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  1. Renting a cottage for the week and looking for some starting advice for trolling for laker, bows or browns on Keuka..... Boat is rigged up for LO salmon with downriggers and fishhawk... I have the standard spoons, spin dr and flies arsenals. Areas of lake to focus? Do I need cowbells? color? Thanks in advance!
  2. Are there any tournaments scheduler for 7/10?
  3. I took a 1/2 day on Thursday and decided to hit up lady Keuka since I was going to be there Sunday for the FLTA and wanted to test a few spots. Launched from the state park in the dark and shot down to the hammondsport basin and had lines in by 515 out in front of snug harbor. I immediately picked up 2 small Lakers down 80 on green NBK stingers behind spin doctors. I shot up to the bluff after about an hour of nothing and put out some watermelon cowbells with some homemade spin n glos and got 2 more in about 30 min. I then pulled up and hit up the state park and picked up 1 and 1 miss on cowbells. loaded up the boat and drove back home and was back to work by 1pm.
  4. Wondering if anyone chase trout with fly gear from their motor boats? Is there a time of year you can drift and cast steamers etc? Could you catch Lakers in the Winter in shallow from your boat, similar to how people catch them from shore? Just looking for ways to get away from trolling.
  5. The skinny silvery thing was about 3.5" long. The itty bitty ones were spit up by a bass I caught. They were about a half-inch long. I think the bigger one might be a small sawbelly? These were from Keuka.
  6. Good Day, Anyone been through the canal lately with this low water level? Pulling the boat in a few weeks..... Any feedback appreciated. Dave
  7. Thank you for all the LOU site members that came to support Fishy Business.During some of your visits, some of you left your items that you bought on the counter..I will save them untill we meet up again. Thanks Fishy
  8. First of all I want to thank you guys for your past help! It's always appreciated! Now I want to ask for your opinions for my trip to Keuka this Saturday. I'm an 1hr 10 min Drive to the State Park (Branchport) and a 1 hr 20 min drive to Hammondsport. I'll be launching a small boat with limited range. I'd like to troll/jig for Lakers and Salmon and maybe trout early (6-9ish) and then warm water game fish for a bit after the bite dies down. I've only fished Keuka once on a friends boat and we launched out of Branchport. We were perch fishing in the fall so very different trip. Which would you launch from if you had to make the choice given my range is probably limited to 3-4 miles with my small boat with good conditions.
  9. Planning to get back in to trout fishing the finger lakes after a several year hiatus and was hoping to get some recommendations on some good trolling spoons to start with?
  10. Long story short this is my 2nd year trolling for trout and this the second year I brought my fishing boat up to Keuka for our annual week long vacation (this is year 35 spending a week on the lake with my family. ) my old man had a fishing boat in the 90s and we always had good luck trolling for trout Using Bradstreet a On Jenson Moocher flashers on Keuka until the mid 90s when the lake dried up hard and all the bait fish just disappeared. I stopped up at fishy business on the way and bought some firewood and a watermelon spoon to add to my arsenal and fished 5 days in total from 6am to 8:30am right out on the bluff to the green barn and caught on average 4 fish every trip. my first mate Jeremy joined me on every trip! My speed going south was 2.2 and north was 2.4. I even took my old man out with me twice during the morning and he brought in some fish. The good news is there seems to be some life starting to show in old lady Keuka. The bad news is all the fish were tiny and only a few were keepers. I didn’t keep any btw. Considering last year I didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t catch anything I feel this was a successful fishing trip! Here are some pics
  11. Short version-You might lose gear trolling near one of these. They're for a DEC study. Everyone else probably knows this but I didn't find any posts. First time out on Saturday and noticed a buoy out in front of the Bluff and thought "Someone is using hotspot buoys here?" Thought I steered clear of it but lost a spoon while passing by, too far away to read the small print message that I later found out included the word "away." The Association put out this helpful warning about orange buoys in February, but the DEC must have decided on using yellow as well- https://www.keukalakeassociation.org/Orange_Buoys_on_Keuka_Lake.pdf "Anglers, please be aware that if you are fishing within 150 feet of these buoys, it is possible that fishing gear may get entangled in equipment used to anchor the buoys to the bottom." Orange_Buoys_on_Keuka_Lake.pdf
  12. Got the poles in at the south beach about 6:45 am next time it will be 5:45am because the bite just died at 9am. Had a bunch of releases and finally 1 in the boat on a Michigan Stinger magnum NBK with a pro troll NBK pattern. Things got quite and went to branchport and put out same rig but with dipsies instead of slide divers and got another in the boat, Green and White were the colors today.
