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  1. BassMrs.ster, great catch and great job holding your own against some of the bullies and their insane comments on your thread. You’ll never rationalize with them so you did a great job not engaging. Not all musky fishermen are Nazi’s about what you do with your fish. Especially a factory generated sterile fish which is stocked in the 10s of thousands every year. Kudos to you and nice job.
  2. If you search "Lake Durant Fishing" in a Google search engine and click images, you will see a sample of some of the large fish caught in Lake Durant. 40+ inches, ~20lbs. Many are caught ice fishing. You can catch them in Lake Durant on giant minnows...I guarantee it. Its just like Whetstone Reservoir, you can cast Whetstone for hours, days, and nothing. Use giant minnows, and you can catch 8-10 in a single day. I seen this 'phenomenon' at a few ADK lakes; cast artificials and it produces nothing. Go back with live bait, the lake is on fire. Never understood the mechanism behind it. However, I guarantee if you go back to Lake Durant and set up with live bait and wait, you will get giants in there. Kayuta lake is the same way. The Tigers which were stocked in there back in 2008 were caught handily with live bait, trolling and casting was very difficult. If you want one more tip, try Horseshoe lake or Soft Maple reservior next. Local guys I speak to on the job are showing me pictures of absolute monsters..47-48 inches just this summer alone in Soft Maple. Mostly on live bait...however they are truly giant fish.
  3. NYS fishing regulations allow an angler to keep 1 musky per day. Until NYS says all musky are catch and release, then it is that angler's complete right and provision under the law, granted by the angler's NYS fishing license, to make the decision to keep or release a musky as determined solely by the individual. Period.
  4. You can tell the 2 biggest in the photos..they were just under 40. The rest are between 29 and 37.5. Unfortunately we battled with 2 giants but were not able to bring them in the boat.
  5. You can find them in channel, sporadically, in the early season. They will stack up in old forge pond if the weeds are in and move out of the channel as it warms up; you can find them in the channel then. For the best opportunity, time your trip with good weather conditions for musky fishing, lots of water and plenty of places for the fish to hide in that system. You can also get some great Pike action in between each Musky, so its a good place once you fish it 3-4 times and find your go-to spots on it. Plus, the local residents despise the Tigers and Northern Pike so they dont fish for them which makes it under fished for people like us who target them. Honestly, the key until you figure out the casting/trolling method, bring live bait and set up in the bays off the edge of weedlines and hold on to the rod!
  6. Start at old forge pond and work towards 3rd lake. If you are going to troll, then 4th lake above 25 feet targeting the water column between 8-20 feet. Target all SAV and any natural structure away from the developed shoreline. If you want to guarantee at least one, bring large shiners or sucker minnows and look for inlet channels or bays and set up there. Studies in the scientific literature revealed Musky, Pike, and Hybrids prefer prey 1/3 their body length so if you want a 40 inch fish, use 11-13 inch minnows...never failed me yet.
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