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  1. I've got (9) lots of standard size Silver Streak salmon spoons and (8) lots of Magnum size Silver Streak salmon spoons up for sale. There's a total of 211 standard size spoons and 165 Mag spoons in the collection. Many of these spoons have been doctored up to create something a little different from the standard presentation provided by Wolverine. They have been hard and fast steady producers in the Great Lakes for years. I used to be a charter boat captain, and I've given that up and decided I don't need 12 of everything any longer. I'm looking for $45 a lot, but would really prefer to just sell the entire collection to one individual as opposed to packaging everything and shipping it all individually per lot. So I'll discount my lot price down to $40 a lot, or $680.00 for the entire collection. That's about $1.80 a spoon. This is a great deal for someone who is just starting out and trying to establish a large collection of spoons to choose from.
  2. I'm cleaning house and have a small collection of Dodgers and other rotating flashers up for sale. Included in the price is everything shown in the photo. There are (7) Luhr Jensen Size 0 Dodgers that are 8" in length. There's also (4) Luhr Jensen Size 00 Dodgers that are 6" in Length. Additionally, there are seven other flashers including (4) smaller size Bechhold Fish Catchers and a couple of other I'm not really sure what brand they are. That's a total of 17 all together for one low price of $50.00
  3. Both lots of fishcatchers are sold pending payment. Balance of the stuff is available for a flat rate of $25 shipped
  4. Entire lot of attractors up for sale. Doing a little house cleaning and these need a new home. Total of 24 Bechhold Fish Catchers; A few Luhr-Jensen Dodgers and seven old GW inline attractors all for a lot price of $100. I'll include shipping at that price.
  5. Genuine Luhr Jensen J-Plugs - Size 4 which are 4" in length. Approx 16 plugs in each lot. Tried to include two of each color (which is the only way to buy plugs). Price shown is for each individual lot (Lots 1-5) are $40 each. Less
  6. Traxstech Adjustable Rod Holders in the premium Black Finish These were brand new last summer and have only seen one fishing trip. Compare to new at close to$100 each. Priced at $75 each.
  7. I've got two Winfield & Pilette RP2 Tournament Series Custom Dipsy Rods that are like new. They are their TS 12020 12 footers. Two Piece Medium Action 15-50 lb dipsy rods w/10 Pacific Bay Shock Ring Guides. If anyone is looking for longer dipsy rods.... I'm looking for a new home for these because I don't use them. These are super durable rods. Very similar construction to the old ugly stik big water rods. Retail on these rods was $219.99 each.... but I'm willing to deal if someone can use them.
  8. HDS-8 Gen 2 is back up for sale. My buyer promised payment, but didn't come thru with the money. If you have any interest... you can reach me on my cell at 989-529-4434. I'll included shipping to the Lake Ontario area (U.S. locations) at my asking price. Thank you!
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