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  1. I like the story and appreciate wanting to take advantage of a deal but much better with the arrow removed. I have a house full of taxidermy but wouldn't want to memorialize a bad shot and an animal suffering.
  2. Probably take a lot of flak for my opinion but it actually makes me sad to look at an injured animal in agony trying to pull a misplaced arrow out with his mouth. I know you didn't make the shot but I wouldn't want it in my house. JMO
  3. Walleyes typically attack lures from the side and more often than not on multi hook lures are caught with the front or side hook in their mouths.
  4. Been using the West Marines for two years for planer boards with no problems. We adjusted them on the lake but would recommend doing it in the slip. There are West Marine's for sale on ebay at 15 - 20 dollars each under "adjustable rail mount rod holders".
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