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  1. Don't want to sell any reels???

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    2. klrunning


      Not for discounted rate that you offered for them....

    3. klrunning


      I've been great lakes fishing for 35 years and have been a

      licensed charter boat captain for 15 years.    I know what a

      like brand new 47 series Daiwa line counter reel is worth.

      I've been running two trips a day, so I've been too busy tbe real serious about marketing these.... but I can take them50over to eBay and sell them fo $70-80 all day long every day.....


      I will keep them before I sell them for $50 each....

    4. lyteline14


      Prolly better to take them to eBay cause you're not moving any here...

  2. Daiwa SGA47LCA Line Counter Reels - Like brand new condition - Qty 10 Available I've got 10 Daiwa SGA47LCA Line Counter Reels in like brand new condition available for sale. Each come with the original box and owner's manual. Compare to buying brand new for a discounted price. Priced at $75.00 each. I'm located in Saginaw, MI - so if you need them shipped that will be extra. Thanks for looking.
  3. Hi Andy.... The two riggers that I have left have the telescoping adjustable booms. They both have dual rod holders. I currently have them put together with the rod holders in the rear position, but they could also be configured so that the dual rod holder is mounted forward on the boom if desired that way. Price is $300 each if you'd like me to include the Cannon covers and the Big Body Locks. If you don't need the those items, I will let them go for $275 each. Shipping to 13815 for both riggers in one package would be $29.00. I've attached some updated photos of the two units that I have left. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Kent
  4. FYI.... two of the four riggers have been sold. I only have two left available. They can be set up with either boom mounted or rear mounted dual rod holders. I'm willing to sell them for $275.00 each or for $300 each I will include the downrigger covers and the big body lock sets.
  5. Yes Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Cannon Mag 10 Downriggers – Excellent Condition (Qty 4) I’ve got four Cannon Mag 10 Downriggers in excellent condition. They have had very light use and operate flawlessly. Included with each set are dual rod holders and the Cannon Retro-Ease Weight Retrievers along with the bases. Two of the four have 24” fixed booms and the other two have the telescopic base that extends anywhere from 24-53”. I’m looking for $325 each. I’ll discount down to $300 each if anyone wants to take all four and throw in two on the Cannon Downrigger covers and two of the Cannon Big Body Downrigger Locks. I’m in Saginaw, Michigan… so if these need to be shipped – please contact me with your address and I can get a quote on shipping. Thank you for looking!
  7. Cannon Low Profile Downrigger Swivel Bases (2) – Like Brand New Genuine Cannon Low Profile Downrigger Swivel Bases in like brand new condition for sale. Six locking positions. Operate flawlessly. Cabela’s has these priced at $99.99 each. Priced at $50 each or $100 for the pair. I’m located in Saginaw, Michigan. If you will need them shipped, add $10 to cover the cost.
  8. The two 24' tracks have been sold. The two 48" tracks are still available.....