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    rainbow kid is an old handle from the late 70's.I fished south end of cndgalake for years.Lotta fish,lotta fun.Kept a 16'at Clarks Marina...Now that is old school.I like to bounce around from cndga,Hemlock,L Ontario,depending on time of year and the Bite.Kept Diary for DEC too..Good info to see...My how things have changed w invasives...Grrrrr.
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  1. Top Line refers to the length of line from your TOP lure connection to the Rod tip or to the Float if you are float rig fishing. I normally use 30 ' spaces...then do the math with your speed/current and angle..30 feet of TOP line may only add 10 feet of depth on a 45 degree angle....but then I got an "D" in math...all depends on your line type,speed..weight on bottom,,size of spoons..flutter is best..less drag. and spool up like Sk8man has it laid out... Then go...vary your speed...keep the net handy! Tight lines.!
  2. Nice going,..Nice to hear there is more variety in fish ...all those coke can browns are fun....but it looks like you keep catching the same one you just let go.!
  3. rule of thumb,,,,If you cannot throw a tennis ball and HIT the planer..its too Far! by the way...I catch more fish behind the boat...than on the planer...therefore,I only run ONE side board.....just sayin...a little courtesy could go along way...thats all.
  4. No,,I dont OWN the lake.The lake is for Everyone to enjoy...After all,fishing is Fun,...FUN ! So we get on the water and a beautiful fiberglass white hull( no names mentioned,,,we could not read the name anyway,,,the boat was too far.But their planer boat was 12'oclock and comming in!)Head on! It reminds me of coming upon the fat lady in the narrow aisle in Wal-Mart....I do NOT want to go cheek to cheek with her,,,even though her cart and 3 foot Buttocks is blocking that small piece of real estate blocking my reach for my favorite product....Moving closer and almost making eye contact,..I half motion I need to reach past her and please grab just one small item off the shelf.....Now she sees me Clearly violating her "space"..before she can crush me between the cart the shelf,,I quickly exit, her dead on glassy eye Glaze. I sheepishly opt to go Back Later!! Safer that way and no conflict. Back to the lake where the planer boards,,are,at least 50 yards abeam of this nice boat and on both sides of the boat....doing some fuzzy math and add in the gracious beam,,,they are spread out a good 100yards...planer to planer...jeeezzz. I know you HAVE to get 3 lines on..you need that kind of length...but ..really.? Passing another beautiful white fiberglass Hardtop,...they had an impressive spread as well.. The difference is that boat had their planers within a "throw of a Tennis ball" ...25yds..? Maybe. Thus allowing many other boats to pass within each other...or get by the fat chick in Wally world without going cheek to cheek.Allowing everyone to hit the depth we all are trying to troll over. No,,I don't own the lake and all I want is some fun and a few fish....without the chuckin and jiving to avoid large spreads like that of today.. I am sure you killed the fish,,we did too,! With a much smaller and easy to manage spread. Tight Lines,! Plenty of Fish and a Big Azz Lake.
  5. I wanted to give the Lake another GO....due to the fact my last 3 trips were skunked out and it took too long to get the Fleas off my equipment. Off to the SE side and throw in the Seth Greens ( yes,,some of us Still fish that way!) and had a screen full of bait and fish .100 FOW on the edge to 120...screen gets MT once I venture towards the middle of the Lake...The fish do not seem to suspend like they used to,,,they seem more into structure and such. Before the sun got over the East hill I had a 24" laker up to where I had picked up the net,..he shook his head and did that crazy spin move and the spoon whizzed past my ear! oopps! Not a great way to start but hey,,,,I just started! I went on up the East side and over to the West side by Cooks and Long Pt..I pulled a nice laker off the structure 110 FOW...There were a bunch on the drop,...He made the net..! I made a wide swing back through ,,no hits,..and kept trolling south as the wind was kicking up, 20 min later I hit another laker,,same size,...I would have thrown it back but he was bleeding all over and did not look like he would make it.So,..2 in the box off the deep line. The rainbow line lay silent for the duration,,,surface temp 68 . Once I came in,,the kid doing boat check was nice enough to take a pic for me...and thus ends the season as Archery is closing in.. Beautiful morning on the lake,,,few boats out...good green water,,,weeds not bad but still had light fleas all over,..but manageable.Tight Lines to all!
  6. Great fish! Great net trick!! Nice shift from the traffic in the finger lakes and bigger tuna IF you can locate them!! Way to Go!!!
