my forgetting the net at home *sorry about the sideways pics, they show up correctly everywhere but here...
  12. The two that I've personally used are Oneida Shores County Park in Brewerton, or theres a state launch in Bridgeport
  13. Took out my dad and the little boat on Saturday and dragged some leadcore around Hemlock this past Saturday. Beautiful place, beautiful weather, and one beautiful fish! Dragged a 7 color and a 9 color with small colorful spoons, and planer boards on either side with assorted sticks. Laker was caught on the 9 color mid-lake on the east shore. He bit a small Michigan Stinger in Mixed Veggies coloring. Fish was 28 inches and about 7.5lbs. Talked to two other boats that were skunked, not fast and furious action, but enough to keep us happy!
  14. Hello everyone, been lurking reading reports for a while, decided maybe its time to contribute and/or learn more actively! Very new to trolling in general but had a few successes early on to get hooked. Home base is Syracuse, but I fish all the Finger Lakes and touch of Ontario and Oneida too!