  13. Has anyone been fishing Keuka lake. Will be heading there in two weeks to do some fishing. staying at the State Park and will be launching from there. Anyone doing any good?
  14. G'Job DEC! We trollers can now target lakers, lakers….. or lakers. Rainbows, browns and salmon are as rare as hen's teeth! Plenty of bait though (sawbellies, NOT your phantom ciscos). No fun! No interest! Lakers only..... and you did it DEC! Rethink your stocking plans or you'll lose fishermen support, license income, charter guys, etc. Sawbelly counts rise and fall from time to time. Always have. You panicked last couple years, and started talking about your bs cisco theories (yawn). You shoulda just waited for the sawbellies to resurge (it only took 6 months) then re-stocked the game fish. Please.
  15. Will be coming up the week of Aug 5, staying at the State Park and looking for any suggestions on fishing for lake trout and Land lock salmon. Never fished this lake before. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  16. Does anyone know if the ice is off the Branchport arm and if the state park boat launch is open? I'm planning a trip up tomorrow and while I'm coming from the south, the Hammondsport Motel apparently no longer allows the public to launch for a fee. If anyone else knows of a better option on the southern end, I'd be glad to know about it too, thanks in advance.
  17. Lots and lots of hungry lakers near the state park launch Wednesday.80 to 130 fow. Hope they did not stock the ciscos (sign by launch) in that area.
  18. Hello. I accidentally left my 4.5 ft Gorilla step ladder at the Penn Yann launch Friday night. If any one that used that launch Friday night or Sat a.m. found it and decided to do the right thing and keep an eye on it until the owner could step forward then I thank you and would really like it back. It was not cheap. Please send me a pm. Thanks for helping me out. On another note, we went 3 for 5 on lakers. Nothing huge but good enough for the smoker.
  19. Here's what a Naples-made Sutton 44 & 71 spoon looks like after getting hooked on my jig Saturday. Falling-apart brittle. Couldn't tell if the mono they were attached to was ever part of the copper wrapped around the whole mess. At least I got to learn that people love these 44 spoons.
  20. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  21. Well finally some good news. Boated 5 lakers and lost one at the boat. Also 4 or 5 bumps yesterday at the Penn Yan end of the lake (70 - 90 fow).They liked white or green tube. Impressive number of laker blips on my ff. Also good number of small bait balls. Lot of suspended laker blips just under the thermocline. Normal size lakers for Keuka (less than 22 inches ) but will be some good eating tomorrow after marinate in lemongarlicious and charcoal grill. Do not normally fish the east branch but looks like I need to hit it more often.
  22. Doesn't look like prop. Both sides have open soars. AND, a second fish caught minutes later had smaller red dots across the complete body.
  23. Keuka Lake Landlocked Salmon Basic Technique? Can anyone point me towards the basics of targeting landlocked salmon on Keuka Lake? I've been able to locate and successfully apply specifics to the lake trout. (Jigging white tube jig works best for me, I prefer jigging to passive downrigger trolling) If anyone can share a particular lure & method that will put a salmon in the boat, or send me to a Keuka-specific guide, that would be great. Thanks in advance.
  24. Does anyone know if the docks r in at the Penn Yan village boat launch?
  25. my buddies and I splash their 221 starcraft islander today . last time it was out last year at the lou all in the boat had some running issues . after a little winter TLC happy to say the boat ran perfect today . so we fished 7 to 10 am . the temp was 36 degrees . we set up with two seth green rods with suttons spoons . targeting lakers we found them deep as they seem still wintered up . we did 11 fish with having a triple and a double rest singles . we did drop a couple at the boat getting the fish in with out a net. we consider then caught any ways as we were catch and release , witch was a good thing for the fish we didn't handle them and for us the water and wind was cold . was super great to be out on the boat again and hope winter doesn't show her ugly face again till next January ....
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