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  1. FLXTrolling

    Ice fishing Great Sacandaga Lake

    It was actually this past weekend - had a great time. Rented a house with a bunch of buddies about 1 mile south of the Conkingville Dam - was a little worried about the ice that far North but it ended up being a solid 20" everywhere I drilled. Fished 2 days with 20 tip-ups and only managed 1 fish. But it was an awesome one. 44.75" with a 22.25" girth. A buddy of mine from the trip is having it mounted. It was our 1st trip to GSL and have never caught anything like that thru the ice. Need to work on landing these fish so they can be safely released in the future, but definitely a great memory from the trip..
  2. FLXTrolling

    Ice fishing Great Sacandaga Lake

    Very cool video! Looked like an incredible day. I am actually headed up to Sacandaga next weekend. I rented a place on the water about 1.5 miles southwest of the Conklingville Dam. Would you happen to know if the ice is ever safe up that way or does everyone generally stay around Northville and Broadalin?
  3. RT @DownGoesBrown: So sick of things always going Buffalo's way when it comes to sports.

  4. RT @RossTuckerNFL: Best I've ever seen Cam play. Nearly flawless.

  5. RT @seanmdav: The NFL did more today to protest America than it has ever done to protest domestic violence committed by its own players. Co…

  6. RT @WhitlockJason: Sources: Bob Ley filing for an official name change to protect the fragile ears and minds of ESPN viewers.

  7. @MarcACaputo @peterjhasson you can't defend what Lee stands for out one side of your mouth and denounce him out the other...

  8. RT @RaheemKassam: These scenes are usually reserved for people freed from tyranny. Instead, America's left has appropriated them for their…

  9. @BuffRumblings @JeremyWGR time for Howard picks the Bills with Rambo?

  10. @WGR550 Bledsoe strip sack, Richard Seymour to the house vs NE 2004 - Trent MNF Cleveland

  11. RT @PrisonPlanet: Sebastian Gorka: More people watch cartoons than CNN. https://t.co/m2sDDcBPrV

  12. @JeremyWGR https://t.co/epScHRRznf

  13. RT @2ITB_Buffalo: Are you familiar with the Bills and Sabres? https://t.co/ttzvDveQNf

  14. @EichelTower615 @ByMHarrington @Schopptalk the other major problem. You can't challenge it this way!! What is the point. So dumb

  15. RT @Cianaf: I'm shocked that there was no space to run up the middle on this play https://t.co/RU4wPP3Nt8