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Found 12 results

  1. Been having pretty good luck the past month on Cayuga (Sheldrake) and Canandaigua (Woodville), figured I would change things up and hit Canadice yesterday morning and try jigging lakers. Hit the water ~6:15 with a slight SW wind; as the morning went on the wind died down so that the lake was almost glass-smooth. Got off the water around 11:30 just as the recreational kaykers were starting to show up in full force. Dropped the Fish hawk TD and got the following temps: Depth 05 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 Temp 80 80 80 79 72 63 58 54 50 48 47 46 45 45 45 Started around 40-45 FOW looking for bait and marks and worked my way around the lake down to 80 FOW. Had a ton of followers that I couldn't get to bite, just a few quick grabs that didn't stay hooked - never landed a fish all morning. Mixed up my offerings with all kinds of jigging spoons and jigs with paddle tails in assorted colors. I even changed up my cadence a bunch of different ways , including dragging a stand-up jig across the bottom to simulate pulling copper for awhile. An enjoyable morning on the water, but man, Canadice fish sure can humble you in a hurry.
  2. Planned on hitting Hemlock this AM, but the south wind was creating too much chop for me, so headed over to Canadice. Launched from boat launch and in 3.5 hours, landed 2 fish, with 3 lost before I could get them to the yak. First Laker was 23" fin clipped that came from 45 down over 50 FOW on a yellow Alpena diamond spoon and was released. Lost 1 on the Alpena after a quick fight, then another on a sutton 44 being pulled behind a torpedo diver. Second fish was a 18" or so laker on the Alpena - apparently it "swatted" at the spoon, as the single hook actually was hooked from the outside of it's jaw going in. Once hooked, it either did a head shake or rolled, and got the line tangled up around the spoon and the hook shank, and when I was reeling it it, could feel the spoon fluttering in the water. Once netted, it was still full of fight and got itself and the spoon even more tangled up in the net. As I was getting it cleared, the other rod started jumping, so I quickly released and was hoping to pull in my first double from the yak, but quickly lost it. Over all a nice morning, even if I had to deal with a dozen or so kayakers and paddle boarders provided by the local outfitter.
  3. 4/15/17 First trip out of the year. Caught this laker and lost a larger one 30" behind the boat. Both hit a flatlined rapala off of the planer board within 20 minutes of each other. Water was 44-47 degrees.
  4. Got out Sunday at daybreak, trolled down, up, down, up the lake. Had one hit and miss over 70 fow. Marked a lot of fish down about 5 feet from bottom in 60 - 75 fow. No takers, so pulled up the riggers and caught a bunch of little bluegills and perch. Watched a nice pickerel chase a hooked gill being brought in, but he decided he liked the water better than the frying pan and didn't bite. Great morning to be out, really my first cruise of 2016, so no complaints.
  5. Just got word that the FD responded this morning to Canadice lake for 2 males that have been in the water for >30 minutes. Sounds like everyone's OK, and it's only check-overs by the EMS crew. Just a quick reminder to everyone to be safe while out there... the air maybe warm, but the water temps are still low.
  6. Finally (!!!) got the boat in the water this year. Did some motor clean up the past couple weeks, thought that it was finally ready, but still took my oars Put it in on Canadice (6 minute drive from the house) around 5 pm. Motor started up quickly and ran like a scalded dog. Ran up North, caught a super-dink perch and large Rock Bass, both released. Headed South, fishing along the way. A couple hits, no fish. Marked some of the drop-offs on the GPS while the fish finder was still working (may need to be replaced - I know the battery is shot) so I can find them easily when the lake is frozen. Didn't mark lot of fish, but cannot guarantee they weren't there. Saw a few trollers, and quite a few (I assume) bass fishermen casting to the weeds along the shoreline edges. See you all out there!!
  7. Nessmuk

    Canadice Canadice

    Anyone been fishing Canadice with any luck?
  8. When I arrived at about noon DEC was there stocking about 4300 fish from Caledonia. Tried trolling at Canadice for the first time and used sonar (a bit jury rigged) for the first time. There were quite a few people fishing/trolling but I didn't see or talk with anyone who had any success. Water temperature ranged from 39.4o - 41.8o with the warmest water being in the coves on the east side. Wind started in the south but gradually swung around to the west and then the north. Using sonar gave me a better mental picture of the lake bottom and I did locate some fish. One was 60' down in about 90'FOW. The remainder were scattered along the east side of the lake 6'-16' down in <40'FOW. Some appeared to be curious about my red speed indicator ball. I was amazed at how smooth the bottom is. I tried the DR and flat lined w/o success using 44s and evil eye. My biggest problem was that my motor vibrated a lot at low speed and it was hard to keep in the 1.5 - 2 speed range. An interesting day in spite of not hooking a fish.
  9. Lots of debris in the water and one small laker so far. Beats Christmas shopping.
  10. Finally got a few 2 browns last night on canadice here's a pic of the bigger one that ate a green spoon on 4 colors of lead. 1 other smaller one on a firetiger rapala and a 1oz snap weight 100' behind a planer board. Got a few lakers down deep on spoons as well [ Post made via Android ]
  11. Decided to hit the water by myself. Drove around a few minutes trying to find some bait n marks and saw a some good sized marks 70 down over 8o so i deployed my big balls and sent em deep at about 6:30. The right was at 65 with a cheater and the left was at 45 down. After setting all my lines I look over to my right rigger and the rod tip is dancing but no release. So i released it and pulled in about a 2 pound lake trout. Perfect eater size so he went into the cooler. For the next half hour had two releases on the deep rigger but with nobody home. The dipsy took off on something big 120 ft back on a 2.5 setting and about 50 ft down. Unfortunately after 20 seconds of strong pullling the line went limp and she was gone. Bit ojn a SD hammertime and blue crush DW fly. From then on it was dead. The two releases and landed fish were on a mixed veggies stinger scorpion and a custom green/glow ladder back sutton 44. The browns are still avoiding me. Next time I hit it its going to be strictly a brown program running the top half of the water column. I Will find them!
  12. orangediablo

    Canadice Lake Erie this weekend

    does anyone know of any launches close to Sturgeon Point other than SP and Hamburg beach? SP is closed until may 15th.
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