  7. Taste like chicken.! Thanks for offering assistance to the 9.9 My son and I ended up with a nice slow drift on the east side down about a mile,..warm water tally 4 large mouth,1 smallie and the Launch Pickerel youze guys were witness too! I pulled that mother every 20 min or so,,,,no luck,..but I have 2 nice blisters on my 2 fingers from Yankin,.. The motor is at the Balentyne Hospital as of now for a check up. Nice to meet you and Thanks again! Jim
  8. Agreed, I hate to hope for a Lake cool down after the worst Winter ever!...But there is a definite relationship to the fleas and temps... Just wish they would go away...They must raise hack ona downrigger cable too!! Thanks for the input!
  9. Hi Les, sure would be interesting to find the reason the bite is OFF when the flea is all over.! I was wondering,...how do the fish keep the fleas from getting into their Gills.? Is the hugging bottom a function of Survival.? Seeing the fleas seem to be in the warmer section of the thermocline.But not in the Lower.......Maybe the fish have a clue as to the Density of fleas (seeing they are super Tiny!) and when the fleas get thick,..they are Forced to cooler temps..? Your thoughts and comments Greatly appreciated and Welcome!
  10. Starting at 745-sh,on the East side,..the duck weed and floating grasses/weeds made me divert to the west side for the NB troll. 68 surface temp...decent amount of marks right on bottom 100-125' FOW No hitters as I had the big boy sinker bumping right thru'em. Up past Cooks point I stayed 95-100 on the drop-offs and marked alot of bottom huggers in groups and few few 45-50 suspended fish...only saw a small group of bait 25 fow off Cooks. No strikes,..side pole and Float with 5 deep ..4 on top. Pulling the heavy line in first,..it felt like I had a towel hanging of a leader. Once I had most of the topline in,..125'..here was the problem...Tons of fleas...! Talk about a task to clear this junk off tiny Seven strand wire ( like 10 lb mono) The Dacron on the float,,,not as bad,,but still a pain,... 2nd trip of the year,..no Bite.!!....Nice view of Bear hill at Vine Valley,..but that's all! Maybe sit this one out till August,..they may thin out by then,..hopefully!! RK By the way,,the 1st mile was a bit murky/muddy from all the stinkin Rain...it cleared up to green water past Cooks Pt.
  11. Right on with the weed.! how the DEC or NYstate can identify and deal with that remains a mystery on both sides.There is another weed in the creeks on the east side of NY...forgive me ",snot weed"!? It is a thick matt that clings to rocks and chokes out everything. Even in moving water and is gritty to touch.Look on the DEC web page..I fear that and the weeds that choke out Saratoga Lake every year..I pray the Finger Lakes are deep enough and cold enough that if this green crap shows up on a Trailer or Bait bucket,..it cannot survive. Plus,..nothing for nothing,,the state funded college kids are great...but I would prefer and independent Trained specialist on watch....Just saying, Tight lines
  12. ditto on the south end,.. I dropped ole Seth green float and side pole by white rock,..110 fow....saw some groups of marks on the bottom,..made a wide swing back through and dropped the 30oz into the crowd.....nuthin!! continued up to vine valley,..went west and south to cooks point,...marked some fish,.. mainly bottom huggers 95 to 110 fow...nothing out deep,,and nothing on the trip across in 200'. I did have a large turd pile on the dacron of fleas,,...not so much on the wire... Water was nice green/clear color like back in the day,...looked perfect,...North wind +-high pressure=cold front....shoulda figured tough fishing...I went more just to go...1st trip outa Woodville this year.....no hits !! then some college chick was checking the boat as I left....I did not bother to tell her the time to look was 12 years ago,... you don't know until you Go! RK
  13. Looks like a typical Hemlock male,,,full of color and a large head. Nice! go to the DEC website,..they list all the stocking per year per lake,...As best I can tell,..the Bows are indeed all natural.Lakers and some browns are normally stocked,..but this past year they put the allocation of Browns up to Canadice due to poor results on Browns.I think the big pickerel may eat a bunch of the fresh stockies...who knows. Back in the eighties they put in Landlocks with lack luster results,..I recall catchin a few...all around 18-20"...few and far between. Hope this helps RK
  14. Awesome Bow! I bet that was one fun Fire-drill! way to go!
  15. Nice Laker,. With Hemlock,..its all about the trip,...not so much the catch!
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